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(A Short Note on Cumin Candies:          

  This is going to be a collection of topics that I find interesting to discuss upon. Most of us would have had cumin candies. Yes…. I am not talking about cotton candies like every other soul out there, who take immense pleasure in sharing their sweet childhood memories which consists of cotton candies and their thrilling exploits related to it.  But I am talking about CUMIN candies here. Some of you may wonder why out of all the candies, I have chosen Cumin candies to discuss about, right. Well even I don’t know why I chose that at first.

If you have had cumin candies in your life you would definitely know its taste. Cumin seeds have a bitter yet warm taste by nature that refreshes the taste buds. In other words, life is also a cumin candy. Life is sometimes bitter yet it brings a warm feeling inside our soul when we think of the mistakes we had done in the past that was bitter. We learn from our mistakes, and without mistakes no one will be able to learn what success and righteousness tastes like.

            The candy coating only adds to its wonderful taste and provides a taste that is a mixture between sweet and bitter. The colorful rainbow coating is just like the different memories of our life. Each color brings out a unique and different memory. When you take a handful of the small cumin candies you will have a combination of various colors in your palm just like your life, sometimes it brings out the child in you or your longingly treasured childhood memories.

            Life is not always sweet or pleasant. Cumin seeds are coated with colors and sweetness just to atone for its bitterness. Life is also a cumin candy, it has bitter moments and those are buried inside our hearts and what we cherish are the little moment of sweetness and colorful happiness that it affords. But we know that there are bitter memories too, and we happily accept that, because no one can become perfect without facing problems and also no one can win fate. The memories might be bitter, but they define who we are and how much can we withstand against the tsunami called fate. Life is a game of balance between good and bad. Being good brings you so many hardships but in the end it is fruitful.

            Thus, I will write about both the bitter and sweet things that make us more of a human and they may be some random thoughts or one’s own problems. I am no master in writing or discussing issues, but I will try my best to express my thoughts and be as objective as I can be about it. After all I am a human and humans are bound to make mistakes, so pardon me in advance if you find my words inappropriate. And for those who think I make no sense, let me be clear, these are my thoughts based on the perspective of how I see life in general. So no hard feelings. Also everything I write with the hashtag would be under this collection)



            This is the first ever article under the collection Cumin Candies. ‘Life is never easy. We have to take what it gives and try to make the best out of it’. This is what we have been hearing for so many historical years and the same will be orchestrated for the following centuries if we do not step up and voice out our opinion. Not everyone is meant to be with us all throughout our life, so let us stop trying to be in the good books of others and live our life according to our wish. I know life is not easy. But we cannot just sit quietly in a corner and expect it to notice us so it could shower its wonderful blessings upon us. We have to make the world see who we are and we deserve much more than what the world thinks we can have.

Mistakes Don’t Define a Person, Their Character Does:

            We are not saints and we do mistakes sometimes, to be frank many times. We should take the responsibility for what we have done; try to correct our mistakes, with the purpose of not repeating it, and not to please someone. The only person we ought to please is ourselves. The person who is inside you should accept that you are a better person than anybody else around you. This quality cannot be obtained by earning money or living a high-five sophisticated life climbing up the social ladder. The mistake every one of us do is that we expect something from people who don’t give a damn about us, and that is where we go wrong. The society never gives anything to a person, who expects it. In fact it never gives a damn about people’s inner feelings and their actual worth.

            Their notion of thoughts does not sit parallel with the thoughts of righteousness and accountability. All they care about is the superficial wealth of a person, how much is his property worth and all. They fail to notice the real worth of a person that can only be brought out by kind words and supportive nature. You don’t know what wonders can a few kind words make in a person’s life. We don’t know the power of words.

Being Kind Makes You Strong:

            Being kind to someone is not your weakness; in fact it is your greatest strength. If you can be kind to a stranger who knows nothing about you and who you know nothing about, you have the patience to achieve your ultimate goal in life. In this fast moving instant world, everyone wants to match the pace of sophistication, thereby ignoring everything else around them, concentrating only on their own welfare and well being. We would not lose anything if we spend a minute or two to pause and ask someone dear to us how their day was or knowing about their welfare. We would not miss anything in life if we wish someone a good day with a genuine smile on our face. It would help you grow as an individual and make you stand straight amongst the entire hunched crowd. Being kind does not mean that you have to give them money or do any monetary help. You could just always tell them that it is going to get better and everything happens for a reason and stand beside them to give them your moral support, instead of watching them suffer. It would bring a new ray of hope in their heart and would also make you feel good.

The Emphatic Soul:

            In this mechanic world, compassion is something that is rarely seen in people these days. Empathy is often considered as showing someone pity. But being emphatic means that you are able to understand the pain the person is going through (be it mental or physical) even though you have not suffered from it. Let us be genuine here, nobody cares a heck about the other person’s feeling at all. All we want to do is to show that we care about others to the virtual world which is not even real. We record videos and click pictures of the victimized people and share it on our social media handles to gain tons of likes and comments, but not even a single soul would feel the actual need to empathize with the person undergoing the pain. Are we all leading a mentally healthy life? Or are we just showcasing ourselves to be well-mannered, compassionate dummies, who only act on our human tendencies to get futile likes that are worth nothing.

The Depth of Human Emotions:

            When you understand the pain a person is going through, you not only understand their suffering, you place yourselves in their shoes and you struggle to find a solution and to be any form of comfort to them. In this process, you discover the depth of your own emotions and realize that you are capable of providing comfort to the wounded souls even when you have not received the same comfort from others, because you do not want them to go through what you went through. The depth of a human emotion is that when you truly manifest it, then it provides the desired result. A beautiful fact about being kind and being human is that you would not want anyone else to go through the sorrow you felt, even if they were the very ones to hurt you in the first place. Here I am not asking you to blindly accept what the world throws at you to hurt or be numb about it. You should stand up for yourself first, only then you can stand for others.

Real Life Is Far From Social Media:

In today’s world, everyone desires to be a better person by posting their likes and dislikes on the social media, trying to attract as much futile attention as they can just to satisfy their childish whims. But it is not going to bring anything to you. It would only make you feel lonelier and distance you further from the physical world more than you already are. The world does not give a damn about your likes and dislikes. Being immersed in the technical gadgets and unlimited network, we have forgotten the feeling of real happiness. Real happiness does not lie in showcasing your wealth or posting your pictures online. It comes from within. The mechanism of the modern brains has completely forgotten what it means to have real feelings. In the long run, if we continue to behave like this, we might even forget to smile or laugh and just carry on with our mundane tasks like a robot. There is a reason why we call ourselves human. So let us not sit around wasting our time in phones and gadgets and live our life to the fullest.

Mental Stability:

            Mental stability is a very sensible topic to deal with. I believe nobody is a master when it comes to reading the mind be it your own or others. Being mentally stable is more important that being financially stable. If you can control your mind to be calm and understanding at all times then you can command the world. A person who can control and stabilize his mind can do anything in this world. The feel you get when you know that you have someone to watch your back and you have someone to share your emotions without being judged and you have someone to pick up the broken pieces and mend you back to shape, is surreal.

You would be ready to conquer the world, because you know they are right beside you to guide you through it and be your moral support. Even if you have no one to stand with you, you are your very own person who is very much capable of solving your problems on your own. It is ok to have no one with you at times, but it is not ok to think low of yourself or worse not crying in a corner. According to me standing up for yourself with your head held high is a way of being mentally stable. The universe attracts the vibe you pass on and brings back the same vibe to you. So try to understand others and in return you will be understood.

