About Me

Hey its,


I am a content writer. I also have a website dedicated to education where I’ve posted notes and blogs, as well as a YouTube channel with more than 14k subscribers. I first began writing for my personal website during my graduation. Worked as a content developer with an IT-based company for 11 months where I learned skills to create how to rank pages on a particular keyword, social media posts, and create E-books. As a freelancer, I also worked as a social media manager where I handled my client’s e-commerce business on all social media platforms. Regular posts, giveaways, ad promotions, and website covers.  

During my job, I never received any writing assignments. I’m still compelled to write. I want to be challenged in some way. There is a tonne tremendous discovery.

I am a lifelong learner who enjoys looking at things from several angles. My life’s motto is “Work hard,