What are the different types of tester roles | Software testing

What does QA Stand For?

QA stands for quality assurance and we can say quality assurance is basically a way to preventing defects in manufacturers’ products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to the customer.

    What are the different Roles of Tester?

    There are different types of roles played by the Tester and comes under the QA(quality assurance.

    • Functional testing 
    • Automation testing 
    • Performance Testing
    • Mobile Testing
    • Test Architect

              So lets brief talk about All the above roles in a manner.
    • Functional Testing: In the functional testing mainly all the requirements are fully filled by the product. and all the functions of the product would be checked . and in another term, you have to be confirmed that your all functionality meets the business requirements. ok in a simple way we can that functional testing is to verify all the business requirements Working or not.
    • Automation Testing: In the automation testing we write code in such a way that machine perform You write the code to make the machine to work in case of automation testing.

    • Performance testing: This testing technique is basically used to test the load of the application.

    • Mobile tester: testing all the scenarios occurred in the application in mobile testing like the quality of the application.

    • Pen testing: Pen testing is basically a security testing and in this testing basically to stop preventing hackers. also, pen-testing testing play a major because if your application will not have any security check so that hacker will automatically hack your website in a prioneer order.

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