Embrace the Nature:

            Nature has everything that you need. If you want to find yourself, then the best way is to start a trip that connects nature with you, because in nature you will find the true and best form of yourself. If you feel like you are missing yourself, or if it is difficult for you to find yourself in this troubled world, I would suggest you to go to places that are rich in nature, because those places provide you a comfort which only a mother can provide her children, and in that comfort you would find what you are searching. Going to trips alone is self-awakening and nature gives you a positive energy that cannot be compared to any gadgets or virtual reality. If planting a sapling and nurturing gives you immense satisfaction, then think about the benefits you would get if you embrace the whole of nature and go on trips to place that are naturally rich and glowing. Nature does not take anything from us; it only gives us the best of things. It is us that had ruined everything in the form of civilization. I am not stating growth is wrong, let us grow with the nature and be one with it.


            I have discussed with you some of the key points that help an individual to lead a happy and contented life. I believe I have been honest with you all and have given you a piece of my mind to think and grow as a person. I hope it helps you to live your life to the fullest, because all of us have got only one life to live and let us not spend it carelessly only to regret it later. SPREAD POSITIVITY…

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Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health

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Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health


            The whole world has been in chaos for more than a year now. Everywhere, people are dying, dying and only dying, yet some legends out there don’t need the help of a mask or any other safety measure to safeguard them from the lethal pandemic virus that has been making the lives of us so difficult to live for. INDIA’S COVID THIRD WAVE HAS ARRIVED. The country’s outbreak could worsen as soon as this month, with the next wave peaking at less than 100,000 infections per day in the best-case scenario and nearly 150,000 in the worst-case scenario.

We have seen not one but two strong waves of the pandemic virus hitting us and taking many of our loved ones with it, but all we so is just hear the instructions given by the government . Discussed about it for a few days and then got back to our routine life, that is to ignore whatever is said by the government and roam our the city like nothing is going on . Seriously friends, we need to keep ourselves safe from the virus . Then only we can think about the welfare of others and especially our family. Save your family from Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health

Wear a Mask properly to protect yourself from third wave of Corona:

Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health

            Time and again, government officials, doctors, various NGO workers, front line workers, and almost everyone is indicating that only wearing a mask would help us from getting attacked by the pandemic virus. But we don’t listen to all of it. We just swat away their words from reaching our years, as if they were asking you to deposit a ten percent of your monthly income to the welfare fund. There are already many casualties, and even more are added to the list day after day, hiking up the count by a five percent increase per day.

But we don’t even have the time to listen to the things that are in every way related to the welfare of us and our family. We have already seen two lethal waves of the Corona virus; we don’t have enough strength or the resources to combat with another wave, so please wear a mask. It is the only way to reduce the chance of getting brutally attacked by the virus by a larger rate.

Save yourself and others by wearing mask

            We have seen our kith and kin, our friends and even the people who are not related to us in any way, suffer because of the virus and have felt extreme sadness and pity for them. But is that all what we are capable of? Only feeling pity for others condition, rather than working our best to reduce the condition that brings out pity in the first place. Believe me, the people who died because of the pandemic virus, would not want your shallow pity or sympathy. The only thing they would ever want or need you to do is to shield yourself from the lethal thing that took away their life on this earth.

They would not want us to commit the same mistake that they committed, leading them towards their ultimate end. The only condolence we can pay for them is by maintaining our safety. But we are exactly doing the opposite of what we should actually do. It this how we are going to remember them or is this how we are going to react about the thing that took away so many lives? So guys please grow up and WEAR A MASK to avoid getting the same fate as the many thousand lives that have been killed because of ignorance and lack of knowledge.

Wear a Proper Mask:

            We people of India are so smart that we think that we are deceiving the pandemic virus by wearing masks. Many of us are aware of the problems that we might face if we don’t wear a mask, and so we try to cover our nose and mouth to avoid getting in contact with the virus. But are we smart enough? I don’t think so, because I have seen many people, especially the strong women of my country, covering their nose and mouth with a hand or their shawls or their sari pallu, while interestingly gossiping about the various factors that affects the personal life of others, especially neighbors. They are doing it just for the sake of the government, which has been blowing the pom-pom tirelessly, asking people to wear masks wherever they go and follow proper sanitation methods.

            We might think that we are smart enough and strong enough to fight the virus if we are tested positive. But trust me when I say this, I have seen the people who have fought the virus and also people who lost in the fight for life firsthand, we are in no means ready for that fight or are we ready to face the health issues that arise after the intake of various medicines. We would rather be good without the touch of the pandemic virus. So ladies, don’t think that you are over smart and you are deceiving the virus, because it always finds a way to deceive you and it will be very happy to grow inside you, destroying your health in a rapid speed. So, please wear a proper mask, to safeguard yourself from the virus and your family from the grief of your loss.

Violence of Rules During Covid :

            Not only women, but also men are ignorant about their health. I have seen many men, wearing their helmet as their mask and some daring men even roam around the city without a mask as if they own the entire province. They might think of it as some daring thing to do, but the seriousness of the issue lies deep within the roots of the family that could not function properly without their help, both emotional and economical. So, think about your family before you decide to impress your futile audience by not wearing a mask.

Also, youngsters these days are so thrilled about breaking laws and rules that they are going as far as to roam around uselessly without wearing a mask and without even vaccinating. There is a place and a time to show attitude and also to break rules, and this condition is definitely not one of them. This concerns our life, welfare of the family and most importantly the future. So please stay away from your daring self until the situation comes under control and to survive from the Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health

Follow The Instructions:

            During the first wave of the pandemic virus, we were all so scared and clueless. We were scared for our lives, so we followed all the rules without any glitch. But when the government eased the lockdown step by step, we became lethargic towards the rules and instructions. We stopped wearing masks and did not follow proper sanitation.

As a result, there came the second wave, much stronger than the first one . In a blink of an eye taking many lives in the blink of a moment every day. Then came another lockdown, ensuring the safety and precautions to be taken to avoid being the victim of the virus. We diligently followed all the rules and by then vaccinations were available too. So we took the steps needed to get a vaccination and tried our best to shield our lives. But what happened to all of that when the government eased the lock down again?

            We started ignoring the rules once again and all the instructions . Warning given by the government are falling on deaf ears till now. It is like we are able to follow all the rules and regulations only when we are confined inside the safety of our homes. Once we are outside, every precaution and instruction just flies out into the air. That is also the reason; the threat for a third wave is looming above our heads, like a hanging sword.

If we continue behaving like this even after facing the brutalities of the pandemic virus two times. I don’t know what to say to you to make you understand. If we continue to behave like this, then is better if the government decides. Whether to lock every one down inside their house or better in prison until the threat completely dies down. Protect yourself from Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health and stay at home .

Vaccination Means Protection:

            The purpose of vaccination is to protect us from a major repair, if we were to encounter the pandemic virus. Its job is to protect and provide enough strength to us, not prevent the virus from attacking us. So, even if you are vaccinated, wear a mask and safeguard your life and strengthen your immunity. No one wants to test the effect of the vaccine, by voluntarily inviting the pandemic virus to feast on us. So beware and stay safe as in your safety lies the safety of your family and surroundings. If you can protect yourself from the virus then you can definitely protect the entire country from getting affected. Let us wear masks and conceal the chances of us getting affected, not the voice of wit and wisdom.

Don’t be Ignorant:

            Many of us are well aware of the aftermath of our ignorance . So are so keen on following all the safety measures. But we are not looking at the people who are not following the rules properly. If we look at them without the glass of prejudice and preconceived notion shielding our eyes. We would know that most of them are genuinely not aware of the problems. They will face by jeopardizing their safety.

So it is our duty as a responsible citizen to instruct them how to be safe and precautious. To avoid the virus. If we enlighten one person, they in turn will do it to someone else. This will continue like a chain reaction thereby creating awareness among many. But some people who are well aware of the lethal effects of the virus are also ignorant . We must make them understand by any means as their safety ensures the safety of the entire nation. The Covid Third Wave in India has been showing its effect -Mask Your Health and get to safety asap.


