Top 5 Symtoms You Must Know About Coronavirus diseases 2020

Top 5 Symtoms You Must Know About Coronavirus
Symtoms of corona virus | sysmtoms of corona virus
Symtoms of corona virus | sysmtoms of corona virus 

About Corona Virus – 2020 ?

In this Informative article i will tell you the Top 5 Symtoms You Must Know About Coronavirus . Coronavirus is a disease who’s name is (COVID-19)  and it’s most dangerous disease as compare to others because it wisely spread all over the country and so quickly. And you May amazed to listen to this it spread just by shaking Hands With other or in touch with the infected coronavirus people. And we also say that this disease is caused by a new virus. In this Post I will tell you about 5 symptoms you must know about corona virus.
This disease caused respiratory illness (Like the flue ) . and if you talk about Symptoms there are a number of list of this disease so that you can predict that person have coronavirus or not. so lets see the symptoms list of corona virus (COVID -19 ) .

Symtoms Of Coronavirus Disease 

Symtoms Of Coronavirus Disease | CORONA VIRUS SYMPTOMS

  • Keep in Mind Those People who have corona Maybe sick with the virus about 1 to 14 before totally involving or we can say that developing symptoms.
  • It has said that old age peoples are more in threat but the actual thing is it affects those having a bad immune system. 
  • As we grow old immunity starts to decrease.

List Of Symtoms Of Corona Virus 

  • Those patent who have corona may experience :
  • Difficulty in breathing 
  • Headache
  • Sneezing
  • Tiredness
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Some times it show no symptoms at all . 

I hope you will understand the Top 5 Symptoms You Must Know About Corona virus  further we talk about the prevention of the corona virus diseases .


Prevention of Coronavirus Disease

1. Wash Your Hands Often
2. Stay at HOME
3. Don’t touch your eyes, mouth, and nose without washing hands.
4. Avoid social gatherings like a meeting, parties.
5.Maintain distance, avoid hugging your kids or loved ones and handshakes.
6. Avoid traveling because it surely gives u peace but what is at stake is more pivotal.
7. Use sanitizers and masks.
8. Eat healthy food avoid eating junk for a while.
Wash Hands: Washing hands can kill viruses which have come because of touching things you shouldn’t touch or, ay cause you corona. so wash your hands often.
Stay at home: Stay at home and avoid meetings, Parties, and gatherings.
Don’t touch:- Don’t touch without washing your hands especially the T- section of your face . Because these viruses can easily enter your body using them.
Avoid traveling:- If you are traveling by flight you should be more concerned about your health cause people to travel in foreign countries by flights.  
Use sanitizers:- use alcoholic sanitizers to sterilize your hands and your phone.

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