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People are desperately looking for a way to fight the lethal virus from their end, but nothing is proving to be enough of a weapon to fight against the most feared corona virus. People all over the country are facing loses, and are suffering both mentally and physically. They have lost many closed ones and are ploughing their way through the down trading economic conditions. The second wave is stronger than the first one and is spreading much faster than the latter, taking away many promising lives leaving their family in despair. The double mutant virus has forced the people to look for any remedies or any ways to strengthen their fight against it. One among the ways, that is being discussed more in social media is Steam Inhalation. Also is STEAM THERAPY – EFFECTIVE IN FIGHTING COVID?

What is steam inhalation ?

            Steam inhalation is an age-old home remedy which is used to get relief when a person is suffering from cold, stuffy nose, nasal problems or headache. This process is so easy and is proved to be very efficient if the procedures are properly followed. This is the most-recommended process to get respite from common cold, sinus infection and open the nasal passages. In this process warm water is inhaled and the steam clears the nasal cavity and loosens the mucus in the nasal passages, throat and lungs. It also helps as a relief agent for other respiratory illnesses.

Does Steam Inhalation Help Fight Covid?

            Steam therapy is said to be the best relief for common cold, and sinus infection. But does it help one fight the pandemic virus? Steam Therapy – effective in fighting covid ? The answer might not be in favor of the public, as no organization like WHO and CDC suggests this therapy for preventing the corona virus. However, the American Lung Association states that it could help ease respiratory symptoms but will not work as a cure for the virus. Doctors also suggest that it could clear the nasal path and also kill the virus that dregs in the respiratory track. It also helps in clearing the blocked nose, there by assuring a clear nose and helping the person breath properly.


Proper Steam Therapy:

            There is a proper way to perform steam therapy. A person who is suffering from the respiratory illness, to be more precise, a person who has blocked nose, stuffy nose, or cold can attain relief through steam inhalation. In this process, a person should use warm water. The water should be thoroughly boiled, and a heavy towel or blanket should be used to cover the person’s head/face along with the vessel containing hot water. This is to prevent the steam from escaping, and also to provide a better relief.

No other agent should be added in the water, only water is enough to provide relief. Now the person should inhale the steam from a safe distance of about ten inches. Avoid having direct contact with water to avoid any accident. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth for about five to seven times. Then inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose for about five to seven times, continue this process for one more time. The hot steam when reaches the nasal cavity gets rid off the virus or loosens the mucus layer. Moreover, it also helps in assisting the head ache caused due to the illness.

What to do if you are infected ?

            It is prescribed to be undergone twice a day to provide better relief and also to ease congestion. But steam inhalation only gives temporary relief to the person suffering from the illness. If you suffer any of the Covid symptoms, you should consult a doctor . Get yourself admitted in the hospital without any further delay. Steam inhalation is proved to be efficient only when you have mild symptoms or you will land yourself in a greater trouble. Wearing a mask, maintaining social distance . ashing and sanitizing your hands are the best advisable practices to fight the lethal corona virus.


Benefits of Steam Inhalation:

            The benefit of inhaling the moist warm steam is that it helps in aiding the irritation in the nasal passages . Effective in curing the swollen blood vessels. The steam also helps in thinning the mucus or phlegm in the sinus area .It permits them to clear out easily, by blowing your nose. It also relaxes throat muscles and lessen the soreness in the throat ther by effectively curing the illness. But steam inhalation does not kill the virus that is responsible for the infection. However, it might help you feel relieved as the body fights against the infection.  

 Electric Steam Inhaler:

            Electric steam inhaler also called as vaporizer. It is a readily available device which is used to produce steam with the help of electricity. It is also simple and handy to use . Safe as there is less risk than using boiled hot water. Some vaporizers have in built mask that fits around the mouth and nose and provides immediate effect. You will have to wash and clean the mask and the vaporizer to avoid getting any unwanted infection.

Side Effects:

            Steam inhalation is an effective and easy home remedy only if done properly. There is high chance for a person get burns due the steaming hot water. To avoid such conditions, one should always be careful while inhaling steam. One should always keep a safe distance from the water. Also the vessel of hot water should be placed on an even surface. Children should be assisted with elders while practicing steam inhalation.

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            In tough times like these, people should be together emotionally. As staying together physically is impossible in a situation that demands social distancing. Due our lack of awareness and proper announcement we have already lost so many valuable and precious lives. So let us wake up from my ignorant slumber at least now. nd let us try to save the remaining innocent souls by following the proper instructions advised by the government . Let us be helpful towards each other.

Please avoid going outside, even if you have to go out for some unavoidable reasons. Please make sure that you follow all the instructions to avoid getting in any trouble. The importance of a person’s life is not decided upon their color, money, fame or their properties. It is purely decided based on their ability of valuing others’ life and their ability to help others in their time of need. Thus, let us do anything we can to help the others who are in need and prove to the world that humanity does exist after all.

                                                                                                -Devimanju Mohan.

This article on ” steam Therapy – is it effective in fighting covid ” is inspired by a video posted by a reputed doctor named, Dr. O.G. Viswanathan and all the references are also taken from the details. He had shared in that video supporting steam inhalation to fight the corona virus. My sincere thanks to the doctor.