             My dear folks we have lost too much time and people, being royally ignorant towards the rule. And instructions provided by the government. We have lost too many precious lives and also the economic downturn. It is not something that can be brought back up over night. For that we have to work hard day and night, and for that we have to be alive and healthy. So please take my advice seriously and wear a mask to shield yourself from the pandemic virus. Safeguard your family, which in turn will automatically safeguard our country. We don’t have the energy, strength or resources to face another wave of the virus. So beware and please wear a mask to avoid the third wave. Thank you for reading my blog on Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health   

-Devimanju Mohan.

Mentoring YUVA – New Scheme to Encourage Young Writers


            #Indialetsread This hash tag is becoming popular among the young citizen of our country. Reading and writing books have always been served as a stress reliever for everyone. If you ask me, I would say there is a writer in every single person. All you have to do is to bring that writer out and write what comes to your mind and let the world see what you think. But not everyone can become a successful writer, with only their imagination and words. It needs fluency in language and grammatical expertise to become a successful writer. Thus, our government has taken the necessary initiative to bring out the talented and hidden author in every young citizen of India. Under the dynamic leadership of Honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra  Modi, the National Education Policy 2020 has taken effective measures to emphasize empowering young minds and also to create a learning eco system that can nurture learners for future leadership goals.


            To achieve this goal, and also to commemorate India’s 75 years of Independence a national scheme called YUVA – Prime Minister’s Scheme for Mentoring Young Authors has been announced this year. This scheme is to help the young and witty minds to come out of their shell and participate in making India an even bigger and smarter country. Our country tops the world chart in youth population, and we have immense potential and many young minds to use their capacity in nation-building. The main goal of this scheme is to bring up a new generation of young creative writers, who will act as the modern ambassadors of Indian Literature as our nation heads towards 75 years of Independence. This scheme will not only develop a stream of writers who can write on a spectrum of subjects to promote Indian heritage, culture and knowledge, but also help the youth to articulate themselves in their mother tongue and represent our country at international level.

The Goal of the Scheme:

            The main goal of this amazing scheme is to create young and aspiring authors. This will support the committee in creating a pool of authors of below 30 years of age and will support them to write their thoughts and project India on international platforms and also to establish the national heritage, culture and literature on a global stage. The young selected authors who will be mentored by the experts will become proficient in writing in various genres like fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoirs, travelogue, drama, and so on. This will also motivate the citizens of India to read books based on their own country to develop the culture and literature of India. This will also ensure that the upcoming generation has a great knowledge about the culture and the roots of home literature spread across the country. It will also bring a positive psychological push to bring the talent out of the minds of the youth who have become low due to the effect of the recent pandemic.


            National Book Trust, India (NBT) (under BP division, Ministry of Education, GOI) will act as the implementing agency and will also ensure that a phase-wise execution of the scheme is done under well-defined stages of mentorship. The selection, the committee of judges, mentors will also be over looked by the NBT.

Selection Procedure:

            The contest runs from June 04 2021 to 31 July 2021. The link for submission is put down at the end of the article; you can submit your work via that link and also get required information regarding the contest. All the contestants are asked to submit an original manuscript of 5000 words in the website and it can be of any language. Upon selection, the contestants will be asked to develop the manuscript into a proper book under the guidance of the expert mentors provided by the National Book Trust. 75 of the competing contestants will be selected by the judges and they will be given the required training by the mentors. The name of the selected 75 trainees will be announced on Aug 15 2021, on the occasion of our 75th Independence Day. They will be trained from August to December. All the final scripts of the winners will be readied for publication before Dec 15 2021. The published books will be launched on Jan 12 2021, on the National Youth Day.

            Even Indians who are residing outside of the country can also participate in the contest if they have a PIO card (Person of Indian origin) or NRI’s holding Indian passport. All contestants can download a participation certificate after submitting their original work for the contest. This scheme is to encourage the youth to come forward and take the reins in their hands to lead the nation and bring fresh energy and prosperity to the Government of India.

Training Period:

            The training period is divided into two different phases, Phase I and Phase II. Phase I is about the selected contestants getting training under the Two-week Writer’s Online Programme conducted by the NBT. Two eminent authors from the NBT’s panel of successful authors will train the young selected authors and give them the required training needed to hone their skills and strengthen their field of expertise. After the completion of the two-week online programme the authors will be trained for two weeks in various online/on-site National training Camps organized by NBT.

            Phase II of the training is considered to be the promotion period for the authors. The young authors will get to expand their understanding and interactive kills through interaction by attending various Literary Festivals, Book Fair, Cultural Exchange Programme and various other festivities that promises a great future for any talented author. There is also another benefit for all the selected authors, they will receive a consolidated scholarship of fifty thousand rupees per month for six months under the mentorship scheme. A royalty of 10% will be paid to the authors on successful publications of their books at the end of the program. Their books will also be published in various Indian languages to promote them and also to exchange the culture and literature between different states.

Themes for Writing Stories:

            The major themes for writing stories are: unsung heroes, little known facts about the National Movement, Role of various places in National Movement, and also entries brining out new perspectives related to political, cultural, economic, or science related aspects of National Movement.

            The writers can submit their work in the following languages. They are English, Asamiya, Bangla, Gujrati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Bodo, Santhali, Maithili and Dogri. Poetry will not be accepted and the story should have a chapter plan, synopsis and a few chapters all within the given amount of 5000 words. The writing format should have the font style Times New Roman and the font size should be 14. Both fiction and non-fiction are accepted. Under fiction you can send short stories, novellas, historical fiction, romance fiction, fiction for children, fiction for young adults etc. under no –fiction category you can send travelogues, memoirs, or informative/research based manuscripts dealing with various political, social, cultural, scientific or economic related aspects of national movement etc.


            This is a golden opportunity for all the young minds out there who are below 30 years of age as on June 01 2021. What are you guys waiting for? It is a never before opportunity knocking at our rusted doors, so don’t think anything. Just take your pen and notebook, brush up your writing skills and start writing folks. The best thing about this scheme is that we can write in our mother tongue, which is so amazing for anybody out there. Let us make wise use of the golden opportunity provided by our Honorable Prime Minister and the Government of India and become the next popular author that the country looks upon. I thank our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for launching such a scheme to help the youth become what they have so longed to become and helping us to climb up the social ladder that leads to success.

The link for the submission of one’s work on the MyGov website is:  

Signs of Inevitable Third Wave of Corona


There is already enough chaos and grief in the whole country caused by the first two waves of the lethal pandemic virus Covid-19. But it does not seem to be enough for the homicidal virus. Experts and scientists have predicted that there is going to be another wave of the virus attack and it is going to be more deadly and dangerous than the first two. They have also mentioned that this time the victims are going to be children under eighteen years of age. No one knows about the signs of this inevitable third wave of corona. And what we have done to receive such a huge and brutal punishment, but all we seem to know is that the virus attack is horrible, and it is going to get bad with each passing day, and yet we don’t take enough measures to protect ourselves, resulting in greater loss, for us and our loved ones. Even today, I am seeing people who are wandering in the streets without wearing masks, they all think of themselves as the super hero, but a real super hero is someone who protects his family, not someone who is being a threat both to the family and the society.

Third Wave:

            Dr. Randeep Guleria, chief of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, told that a third wave is inevitable in India and he expected it to hit the country in six to eight weeks. But Dr. Vijaya, virologist and retired IISc professor of microbiology has stated that, “there is no scientific data or any technical basis to predict a fresh surge. However, what we need to be more careful about is the possibility of the receding present wave getting aggravated by people throwing caution in the wind”. Many scientists are talking in favor of Dr. Vijaya, while some are in favor of Dr. Randeep. There are many controversies that declare that there might or might not be a fresh surge, but as responsible citizens we have to be much more careful about the things around us.

