Top 25 Anime that need more recognition

There are many animes that are underrated and need more recognition. However, there are animes which does not need any recognition. Like there are few titles like hunter x hunter, death note, full metal Alchemist. Yet, we have some hidden gems in the anime community, which needs worthy recognition for such great servings. I actually have a big list of animes that need more recognition they deserve. Here is a list of Top 25 Anime that need more recognition .

1. Astra lost in space

Astra is a one of the best sci-fi adventure anime out there with a lovable cast of characters that are all well developed with everyone of them having amazing chemistry with each other.

The mystery aspect of the show is admirable too! It’s the kind of show that if you pay attention to the small details, it feels very rewarding once everything clicks into place. In addition to that, the build up was intense and the plot twists are mind blowing. 

The sci-fi is just more like the setting and a tool to move the characters forward. The characters is the heart of the anime, which I value more than sci-fi logic imo. Emotional investment is what I prioritize.Aside from the plot, the other area that makes the series stand out is the art. This anime fullfill every basic need to make it freaking awesome.

2. Dororo

Dororo story is so simple yet so well executed. People sometimes get scarey as they realise how old it is. Fortunately,we have Dororo of 2019 which is amazing. The animation surpassed expectations I had.

The way they handle Hakkiyamaru various disabilities and the subsequent reversal of them are one of my favorite things about the anime so far. It refreshingly realistic despite the show’s fantastical edge and makes for some compelling viewing as we watch him struggles to adjust to all the changes to his body imo. it is highly recommended to all weebs and added in my list of Top 25 Anime that need more recognition.

3. Karakuri Circus

I’m really enjoying it, great animation and action scenes with an intriguing story. I think some people are probably put off with the art style and didn’t have a lot of hype before it started since it’s a completed manga from 30 or so years ago.

Great characters and it set everything up nicely in the first arc. Have no idea what’s about to happen but can’t wait.

4. Yona of the Dawn

Yona has been one of my favourites this season and I feel it is underrated. Hence, It doesn’t get worse as it moves along, if anything if gets better and better whenever new characters are introduced. The story in a unique setting populated by a treasure trove of lovable characters,It has fun and very cute moments and Yona is a pretty great MC and I totally have a crush on Hak haha so I might be biased . In my opinion it’s worth the watch.

5. Akudama drive

Akudama drive is a hidden gem from 2020. Basically, it’s an 12 episodes based amazingly written story. It’s a story of bunch of theives and murderers put together by some IA cat in order to complete a mission.

Although things quickly go south and they all got in major trouble. Moreover, it has amazingly written characters with some interesting personalities . Like , we have cut throat with such a cute face but he is maniac. He has this terrifying obsession with red colour that he can kill people with a smile on his face. It’s an amazing anime that need more recognition for sure. it is included in Top 25 Anime that need more recognition

6. Magi,the labyrinth of magic

Magi is by far the most underrated.It’s very enjoyable and definitely worth a watch. When you watch one episode you will want to finish the whole anime. The anime is a perfect combination of magic, logic , world building, amazing character development and real world problems.

Moreover, the anime is thrilling and hilarious at the same time. The very strong world and characters and the animation is superb. Seeing as a second season is going to come out in the fall i would say watch it and see for yourself. So i am gonna add it in a list of Top 25 Anime that need more recognition .

7. Bungo stray dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs – as popular it is in Japan, I feel like there’s not enough buzz around it elsewhere. It is about a group of people with abilities or super natural Power.

No matter what genre of anime you’re into, no matter what you’ve watched in the past, you will love Bungou Stray Dogs. If you are looking for the mystery, shonen and action pack series without any nonsense fighting. I would recommend it.

8. Dorohedoro.

Just like above listed anime , I would recommend you to give it a shot. It got mystery, decent actions, good world building, potential romance, and a lot of gore. Highly unpredictable, and story alone is so interesting.

Also has a very distinct way of catching one’s attention.  The show is definitely unique and worth watching for.

9. Kamisama kiss 

its mixture of comedic and supernatural elements. Kamisama Kiss is unique in that both anime and manga are really, really good but as with all manga to anime adaptations, one version always reigns supreme.

Kamisama Kiss has some fight scenes here and there, but it’s an overall a great anime for its romance.Characters are very well developed, they have depth and are very memorable and relatable. Give it a chance and I can assure you your heart will be racing in no time! 

10. Overload

This is show definitely needs more recognition. I means there are people who are huge fans of this show. This show is full of thriller, action, strategy, politics and little bit comedy.

The best think about this show is the main protagonist is evil with a good side of him. I enjoy how it got a lot of focus on other characters in the universe as well, and not just the protagonist.

11. Grimagar

I love Grimgar this season, I think it’s absolutely fantastic and refreshingly different from your normal trope filled, straight forward shounen.

Different strokes for different folks, Grimgar doesn’t have much emphasis on action or an overarching plot line (for now at least) but places it much more on learning about your characters and watching them grow. Which I thought they’ve done a fantastic job of. It’s reflects in the art style, with soft and warm colors and backdrops that look like beautiful watercolor paintings. No bright, jarring or exciting colors.

I went in not expecting much, but I can say that I’m pleasantly surprised.

