What is Software ?

In this Tutorial, we will discuss some terms which are correlated with the software project management we also discuss the part of difference which differs it to others.

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  •         What is Software ?
  •        what is project
  •        Software vs other types of project

It is the collection of programs, procedure rule, and associated documentation and data this is known as software . or we can say that it must satisfy the real need .

What is Project?

Project is defined as it is a set of input and output required to achieve a particular goal which is known as a project.

Software projects vs other types of project

So many techniques are there for the project management also apply for the software project management which creates the difference b/w software project VS other projects

     InvisibilityWe know that the process of any task is not visible immediately it takes time  ( For example A   engineer wants to construct a bridge which will help to cross the river but for the construction of the bridge it takes time to be completed the task or project ) Which not instantly visible. But in case of it,  can be the process of making the invisible visible
      Complexity:  They are more complex project than other types of projects so that their complexity is more than other projects.
       Flexibility: it is very easy to change as compare to there project however we can change the software system Interface with a physical or organizational system.

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