Variants of Virus:

Dr. T Jacob John said there will be no third wave in the country unless an altogether new variant of the novel corona virus emerges. He said that the present variant cannot create a new surge. “Delta and delta plus variants are more or less the same with a slight variation. These variants are on the ebb. By the end of July, the pandemic will be converted into an endemic with lower infectivity before declining further. With an effective vaccination strategy we can get rid of Covid-19 this year”, said Dr. John. His words give us immense hope, but we have to be careful and mask ourselves from danger by using effective methods and proper sanitation.

Delta Plus Mutation:

            The number of Covid-19 cases in the country is gradually declining, but the new strain which is also called as the delta plus variant is being detected in many parts of the country becoming a major source of concern. With several states easing their lockdown rules and opening their border line, it is most likely helpful for the new variant to possibly become the reason for the third wave. Experts claim that the new delta variant AY.1 is characterized by the acquisition of K417N mutation. It is a mutation of the Delta variant that India’s second wave of corona virus. In India the government has officially declared that the new delta plus variant is a ‘variant of concern’.

Variant of Concern:

            The delta plus variant is a mutant of the delta virus, and it is officially declared in India as a ‘variant of concern’. It means that it is more transmissible, has a stronger binding to receptors of lung cells, and potential reduction in monoclonal antibody response. As of now, India is one of the nine countries where the Delta plus variant has been detected. The other countries are United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Nepal, China and Russia. Health experts are concerned about the transmissibility rate, given that many new cases of the new variant of concern have been identified in parts of India, many are concerned whether the new strain can dodge the immunity provided by both vaccine and earlier infection or not. However, Prof. Sahid Jameel former INSACOG member says that there is no solid evidence to suggest that the new variant is more transmissible than the others. 

Monoclonal Antibody Therapy:

            Monoclonal antibody therapy is used to treat patients with mild to moderate Covid infection and have chances of developing severe infection. Monoclonal antibodies are clones of the antibody that that targets one specific antigen. They are artificially created in the laboratory and bind to the spike protein of the SARs-COV-2 virus, blocking the entry to the healthy cells and protecting the body from the same. However the scientists have said that the mutation in Delta variant of SARs-COV-2 can resist monoclonal antibody therapy used in the treatment of Covid-19 patients. Many professionals and health experts have shared their concern and fear regarding the new variant triggering a possible third wave. We people have to stay strong and protect ourselves from the impending danger that is looming above our heads.

Prevention of Third Wave:

            On Tuesday, the government said that the Delta plus variant has been detected in about 22 cases in Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. The union ministry has warned the three states and has advised, the chief secretaries of the states to take up immediate containment measures in the states as identified by INSACOG, including preventing crowds and intermingling of people, widespread testing, prompt tracing as well as vaccine coverage on priority basis. This variant has been found to be deadlier and capable of causing more severe Covid-19 cases leading to higher rate in hospitalization. Staggered opening of market places and other public places and offices can possibly stop overcrowding of people. The management has to opt for staggered timings to prevent people from getting infections. We should not commit the same mistake that we made during the retreat of the first wave. We should be more careful and follow SMS (Sanitization, mask and social distancing) to protect ourselves from the Delta plus variant.

Threat for Children:

            Until now the infection rate among children was comparatively low, but with the threat of the third wave looming over us children are most likely to be infected than adults. It has instilled a permanent fear among people as it is a threat that will have a huge impact on the children. Children are susceptible to the infection just like the adults are. They are generally asymptotic or may have less impact. A U-shaped curve of severity has been witnessed in children- infants below 1 year of age and adolescents between 10 and 14 years. They might be at a higher risk of developing the severe infection. In adolescents there is also the risk of developing multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) after two-six weeks of Covid-19 infection.

Precautionary Steps:

            The third wave is a major threat for children, when compared to the adults thus here are some simple precautionary steps to keep them away from the pandemic mutant virus. They are as follows,

  •             Don’t let your children out of the house unnecessarily.
  •             Don’t let them out without proper protection.
  •             Always keep them clean and ask them to wash their hands every now and then.
  •             Give them healthy food and avoid junk food.
  •             Teach them how to maintain social distancing.
  •             If you detect any symptoms like mild fever, cough or nausea, take the advice of a doctor and treat them at home with proper care.
  •             Don’t assume things; if you are paranoid take the advice of a doctor. Only give prescribed medicines.  
  •             Give them plenty of water and keep them hydrated.
  •             Steam therapy twice a day is proven to be helpful.
  •             Keep your children safe with you and do not let them out for any reason.

            We have already witnessed two strong and deadly waves of corona and we know how much damage it could cause, if we are unprepared. Let us not make the same mistake, not this time and let us be safe and ready to face the possible third wave of the pandemic virus. This task cannot be done only by the government; we have to put in our efforts by wearing mask and following SMS (Sanitize, mask and social distancing). So people, let us be together in this and help the government in getting rid of the virus that has been ruling us for nearly two years. Brace yourself for the fight with the help of vaccines and be a good citizen and follow the rules.    

-Devimanju Mohan.



People are desperately looking for a way to fight the lethal virus from their end, but nothing is proving to be enough of a weapon to fight against the most feared corona virus. People all over the country are facing loses, and are suffering both mentally and physically. They have lost many closed ones and are ploughing their way through the down trading economic conditions. The second wave is stronger than the first one and is spreading much faster than the latter, taking away many promising lives leaving their family in despair. The double mutant virus has forced the people to look for any remedies or any ways to strengthen their fight against it. One among the ways, that is being discussed more in social media is Steam Inhalation. Also is STEAM THERAPY – EFFECTIVE IN FIGHTING COVID?

What is steam inhalation ?

            Steam inhalation is an age-old home remedy which is used to get relief when a person is suffering from cold, stuffy nose, nasal problems or headache. This process is so easy and is proved to be very efficient if the procedures are properly followed. This is the most-recommended process to get respite from common cold, sinus infection and open the nasal passages. In this process warm water is inhaled and the steam clears the nasal cavity and loosens the mucus in the nasal passages, throat and lungs. It also helps as a relief agent for other respiratory illnesses.

Does Steam Inhalation Help Fight Covid?

            Steam therapy is said to be the best relief for common cold, and sinus infection. But does it help one fight the pandemic virus? Steam Therapy – effective in fighting covid ? The answer might not be in favor of the public, as no organization like WHO and CDC suggests this therapy for preventing the corona virus. However, the American Lung Association states that it could help ease respiratory symptoms but will not work as a cure for the virus. Doctors also suggest that it could clear the nasal path and also kill the virus that dregs in the respiratory track. It also helps in clearing the blocked nose, there by assuring a clear nose and helping the person breath properly.

Proper Steam Therapy:

            There is a proper way to perform steam therapy. A person who is suffering from the respiratory illness, to be more precise, a person who has blocked nose, stuffy nose, or cold can attain relief through steam inhalation. In this process, a person should use warm water. The water should be thoroughly boiled, and a heavy towel or blanket should be used to cover the person’s head/face along with the vessel containing hot water. This is to prevent the steam from escaping, and also to provide a better relief.

No other agent should be added in the water, only water is enough to provide relief. Now the person should inhale the steam from a safe distance of about ten inches. Avoid having direct contact with water to avoid any accident. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth for about five to seven times. Then inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose for about five to seven times, continue this process for one more time. The hot steam when reaches the nasal cavity gets rid off the virus or loosens the mucus layer. Moreover, it also helps in assisting the head ache caused due to the illness.

What to do if you are infected ?

