01. Introduction

We saw about the impact of Covid 19 and both the physical and economical damage it caused to the world human race in the previous article. There we discussed about not only the economical but also the emotional damage that was caused by the Wuhan born virus. Most people tasted the effect of the virus and the others who did not taste it in their blood tasted it in their hearts by seeing their loved ones suffer. What hurt them the most was that they were not able to provide any reassurance for the people who were dilemmatic about their survival. Even All the scientists together combined were not able to provide a sustain solution to the rapid spread and the virus slowly began to eat the hard-earned glory of the world and now we are back to the place where we stood ten years ago. And the most important Covid 19 SARS-CoV-2 variant vaccine arrived in this new year .

02. About COVID Vaccine

            After many constant struggles and pulsating pressure, the scientists managed to find a vaccine to stop the virus from tightening its spiked leash around the neck of the world and after getting the patent and approval from the assigned authorities all the developed countries have started testing the vaccine on humans. This news came as a huge relief to whole of the world population and the joy we all felt was surreal, but it could not last long. But new Covid 19 SARS-CoV-2 variant vaccine is totally worth to all the people who want to fight with this humongous and pandemic vaccine.

            A new variant of the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has been identified across the South East of England. The strain was identified due to Public health England’s (PHE) proactive and enhanced monitoring following the increase in cases seen in Kent and London. This more potent virus is spreading and growing rapidly. PHE announced that 1,108 cases have been identified as of December 13 predominantly in the South and East of England.


03. What is the new variant

            The British variant has about 20 mutations, several that affects how virus locks onto human cells and infects them. These mutations may allow the variant to replicate and transmit more efficiently said Muge Cevik, an infectious disease expert at St. Andrews University. The variant was identified in genomic surveillance by COVID-19 Genomics UK (CGO-UK), a consortium that analyses genome sequencing data from the UK. CGO-UK is the largest contributor to the global Covid-19 database GISAID.

04. Structure

            The variant is the result of multiple mutations in the spike protein of the novel coronavirus SARS-Cov-2, as well as mutations in other genomic regions of the RNA virus.  Preliminary analysis suggests that it is more transmissible than previously circulating variants. CGO-UK identified one of these mutations as “N501Y” in an area of the spike protein that binds to a key protein in the human cell, the ACE2 receptor. This was an indication that the alterations may, theoretically result in the virus becoming more infectious. “Efforts are underway to confirm whether or not any of these mutations are contributing to increased transmission”, said the consortium.         

05. Raging Effect

            Scientists say the new variant might be as much as 70% more transmissible than more established strains, Prime minister Boris Johnson said at a news conference on Saturday. though it transmits more easily from person to person, there is no evidence it is any more deadly or resistant to vaccines, he said. Even if what the honorable Prime minister said could be considered as true, people still consider the newly transmitted virus is highly contagious. The newly found hope in the new normal life is slowly shrinking back inside a dark hole in people’s heart.



            In response to the new variant and the potential damage it has started creating, Prime minister Boris Johnson announced a national level lock down for the second time, that too in the midst of all the Christmas and New year preparation. “When the virus changes its method of attack, we must change our method of defense”, said the Prime minister. He further addressed the people with these words, “Christmas is going to be different this year, perhaps very different, but it is my sincere hope and belief that by taking tough action now we can allow families across the country to be together”. This is the most stringent lockdown since March.


            The virus had already been adapted so many times according to the atmosphere and surrounding it spreads. This newly transmitted SARS-Cov-2 is a stronger form of the virus and the fact that it is 70 % more transmissible makes it a very threatening one. This speculative change in virus is not new for us as we are already prone to the changes that the virus has experimented itself with, to affect the immune system. We people started to behave in a lethargic way and by that we might have allowed a peep hole chance for the virus to get past the defensive layer that we so carefully built for our welfare.


             The world population was beyond happy to step out and breath a fresh gust of air (of course with masks) after so many days locking themselves inside their own house. The leniency brought back the freedom we were so eager to feel and it gave hope to the hearts which almost stopped believing in miracles. Likewise, he people of Britain were also as much eager to relish in the freedom and they busied themselves with the upcoming festive preparations and this sudden announcement of the return of the virus has sent a cold chill down their spine and all the celebrating mood flew out of the window. It is so unfortunate that they have to undergo this once again. If we are less careful, we might even be in their place and it will be even worse considering our social habits.

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09. TIER 4

            The presidency of England has announced tier 4 restriction to stop people from gathering in public places as that might act as a trigger for another mass virus spread. Under this rule, non-essential shops, hairdressers, and leisure and entertainment venues must close with a new ‘stay at home’ message introduced. People who need to travel for education or child care are exempted, and exercise is unlimited. This ban will possibly warn the people to stay at home and help the government to find a solution before it turns into yet another pandemic.


            India has banned the flights from UK and many other countries including Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Russia and Switzerland have also banned UK flights and also closed the international borders, to avoid the virus from spreading in their countries. Even after taking all these precautionary steps, South Africa and Australia have reported that they have traced an infection of the similar kind in their country.


            We can all pray to god for the welfare of UK and wish for the virus to be a weak opponent to the vaccines that are being injected all over the world. However, we cannot be lethargic and avoid wearing masks, as the ‘virus returns’ in England is a best example of what would happen if care less about the impact of the virus. So, let us defend ourselves with the help of masks, sanitizers, and soaps and avoid falling into the awaiting trap of Corona once again.Covid 19 SARS-CoV-2 variant vaccine has a very powerful effect on human being hope this will help

                                                            -Devimanju Mohan.