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Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health

Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health


            The whole world has been in chaos for more than a year now. Everywhere, people are dying, dying and only dying, yet some legends out there don’t need the help of a mask or any other safety measure to safeguard them from the lethal pandemic virus that has been making the lives of us so difficult to live for. INDIA’S COVID THIRD WAVE HAS ARRIVED. The country’s outbreak could worsen as soon as this month, with the next wave peaking at less than 100,000 infections per day in the best-case scenario and nearly 150,000 in the worst-case scenario.

We have seen not one but two strong waves of the pandemic virus hitting us and taking many of our loved ones with it, but all we so is just hear the instructions given by the government . Discussed about it for a few days and then got back to our routine life, that is to ignore whatever is said by the government and roam our the city like nothing is going on . Seriously friends, we need to keep ourselves safe from the virus . Then only we can think about the welfare of others and especially our family. Save your family from Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health

Wear a Mask properly to protect yourself from third wave of Corona:

Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health

            Time and again, government officials, doctors, various NGO workers, front line workers, and almost everyone is indicating that only wearing a mask would help us from getting attacked by the pandemic virus. But we don’t listen to all of it. We just swat away their words from reaching our years, as if they were asking you to deposit a ten percent of your monthly income to the welfare fund. There are already many casualties, and even more are added to the list day after day, hiking up the count by a five percent increase per day.

But we don’t even have the time to listen to the things that are in every way related to the welfare of us and our family. We have already seen two lethal waves of the Corona virus; we don’t have enough strength or the resources to combat with another wave, so please wear a mask. It is the only way to reduce the chance of getting brutally attacked by the virus by a larger rate.

Save yourself and others by wearing mask

            We have seen our kith and kin, our friends and even the people who are not related to us in any way, suffer because of the virus and have felt extreme sadness and pity for them. But is that all what we are capable of? Only feeling pity for others condition, rather than working our best to reduce the condition that brings out pity in the first place. Believe me, the people who died because of the pandemic virus, would not want your shallow pity or sympathy. The only thing they would ever want or need you to do is to shield yourself from the lethal thing that took away their life on this earth.

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They would not want us to commit the same mistake that they committed, leading them towards their ultimate end. The only condolence we can pay for them is by maintaining our safety. But we are exactly doing the opposite of what we should actually do. It this how we are going to remember them or is this how we are going to react about the thing that took away so many lives? So guys please grow up and WEAR A MASK to avoid getting the same fate as the many thousand lives that have been killed because of ignorance and lack of knowledge.

Wear a Proper Mask:

            We people of India are so smart that we think that we are deceiving the pandemic virus by wearing masks. Many of us are aware of the problems that we might face if we don’t wear a mask, and so we try to cover our nose and mouth to avoid getting in contact with the virus. But are we smart enough? I don’t think so, because I have seen many people, especially the strong women of my country, covering their nose and mouth with a hand or their shawls or their sari pallu, while interestingly gossiping about the various factors that affects the personal life of others, especially neighbors. They are doing it just for the sake of the government, which has been blowing the pom-pom tirelessly, asking people to wear masks wherever they go and follow proper sanitation methods.

            We might think that we are smart enough and strong enough to fight the virus if we are tested positive. But trust me when I say this, I have seen the people who have fought the virus and also people who lost in the fight for life firsthand, we are in no means ready for that fight or are we ready to face the health issues that arise after the intake of various medicines. We would rather be good without the touch of the pandemic virus. So ladies, don’t think that you are over smart and you are deceiving the virus, because it always finds a way to deceive you and it will be very happy to grow inside you, destroying your health in a rapid speed. So, please wear a proper mask, to safeguard yourself from the virus and your family from the grief of your loss.

Violence of Rules During Covid :

            Not only women, but also men are ignorant about their health. I have seen many men, wearing their helmet as their mask and some daring men even roam around the city without a mask as if they own the entire province. They might think of it as some daring thing to do, but the seriousness of the issue lies deep within the roots of the family that could not function properly without their help, both emotional and economical. So, think about your family before you decide to impress your futile audience by not wearing a mask.


Also, youngsters these days are so thrilled about breaking laws and rules that they are going as far as to roam around uselessly without wearing a mask and without even vaccinating. There is a place and a time to show attitude and also to break rules, and this condition is definitely not one of them. This concerns our life, welfare of the family and most importantly the future. So please stay away from your daring self until the situation comes under control and to survive from the Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health

Follow The Instructions:

            During the first wave of the pandemic virus, we were all so scared and clueless. We were scared for our lives, so we followed all the rules without any glitch. But when the government eased the lockdown step by step, we became lethargic towards the rules and instructions. We stopped wearing masks and did not follow proper sanitation.

As a result, there came the second wave, much stronger than the first one . In a blink of an eye taking many lives in the blink of a moment every day. Then came another lockdown, ensuring the safety and precautions to be taken to avoid being the victim of the virus. We diligently followed all the rules and by then vaccinations were available too. So we took the steps needed to get a vaccination and tried our best to shield our lives. But what happened to all of that when the government eased the lock down again?

            We started ignoring the rules once again and all the instructions . Warning given by the government are falling on deaf ears till now. It is like we are able to follow all the rules and regulations only when we are confined inside the safety of our homes. Once we are outside, every precaution and instruction just flies out into the air. That is also the reason; the threat for a third wave is looming above our heads, like a hanging sword.

If we continue behaving like this even after facing the brutalities of the pandemic virus two times. I don’t know what to say to you to make you understand. If we continue to behave like this, then is better if the government decides. Whether to lock every one down inside their house or better in prison until the threat completely dies down. Protect yourself from Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health and stay at home .


Vaccination Means Protection:

            The purpose of vaccination is to protect us from a major repair, if we were to encounter the pandemic virus. Its job is to protect and provide enough strength to us, not prevent the virus from attacking us. So, even if you are vaccinated, wear a mask and safeguard your life and strengthen your immunity. No one wants to test the effect of the vaccine, by voluntarily inviting the pandemic virus to feast on us. So beware and stay safe as in your safety lies the safety of your family and surroundings. If you can protect yourself from the virus then you can definitely protect the entire country from getting affected. Let us wear masks and conceal the chances of us getting affected, not the voice of wit and wisdom.

Don’t be Ignorant:

            Many of us are well aware of the aftermath of our ignorance . So are so keen on following all the safety measures. But we are not looking at the people who are not following the rules properly. If we look at them without the glass of prejudice and preconceived notion shielding our eyes. We would know that most of them are genuinely not aware of the problems. They will face by jeopardizing their safety.

So it is our duty as a responsible citizen to instruct them how to be safe and precautious. To avoid the virus. If we enlighten one person, they in turn will do it to someone else. This will continue like a chain reaction thereby creating awareness among many. But some people who are well aware of the lethal effects of the virus are also ignorant . We must make them understand by any means as their safety ensures the safety of the entire nation. The Covid Third Wave in India has been showing its effect -Mask Your Health and get to safety asap.


             My dear folks we have lost too much time and people, being royally ignorant towards the rule. And instructions provided by the government. We have lost too many precious lives and also the economic downturn. It is not something that can be brought back up over night. For that we have to work hard day and night, and for that we have to be alive and healthy. So please take my advice seriously and wear a mask to shield yourself from the pandemic virus. Safeguard your family, which in turn will automatically safeguard our country. We don’t have the energy, strength or resources to face another wave of the virus. So beware and please wear a mask to avoid the third wave. Thank you for reading my blog on Covid Third Wave in India: Mask Your Health   

-Devimanju Mohan.