            It is prescribed to be undergone twice a day to provide better relief and also to ease congestion. But steam inhalation only gives temporary relief to the person suffering from the illness. If you suffer any of the Covid symptoms, you should consult a doctor . Get yourself admitted in the hospital without any further delay. Steam inhalation is proved to be efficient only when you have mild symptoms or you will land yourself in a greater trouble. Wearing a mask, maintaining social distance . ashing and sanitizing your hands are the best advisable practices to fight the lethal corona virus.

Benefits of Steam Inhalation:

            The benefit of inhaling the moist warm steam is that it helps in aiding the irritation in the nasal passages . Effective in curing the swollen blood vessels. The steam also helps in thinning the mucus or phlegm in the sinus area .It permits them to clear out easily, by blowing your nose. It also relaxes throat muscles and lessen the soreness in the throat ther by effectively curing the illness. But steam inhalation does not kill the virus that is responsible for the infection. However, it might help you feel relieved as the body fights against the infection.  

 Electric Steam Inhaler:

            Electric steam inhaler also called as vaporizer. It is a readily available device which is used to produce steam with the help of electricity. It is also simple and handy to use . Safe as there is less risk than using boiled hot water. Some vaporizers have in built mask that fits around the mouth and nose and provides immediate effect. You will have to wash and clean the mask and the vaporizer to avoid getting any unwanted infection.

Side Effects:

            Steam inhalation is an effective and easy home remedy only if done properly. There is high chance for a person get burns due the steaming hot water. To avoid such conditions, one should always be careful while inhaling steam. One should always keep a safe distance from the water. Also the vessel of hot water should be placed on an even surface. Children should be assisted with elders while practicing steam inhalation.


            In tough times like these, people should be together emotionally. As staying together physically is impossible in a situation that demands social distancing. Due our lack of awareness and proper announcement we have already lost so many valuable and precious lives. So let us wake up from my ignorant slumber at least now. nd let us try to save the remaining innocent souls by following the proper instructions advised by the government . Let us be helpful towards each other.

Please avoid going outside, even if you have to go out for some unavoidable reasons. Please make sure that you follow all the instructions to avoid getting in any trouble. The importance of a person’s life is not decided upon their color, money, fame or their properties. It is purely decided based on their ability of valuing others’ life and their ability to help others in their time of need. Thus, let us do anything we can to help the others who are in need and prove to the world that humanity does exist after all.

                                                                                                -Devimanju Mohan.

This article on ” steam Therapy – is it effective in fighting covid ” is inspired by a video posted by a reputed doctor named, Dr. O.G. Viswanathan and all the references are also taken from the details. He had shared in that video supporting steam inhalation to fight the corona virus. My sincere thanks to the doctor.

Covid-19 Vaccine in the Midst of circulation. Covaxin or Covishield?

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Covid-19 Vaccine in the Midst of circulation. Covaxin or Covishield?


            After almost a year of constant fear and suffering, the economically downtrodden world is slowly gaining back its power, from the clutches of the world-feared corona virus, with the help of the vaccines. On this day, exactly a year ago, there was an unexplainable fear in the hearts of people, and it was the first time in many years, that a virus this strong had attacked the mankind mercilessly. It did not differentiate between rich and poor or fair and dark. It took what it needed from whoever it got its vicious grasp on. So, when the scientists worked so hard and found a solution to the pandemic virus, it came as a huge relief to the people all over the world. (Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin Covishield)

Covid-19 Vaccine in the Midst of circulation. Covaxin or Covishield?

The Huge Relief:

Since early 2020, the Covid-19 vaccine had been under expedition, but it was only in December 2020, that the first ever vaccine got approved and came into use after various phase trials, both with humans and animals. Pfizer’s Covid vaccine is the first vaccine to get a thumbs up sign from the World Health Organization and it first came into use in UK, as there were many victims. For once, the world did not let the discrimination, that had been termiting the brains of people for over millions of years and scientists form various countries came together to find a solution to end the miseries of people as well as lockdowns.  

Successful Outcome:

            All the countries are engaged in the process of finding a quick solution to the world feared pandemic. Most of them have come out successful, while the others are in the development phase. As of February 2021, seven different vaccines have been granted permission from the WHO and they have started their work as an emergency operation through COVAX, all over the world, the first priority being the vulnerable population. The vaccines that have given successful results are,

  • Pfizer Vaccine
  • Covaxin
  • Covishield
  • Moderna Inc Vaccine

These are the vaccines that have been agreed and approved by the WHO, while more than 200 additional vaccine candidates are under development, of which more than 60 are in clinical development.

Indian Vaccines:

            Our country has also taken part in the vaccine development and we have succeeded in developing two vaccines that have been approved and in circulation. Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin is India’s first indigenous vaccine developed in collaboration with the ICMR – NIV. The other one being Covishield developed by Serum institute in tie up with AstraZeneca and the Oxford University. These two vaccines have been proved effective to fight the Covid-19 and are used in many other countries too.

Covaxin and its effects:

            The vaccine has been in use currently inside the country and in some other countries like Mongolia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bahrain, Oman Maldives and Mauritius. In all these countries it is reported that there are no major side effects sited in the people after getting vaccinated. A study also states that it is much effective even against the new found strain of Covid-19. This vaccine is highly effective and has shown high levels of antibody response in mid-stage trial. The company says, it had shown 81% efficacy in preventing symptomatic Covid-19.

Side-effects of Covaxin:

            The people, after getting the first dose of Covaxin are found to have been reported with injection site pain, injected site swelling, redness, itching and weakness. They also suffer stiffness in the upper arm, body ache, head ache, fever, malaise, rashes, nausea and vomiting. Apart form these, the Bharat Biotech said that there is a ‘remote chance’ that Covaxin could cause severe allergic reactions. Such are, difficulty in breathing, swelling of face or throat, a fast heartbeat, rashes all over the body or dizziness.

Covishield and its Effects:

            This vaccine is developed using a weakened version of a chimpanzee common cold virus that encodes instructions for making proteins from novel coronavirus to generate an immune response and prevent infection. Two doses were originally thought to give a complete positive result, but later the scientists revealed that the oxford vaccine has an overall efficacy of 70 % but could be around 90% effective when administered as a half dose followed by a full second dose. The vaccine seems to be more than 80 effective at preventing illness among the elderly, at-risk individuals after a single dose according to the preliminary research.

Covishield Side-effects:

            Serum institute of India (SII) has stated that there are very common side effects that might affect more than 1 in 10 people. That are tenderness, pain, warmth, redness, itching, swelling, feeling unwell, fatigue, headache nausea and joint or muscle pain. However, reliable sources have stated that they have faced fatigue, feverishness, severe body ache in varying individuals according to their age. The older the person, the more severe the pain, accompanied by joint pain. SII also stated that people might have flu-like symptoms, sore throat, runny nose and chills.

Covaxin or Covishield, What do You Need?

            Covaxin is an inactivated vaccine based on a tried and tested platform of dead viruses. The most important thing in this is the dead virus that is incapable of causing any infection once injected to people, but still instructs the immune system to fight against the infection.

            Whereas Covishield is based on the viral vector platform. A chimpanzee adenovirus is the vector that has been modified to carry the spike protein to human cells. While the injected cold virus is harmless, it serves as an instruction manual for the body on how to fight similar viruses.

            Both vaccines don’t require sub-zero storage, no reconstitution required. Pre-clinical studies demonstrated strong immunogenicity of Covaxin and protective efficacy in animal challenge studies whereas Covishield shows the success rate of 62 percent.


            Covaxin has received a restricted use authorization in clinical trial mode, Covishield is approved for restricted use in emergency situations that may prevent Covid-19 in people who are 18 and older. Both vaccines don’t have a market use authorization yet.

How Many are Vaccinated?

