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C++ Algorithm minmax()

Hi, here we will learn how to find minimax () by using the function. below i have written a function to find out which array element is maximum and which value is minimum and which is maximum.


100 Checkboxes CSS

Collection of free HTML and CSS custom checkbox examples (with picture, with label, checked, and so on) from CodePen, GitHub, and other sources. Collection for May 2021 has been updated. Nine new items have been added. #1 – CSS Checkboxes…

How To React Js

How To Build A Simple Counter App In React

React is a JavaScript toolkit for building interactive user interfaces (UIs) that is becoming more and more well-liked among developers worldwide. How To Build A Simple Counter App In React after learning the language? Prerequisites The goal of this tutorial…

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5 Crucial SEO Tips For Ecommerce Websites

5 Crucial SEO Tips For Ecommerce Websites Google offers these suggestions to help your website perform better in search results. Keep these steps in mind when building your e-commerce website. Throughout these steps, google encourages retailers to use the google…

Creating beautiful tooltips with only CSS

Creating beautiful tooltips with only CSS

Hello, friend’s hope you are doing so today we are making very cool tooltips with only CSS. Either you can download the source from the bottom file or follow the tutorial along with me. Again before deep dive diving into…

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5 Ways to Get Paid to Code Online

Are you a programmer and want to make money through coding with different streams of money making ideas? Then you are in the right place just scroll and read 20 important money-making streams through which you can earn lots of…

How to Disable Chromecast on Android
How To

How to Disable Chromecast on Android

Easily Stop Casting from your android device Chromcaste is a very great app to caste or play media from your android device to your favorite Television (TV) but sometime you want to remove or stop casting from your android ….


Must Use Website As A Web Dev

Here i have list some of the coolest and very important websites for web developers these websites are useful bundle for every developer so that there work load can minimize through these lists. Lets start Our First List which is…


Taliban and the rise of chaos .

Everything is not very well in India’s neighborhood. Recently, the Taliban has seized Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, raising questions over the US and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) trained Afghan Forces. The Taliban have proclaimed that there will…


Black fungus early symptoms and prevention.

Black fungus early symptoms and prevention. Lately, the world is suffering from destruction. Covid has disturbed the piece in people’s lives. From last year to the current year, each and every person has suffered more than ever. Covid – 19…


Unemployment in India:A major challenge to deal with.

If heaven really exists: then heaven is the job, hell is unemployment, while life is merely an interview. ~Mokokoma Mokhonoana What is Unemployment? The state when an individual or a group of individuals are actively seeking a job but aren’t…



 In this blog i am going to show you top 20 Instagram trending gifs for your instagram story. So lets get after it.  So open instagram story and click on gif icon. You’ll have to make sure that you type…

how to draw whale in adobe illustrater
How To

How To Make a whale Illustration

In this article imma to show you how to make a whale illustration In adobe illustrator using shape tool and ellipse tool and a color picker tool. So let’s get after it. STEP 1 First we take a small rectangle. …

anime Blog

Top 25 Anime that need more recognition

There are many animes that are underrated and need more recognition. However, there are animes which does not need any recognition. Like there are few titles like hunter x hunter, death note, full metal Alchemist. Yet, we have some hidden…

Jujutsu kaisen coolest female characters list.
anime Blog

Jujutsu kaisen coolest female characters list.

Ever since Jujutsu kaisen has started, it has increased the standards for modern audiences. it has some coolest female characters list . While other animes focus on their male protagonist. In Akutami’s world, the girls and women are complex, sentient…

female characters in anime.

Top 10 strongest female characters in anime.

Anime has a history of hyped male characters. Since we all have already witnessed about male characters development in lots of animes. We can relate with the fact that it sometimes lacks the development in  female characters. They just got…


Tamil Nadu State Assembly Election 2021

Introduction: The sixteenth legislative assembly election of the state Tamil Nadu, India is to be held on April 06 2021. There are 234 constituencies in the state and the election is going to be conducted on the same day in…



WHAT IS COVID-19? Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people fall sick with Covid-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment. But in some severe cases the patient…


21 CSS Speech Bubbles

A collection of free HTML and CSS speech bubble code samples hand-picked from CodePen, GitHub, and other sources. Collection updated for May 2021. Six new examples are provided. #1– CSS Speech Bubbles Name Temani Afif Links demo and code Made…

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120 CSS Timelines

CodePen, GitHub, and other resources provide free HTML and CSS timeline code examples (responsive, simple, vertical, horizontal, and so on). Collection updated in February 2021. Thirteen new items have been added. #1– CSS Timelines Name Mark Boots Links demo and…