12. Orange

Orange is a nice anime. The anime Series is able to communicate the way depression and guilt have ripple effects that reach those that love and care for us. It’s just as emotional and it’s just really nice so far.

it is an anime that’s fast-paced, comedic and unpredictable. Unfortunately,the only problem is with animation but you should be able to sit through the show without any problems.

13. Gosick

It’s a story that intrigued me and I enjoyed it. The story is interesting and the writing is good . It is a unique story that I enjoyed because of the mysteries and the political intrigue and how it tied into the main characters.

I really liked Gosick. I think it had a really strong beginning and ending even though some of the middle arcs dragged from time to time. As for Kujo, I don’t think he was necessarily a strong character on his own but his relationship with Victorique really ended up being something special by the end. 

14. Grand blue

Grand Blue is a great anime and I seriously recommend to watch it. Watch This! It’s one of the best anime shows but is sadly underrated.

It’s the funniest show i’ve ever watched i think. I laughed too hard.l Comedy is very relative and perfectly done . It did get enough recognition tho. And people should straight go for the manga instead.

15. Seraph of the end

The story itself was damned interesting. You’ve got a world where nearly every adult died. They lay all the ground work for a great story. Cool setting, interesting concepts, varied and likable characters.

 Unfortunately, no relationships will happen, or at least they won’t happen in the current story arc. Hence, they’re too busy fighting to really even think about it.

16. Moriarty the patriot

Moriarty has a great interesting plot with great mysteries and twists. Also, it has banger openings and endings. Villains are at their best when they have legitimate reasons for what they do . 

Overall, this is a really fun anime! If you’re big fan of Sherlock Holmes, you absolutely can’t afford to miss this one. It’s like Sherlock Holmes formula featuring an anti-hero with interesting motivations. It is dark, dramatic and also included in the list of top 25 Anime that need more recognition .

17. Great pretender

Its like a drama, then action, then comedy at the rear. comedy is nowhere near the main focus, but it does have funny moments.

It’s not strictly a comedy but it is no serious drama either. It’s a mix of both, but with more drama tbh. It varies throughout the whole series starting as a comedy-like series and ending as a serious drama one.

18. Akatsuki no yona

Akatsuki no Yona is a goddamn pleasure to watch and I’m glad that I was recommended. The characters are well damn amazing. 

Well that’s no big surprise, every fan of a show says this. But trust me, if you’ve only watched the first two episodes or read only the first two chapters, you’re in for a surprise.If you’re looking for complex characters, search no more and give it a chance. 

19. Also 91 days

Only good show this season, so yeah check it out. Very solid pacing and cool characterization so far other than the evil dudes who are just blatantly evil for the sake of being evil. Honestly expecting it to go down hill but for now it’s pretty good.

 I can’t even tell you how much hype it gets here because so many people love it but it didn’t get recognition it deserves. But yes it is worth watching so far. The drama is great and the tone/setting is being executed wonderfully. I would add it in my list of Top 25 Anime that need more recognition for sure.

20. Rainbow

Anyone looking for a good anime of genre thriller/ drama , it’s a must watch. It has great characters and worthy among the best. The story, drama, characters, development, build up,this anime got everything. There are happy moments, there are sad moments.

The characters struggle , dream and with different start to like them one by one as they progress with their unbreakable friendship.

21. Death parade

It’s a very beautiful story about the meaning of life and death. The individual stories of the guests were so intriguing and really made me wonder what’s going to happen next. Each emotion of human beings have been significantly displayed in this breath taking ride.

The concept , animation and music fits perfectly in here. It really needs much more recognition it deserves.

22. World Trigger

World Trigger isn’t a series I hear people talk about much. If it ever had a big fandom, the hype petered out before I even discovered it. World Trigger is great. Good tactical team fighting, logical and realistic battle philosophy, and many great characters.

Unfortunately, the anime adaptation does have problems of constant recaps, filler.  Still fine to enjoy for the story, but if you have major problems with these, then i suggest reading the manga. it is definitely included in the list of Top 25 Anime that need more recognition

23. Classroom of the elite

The anime is a bit infamous among readers  of the novel . This anime has a large potential .It has some nice ideas, but swings wildly in execution.  Dynamic story progression and ambitious character development backed by good story writing make this a must watch.

Someone who likes overpowered MC like me should definitely try this anime.Some characters are very interesting like Ryuen, Sakayanagi, Nagumo, Kushida etc which makes you feel realistic even though our MC is exemplary lol. After completing this anime you will only feel one thing about this, and that is when will it’s second season come? 

24. Guilty crown

Guilty crown has a really crappy reputation which is definitely not deserving. It may lack certain aspects but overall you should give it a try.

The first half was amazing and really was spectacular. First half of the episodes being the best part of the series. You Might enjoy the latter half, but overall yes it is worth a watch.

25. Deca – Dence

Deca-Dence is a must-watch if you are interested in the sci-fi genre.If anyone looking for the good story and some fun action. It is one of the best anime out there. Although, it may came out quirky, weird but it has some deep plot to it.  

Overall, Deca-Dence takes us on a journey of emotions with the characters. It really needs recognition it deserves.

As it was a huge list you can easily pick your favourite genre you liked. I have watched few of them so I recommended. And the few are most voted to be on the recognition list. 


I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Please comment your views about this blog. I will try my best add more in it further. 

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