            As of March 15, 2021, 5,867,948 are fully vaccinated, while 27,079,484 have taken their first dose. 1.98% of the population have taken the first dose while 0.43% have taken the full dosage, resulting in gaining a strong immunity power to fight against the infection. We still have a long way to go, what with all the hurly-burly happening in some states, we are threatened to take a dose quickly as there is a chance the pandemic might return in full force, taking away the remaining confidence with it.


            The main purpose of the vaccine is to increase the immunity of the human body to fight against the infection and other foreign matters related to that. What we are forgetting here is that we would not have been affected this badly, if we had taken care of the improper food consumption that has been commented and portrayed as the changing social life style, opening the flood gate for all the unnecessary things. Still there is time for us reserve and reverse our food habits and try to build a stronger immune system with the help of proper food. Let us not regret forgetting our culture and tradition, and avoid diving deep into the black ocean full of modernity whales that are eager to confiscate our healthy life.

                                                            -Devimanju Mohan.

Source: Some necessary information have been taken from the WHO website and some from reliable sources. A sincere thanks to Mr. Surendar for sharing his experience with us.

Tamil Nadu State Assembly Election 2021

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The sixteenth legislative assembly election of the state Tamil Nadu, India is to be held on April 06 2021. There are 234 constituencies in the state and the election is going to be conducted on the same day in all the constituencies. This election is taking place after the major washout caused by the pandemic and the government has taken extra measures to assure the safety of the people and all the officials who are to work in order to conduct a peaceful and successful election. The term of the fifteenth legislative assembly will end on 24 May 2021.

 The Ruling Party:

            AIADMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) is the ruling party and it is a part of the NDA. The chief minister who was selected by the party after winning the election was Ms. J. Jayalalitha, but after her tragic death of her on 05 Dec 2016, Mr. Edappadi K. Palanisamy was chosen as the chief minister and later as the head of the party. This party is trying all it can to retain its position and trust in both the people’s heart and the constitution.  

The Opposition Party:

            DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) is the opposition party that has been trying to gain importance and also the ruling chair after the death of the former chief minister of the ruling party, but all of it had been fruitless. They are trying to win the trust of the people of TN by pin pointing the mistakes of the ruling party and bringing out the scandalous affairs that includes the members of that party.   

Election Commission:

            All the parties had started their campaigning from December and still they are in the final race of a delusional tortoise to win the hearts of the people with many promises and a few unseen and undetected gifts trying to blindfold the eyes of the innocent people in the process and succeeding to a certain limit. The ruling and the opposition parties are in for a huge battle considering the back up they are gaining from the national parties. They are trying to outrun each other and kicking off the blooming parties in the process, that have entered the age old race in the hope of bringing something new to the state which has been deprived of a new change as these two parties have won consecutively.

Election Commission:

            The electoral commission’s chief electoral officer Satyabrata Sahoo has released the electoral rolls in Tamil Nadu and there are 6.26 crore electors in the state who are eligible to vote. Women voters at 3.18 crore outnumber men whose figure stands at 3.08 crore and 7,246 are third gender electors. During the revision 8, 97, 694 new electors were enrolled of whom 4.8 lakh are men and 4.16 are women. Forty-seven overseas electors have been enrolled and 4,62,597 PwD electors have been flagged so far.

            The election commission has also assigned a special force to stop people from getting money for their votes and strict measures are taken against those who trespasss the rules laid by the commission.

Other Parties:

            There are only two major and predominant parties in Tamil Nadu that are leading the race for power and authority. But there are several other parties who have steeped inside the race to do some welfare to the people. They always go unnoticed because of the flashing lights of the two major parties that flaunt their flags everywhere they go. There are several religious and cast based parties who work only for the welfare of a part of the society, then there are really striving parties who were formed and work for selfless reasons. They all go unnoticed in the long run of five years and get side tracked by many financial and political problems. Such other parties are,

  • Communist party of India.
  • Manithaneya Makkal Katchi.
  • Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.
  • Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi.
  • Tamil Mannila Congress.
  • Puthiya Tamizhagam.
  • Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kzhagam.
  • Makkal Needhi Maiam.
  • Puthiya Needhi Katchi.
  • All India Samathuva Makkal Katchi
  • India Jananayaga Katchi, etc…

Opinion Poll:

            A Tamil news channel named Tanti Tv conducted a survey recently and they had gathered the response of the general public in accordance to the election that is going to take place next month and they had an opinion poll. In their report they stated that DMK proposing Mr. M.K. Stalin as the chief minister candidate has the lead by seven percent than the ruling party proposing Mr. E.K. Palanisamy as the chief minister candidate. In their survey the AIADMK had got only 41% whereas the DMK had got 47% and the rest to the others. These figures are taken one month prior to the election. As per the tradition the people of Tamil Nadu have the habit of choosing after their last-minute instinct and the experts have also stated the same, saying that the election result will be based on the people’s last-minute decision.

A New Change:

            The people of the prestigious and religious state have endured the democracy of the two hot headed clashing Dravidian parties for more than half a century. Today everything is changing and people are getting adapted to a newer life and a much newer policy of trying something new in their now well growing technical life. Thus they might also expect a new change in the leadership too. That decision may come as a torch being flashed in a dark narrow and abandoned lane, in their too crowded brain and they may take a decision that might finally bring a multi-talented head to the heavy chair that has been burdened with weak-spined termites.


            The parties that are competing in the election have joined hands with other parties to strengthen their political power and perhaps to gain more self-alliances than considering any benefit for the people, who were struggling, are struggling and will always struggle. The ruling party has joined hands with BJP (Bharatiya Janatha party) and several other parties and they are providing major support to the competing party. The opposition party has joined hands with the Indian National congress and certain other religious parties to strengthen its loosening hold on the prestigious chair.

            A new and aspiring party named Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM), which was founded by the multi-faceted actor Padmashri. Mr. Kamal Haasan has joined hands with AISMK and IJK to appear as a much more potent team to compete in the upcoming election. The beauty is, this party is naïve, but it has managed to gain popularity in a short span of time and appears as a strong party, proposing Mr. Kamal Haasan as the chief minister candidate.

A Sneak Peek into People’s Minds:

            It is true that the ruling party has done so many welfares in the past five years and helped so many poor and innocent people to improve their lives and they did upgrade to the next level all because of the schemes announced by the ruling party. But the undeniable fact is that they have done mistakes too. The major question is that were they be able to create an ever-lasting image in the minds of people to urge them to give another chance to them or the mistakes that they have done would be twisted and schemed by the opposing parties for their own benefits?

            The opposition party is trying all it can to wash out the fame of its biggest opposition and has also succeeded in doing it to a certain extent. The dissatisfaction of people towards the ruling party has also made them to think twice before providing a hattrick chance for them to prove themselves once again.

            Another interesting fact is that a new party named MNM has also succeeded in turning people’s rusted head towards its direction with the help of the torch lighted face of the party leader. Mr. Kamal Haasan with his twisted words and witty intellect has managed to grab the attention of the people of Tamil Nadu and the party is slithering its way towards success in the muddy lane of politics.


            Predictions are going on and surveys are being conducted, but no one knows what happens tomorrow and what is in the minds of people who are ready to cast their powerful votes in favour of either of the above-mentioned parties. The tension will only be relieved in the judgement day which is on 02 May 2021, a day to be marked in history for the new judgement served by the people, for the people, and to the people or a day to be marking a shining victory for the flourishing parties, it is all in the people’s hands to write their own fate for the next five years. Let us wait to witness yet another political assurance.

-Devimanju Mohan.

Indian Farmers’ Protest 2020


The parliament of India passed three acts regarding the welfare of the farmers as they say, on September 2020. They also call it as farm bills. According to the honorable prime minister of India, these bills are a watershed moment in the history of Indian agriculture.  He also stated that these bills will ensure a complete transformation of the agricultural sector and empower tens of millions of farmers. Many prestigious institution and researches supported the passing of this act. But the farmers of certain states did not support it and started protesting against it. There started the Indian Farmers’ Protest, which is getting stronger day by day, despite the outrageous efforts of the government and the city police.

Farmhttp://2020–2021 Indian farmers’ protest – Wikipedia bills:

            The Indian Agriculture Act 2020 was passed in the Parliament of India in September 2020. It is also called as the farm bills. Thus, the act was approved in Lok Shaba on 17 Sept 2020 and in Rajya Shaba on 20 Sept 2020. There are three farm laws that constructs this main act. They are as follows,

  • The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (promotion and facilitation) Act, 2020.
  • Farmers’ (empowerment and protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, 2020.
  • Essential Commodities (amendment) Act, 2020.

These acts are said to provide more facilities for the farmers to earn the deserving income for their crops, and to trade them to different countries that are in dire need of our wealth to sustain.


            Several union ministers supported the act and even urged the farmers not to have any misconceptions. The Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund, Gita Gopinath said the, “farm bills and labour bills are very important steps in the right direction.” She also stressed that the implementation of these laws must be right. 866 academics from different educational institutes signed an open letter expressing their support for the three farm laws. Many other researchers and economical activists supported this act and highly appreciated the Parliament for passing these three laws.


            However, not all the institutes and geniuses supported this act. There were oppositions from people all over the country. Former chief economist Kaushik Basu, called the new farm bills as ‘flawed’ and ‘detrimental to farmers’. 413 academicians from across the country and several board universities said in a statement that the new bills pose a major threat to farming communities all over India and urged the government to abandon it.

            On Dec 31 2020, the Kerala legislative assembly passed a resolution against the farm reforms to seek their withdrawal. Many farmers started protesting against the farm bills stating that it will hurt their earnings. The main reasons for opposing is the uncertainty regarding the implementation of the reforms, controversy surrounding the MSPs and poor bargaining of the farmers.  


            Minimum Support Price is an agricultural product price, set by the Government of India to purchase directly from the farmer. This is not enforceable by the law. By definition this rate is to safeguard the farmer to a minimum profit for the harvest, if the open market has lesser price than the cost incurred. Lack of statutory support in the bills for the MSP is a major point of concern, especially for farmers from Punjab and Haryana, where 65% of wheat was being procured at MSP by the Food Corporation of India and other state agencies. That induced the first spark for the protest in Punjab and Haryana.


            Various protests have started since the proposal of the new farm bills and farmers from different parts o the country started their protests by marching towards Delhi where it is believed that a deserving solution will be given to the innocent farmers, who spend all their lives under the sun to make food for the urban population. But we as the consumers of their hard work, don’t have the time to even hear their painful cries for support. Media and other similar entities have stated that this is the first major protest, since Narendra Modi’s government. But that is not the whole truth.

Masked Dissent:

             On 14 March 2017, a group of Tamil farmers protested in Delhi asking a loan waiver from the central government. They chose protest as their last hope, because the state government failed to give them the loan waiver, due to the expenses caused by a heavy rainfall that was the reason for the farmers fare less poor state. This protest lasted till 26 Oct 2017, but no one was ready to support them in their time of need. They tried certain gruesome methods to gain the attention of both the population and the government. But nothing turned fruitful.

            The society turned deaf when they stated the facts and extended their hand in hope of seeking help. What they did not know is that their dignity would be snatched away in return for a minimal help. When they protested, taking sun as their roof and draping rain and flakes as their blanket, it did not become a national issue. Every one saw it as a hinderance to their daily routine and nothing else. The same should not happen to the Indian farmers who are protesting for their yield.

Demand of the Farmers:

            Farmer unions and their representatives have demanded that the laws be replaced and will not accept anything short of it. They have rejected a Supreme Court stay order on the implementation of the farm laws as well as the involvement of the supreme court appointed committee. Eleven rounds of talk that took place between the central government and the representing farmers had been inconclusive.

            On 3rd February, farmer leaders warned of escalating the protest to overthrowing the government if the farm laws were not replaced. However, the stay order on the implementation of the farm laws remains in effect as of 29 January. The supreme court appointed committee continues with its tasks related to the farm laws and they have asked suggestions from the public.

            The farm bills have been described by the farmers as anti-farmer laws and the politicians from the opposition also say that the farmers would be left in the mercy of corporates if this act is implemented. The farmers have demanded the creation of an MSP bill, to ensure that corporates cannot control the prices. However, the government says that the laws will make it effortless for the farmers to sell their produce directly o big buyers, and that the protests are based on misinformation.     


            The great protest has been going on for about six months, yet we don’t have a clear solution that could satisfy both the farmers and the government and its allies. Not all the protests have had a fruitful effect in the long race of survival. But let us give our support to the farmers and hope that they get what they deserve for the sake of justice and our future generation.

– Devimanju Mohan.

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            We have seen about the effects of the world famous and lethal Corona virus and its modified form in the previous articles. Now let us see more about what the virus has done to the world and how we are conquering against it. It has been more than a year since the virus has been identified and the world scientists have been struggling day and night to come up with a solution for lethal virus and after so many tests and trials they have finally come up with a permanent solution, which can otherwise be called as vaccination. Many foreign countries such as Britain, America, Switzerland, Malaysia have started injecting the approved vaccines in their countries.

What is a Vaccine?

            Vaccines save millions of lives each year. Vaccines work by training and preparing the body’s natural defences (the immune system) to recognize and fight off the viruses and bacteria they target. If the body is exposed to those disease-causing germs later, the body is immediately ready to destroy them, preventing illness.


Vaccines Across the World:

    Many pharmaceutical industries are working in collaboration with the World Health Organization and there are at least 50 COVID-19 vaccine candidates who have applied to the WHO to gain approval for their vaccines and the former will gain the much-needed approval only when WHO is satisfied with the response of the vaccine after the trials. Only a few vaccines have been given the green card to begin their rescue operation by WHO. They are Moderna vaccine, Pfizer vaccine, COVAX, COVAXIN, COVISHIELD, BNT162b2. These are some of the vaccines that are ready to roll out.

Vaccine in India:http://coronavirus-vaccines-in-india-heres-a-list-of-all-covid-19-vaccines-made-in-india

            Following the footsteps of the well-developed countries, India has also taken the much-awaited initiative to provide COVID vaccine for the people. It has come as a relief for the people who were worried about the transportation of the newly developed COVID strain from Britain. The central health ministry has approved two vaccine candidates after witnessing the phase trials and those are COVAXIN by Bharat Biotech and COVISHIELD by Pune based serum Institute of India.


            Pune based Serum Institute of India has sought approval for its version of the vaccine developed by the Oxford University and AstraZeneca which it has been testing in India for the last few months. The candidate is currently in phase -III trials in India. In its application, Serum has submitted the safety data from Phase-I and phase-II trials, while the effectiveness data has been sourced from phase-III trials of the same vaccine in the UK and Brazil. This vaccine can be safely stored at a temperature of 2C to 8C, about the same as a domestic fridge.


            Bharat Biotech is a Hyderabad-based company which is developing a vaccine, Covaxin in collaboration with National Institute of Virology, an ICMR institute in Pune, has started phase-III trials only recently, and is yet to enroll all the participants as per its design. Its application is based mainly on the safety data from phase-I and phase-II trials. It is India’s indigenous COVID-19 inactivated vaccine is developed and manufactured in Bharat Biotech’s BSL-3 high containment facility. The drugs Controller General V.G. Somani said it is “safe and provides a robust immune response”.

Who Will Get the Vaccination First?

            Following the recommendation of the National Expert Group, Public and Private Healthcare Workers such as doctors, nurses, medical officers, paramedics and other supporting staff, including medical students will be vaccinated first.

            Next. Frontline and Municipal Workers such as Central and State police department, the armed forces, disaster management forces, home guard, municipal workers and revenue service personnel engaged in COVID-19 containment activities are to be vaccinated alongside government and ministries of defense, home, housing and urban affairs personnel.

            Population above 50 years of age and those with co-morbidities are to be allowed for vaccination long with the people in areas with higher infection rate. After the priority is over, the remaining population will be inoculated in a staggered manner.

How to Register for Vaccine?

            The latest electoral roll of Lok Shaba and Assembly elections will be used to identify senior citizens. For the rest of the population, elf-registration on CoWIN will be made available in later phases. It will include uploading a government photo identity or Aadhaar for registration and identification. A date, time and venue will be allocated for the subsequent inoculation. On-the-spot registration is not allowed.

The Vaccination Process:

            Registered participants will assemble at the prescribed venue on that particular day. After the vaccine is administered, they will be kept under observation for 30 minutes to check for any adverse reactions. A five-member vaccination team will overlook the process. Two doses of the vaccine, 28 days apart need to be taken by an individual to complete the vaccination schedule. Protective level of antibodies is supposed to develop a fortnight after the second dose. The ministry of Health and Family Welfare announced that they are ready to rollout the vaccination drive in the next seven days.

Approval of the Dignitary:

            The drug regulatory authority gave the green signal to the jabs developed by AstraZeneca with Oxford University and by local firm Bharat Biotech. Prime minister Narendra Modi called it a “decisive turning point”, because people can finally get rid of the lethal virus that wreaks havoc in all their lives both economically and physically. India plans to inoculate some 300 million people on a priority list this year. On Saturday, India held a national wide drill to prepare more than 90,000 health care workers to administer vaccines across the country.


The Drugs Controller General of India said both manufacturers had submitted data showing their vaccines were safe to use. However, oppositions and some doctors have criticized a lack of transparency in the approval process. Dr Swapneil Parikh, an infectious diseases researcher based in Mumbai, told the BBC that doctors were in a difficult position.


            Thus, with the help of the vaccines we can finally be at peace, this being a permanent solution to the atrocities of COVID-19 adds to the relief, that we are yearning to feel for more than a year.

                                                            -Devimanju Mohan.


Sticky post

01. Introduction

We saw about the impact of Covid 19 and both the physical and economical damage it caused to the world human race in the previous article. There we discussed about not only the economical but also the emotional damage that was caused by the Wuhan born virus. Most people tasted the effect of the virus and the others who did not taste it in their blood tasted it in their hearts by seeing their loved ones suffer. What hurt them the most was that they were not able to provide any reassurance for the people who were dilemmatic about their survival. Even All the scientists together combined were not able to provide a sustain solution to the rapid spread and the virus slowly began to eat the hard-earned glory of the world and now we are back to the place where we stood ten years ago. And the most important Covid 19 SARS-CoV-2 variant vaccine arrived in this new year .

02. About COVID Vaccine

            After many constant struggles and pulsating pressure, the scientists managed to find a vaccine to stop the virus from tightening its spiked leash around the neck of the world and after getting the patent and approval from the assigned authorities all the developed countries have started testing the vaccine on humans. This news came as a huge relief to whole of the world population and the joy we all felt was surreal, but it could not last long. But new Covid 19 SARS-CoV-2 variant vaccine is totally worth to all the people who want to fight with this humongous and pandemic vaccine.

            A new variant of the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has been identified across the South East of England. The strain was identified due to Public health England’s (PHE) proactive and enhanced monitoring following the increase in cases seen in Kent and London. This more potent virus is spreading and growing rapidly. PHE announced that 1,108 cases have been identified as of December 13 predominantly in the South and East of England.

03. What is the new variant

            The British variant has about 20 mutations, several that affects how virus locks onto human cells and infects them. These mutations may allow the variant to replicate and transmit more efficiently said Muge Cevik, an infectious disease expert at St. Andrews University. The variant was identified in genomic surveillance by COVID-19 Genomics UK (CGO-UK), a consortium that analyses genome sequencing data from the UK. CGO-UK is the largest contributor to the global Covid-19 database GISAID.

04. Structure

            The variant is the result of multiple mutations in the spike protein of the novel coronavirus SARS-Cov-2, as well as mutations in other genomic regions of the RNA virus.  Preliminary analysis suggests that it is more transmissible than previously circulating variants. CGO-UK identified one of these mutations as “N501Y” in an area of the spike protein that binds to a key protein in the human cell, the ACE2 receptor. This was an indication that the alterations may, theoretically result in the virus becoming more infectious. “Efforts are underway to confirm whether or not any of these mutations are contributing to increased transmission”, said the consortium.         

05. Raging Effect

            Scientists say the new variant might be as much as 70% more transmissible than more established strains, Prime minister Boris Johnson said at a news conference on Saturday. though it transmits more easily from person to person, there is no evidence it is any more deadly or resistant to vaccines, he said. Even if what the honorable Prime minister said could be considered as true, people still consider the newly transmitted virus is highly contagious. The newly found hope in the new normal life is slowly shrinking back inside a dark hole in people’s heart.


            In response to the new variant and the potential damage it has started creating, Prime minister Boris Johnson announced a national level lock down for the second time, that too in the midst of all the Christmas and New year preparation. “When the virus changes its method of attack, we must change our method of defense”, said the Prime minister. He further addressed the people with these words, “Christmas is going to be different this year, perhaps very different, but it is my sincere hope and belief that by taking tough action now we can allow families across the country to be together”. This is the most stringent lockdown since March.


            The virus had already been adapted so many times according to the atmosphere and surrounding it spreads. This newly transmitted SARS-Cov-2 is a stronger form of the virus and the fact that it is 70 % more transmissible makes it a very threatening one. This speculative change in virus is not new for us as we are already prone to the changes that the virus has experimented itself with, to affect the immune system. We people started to behave in a lethargic way and by that we might have allowed a peep hole chance for the virus to get past the defensive layer that we so carefully built for our welfare.


             The world population was beyond happy to step out and breath a fresh gust of air (of course with masks) after so many days locking themselves inside their own house. The leniency brought back the freedom we were so eager to feel and it gave hope to the hearts which almost stopped believing in miracles. Likewise, he people of Britain were also as much eager to relish in the freedom and they busied themselves with the upcoming festive preparations and this sudden announcement of the return of the virus has sent a cold chill down their spine and all the celebrating mood flew out of the window. It is so unfortunate that they have to undergo this once again. If we are less careful, we might even be in their place and it will be even worse considering our social habits.

09. TIER 4

            The presidency of England has announced tier 4 restriction to stop people from gathering in public places as that might act as a trigger for another mass virus spread. Under this rule, non-essential shops, hairdressers, and leisure and entertainment venues must close with a new ‘stay at home’ message introduced. People who need to travel for education or child care are exempted, and exercise is unlimited. This ban will possibly warn the people to stay at home and help the government to find a solution before it turns into yet another pandemic.


            India has banned the flights from UK and many other countries including Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Russia and Switzerland have also banned UK flights and also closed the international borders, to avoid the virus from spreading in their countries. Even after taking all these precautionary steps, South Africa and Australia have reported that they have traced an infection of the similar kind in their country.


            We can all pray to god for the welfare of UK and wish for the virus to be a weak opponent to the vaccines that are being injected all over the world. However, we cannot be lethargic and avoid wearing masks, as the ‘virus returns’ in England is a best example of what would happen if care less about the impact of the virus. So, let us defend ourselves with the help of masks, sanitizers, and soaps and avoid falling into the awaiting trap of Corona once again.Covid 19 SARS-CoV-2 variant vaccine has a very powerful effect on human being hope this will help

                                                            -Devimanju Mohan.

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