Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto people – Most Voted 2021

Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto
Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto

Boruto has one of the most iconic anime casts which is making the anime popular. Manga was already quite famous from the start. As for now a lot of people are digging anime because of their favourite characters development is in detail. The anime has made manga pretty interesting . But in this hole post i will tell you Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto .

Boruto had lots of haters from the beginning. To be honest people were comparing it with Naruto. However, in recent few years the manga was ranking at top constantly. Anime fans are starting to grow more. From the last few years the amazingly written characters have fascinated most of the viewers. The writer has given each and every character fascinating personalities and strength. People are literally finding moots on twitter. 

No one knows what will happen after the time skip but as for the time being here is the list of characters from the series who are gonna shine even after the time skip. 

This list contains top 10 powerfull young characters from Boruto people Most Voted for. Here is the list i will mention below do comment and write your opinion for each .

10. Himawari uzumaki

Himawari has always been the adorable cutie and fans favourite since the boruto movie came. Her character as a child impressed everyone. She is calm , ultimately adorable, selfless, kind hearted, friendly and quite instinctive. 

When She was provoked enough she activated her byakugan at an early age . she is included in the list of Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto.

Himawari has shown intimidating and violent side similar to her paternal grandmother Kushina uzumaki when angry enough to knock out kurama and make boruto run away. She has been seen in action during a few episodes in anime. She’ll be stronger as she has inherited both her parents abilities and chakra.

9. Kagura Karatachi

Kagura is very advanced in kenjutsu, as even in the Academy his performance was feared by others. In the Academy, his prowess was shown to be especially high, swiftly defeated all his opponents in matches. As such, ChōjΕ«rō wants Kagura to eventually succeed him as Mizukage, a position reserved only for the strongest shinobi of the village. This is the 8 charecter out from the Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto .

Apparently he has a subconscious bloodlust side to him, as once worked up too much in combat, he goes on a blind rampage. Upon meeting boruto during a field trip, boruto convinced him to leave the guilt behind and helped him to regain faith in himself. 

8.Inojin yamanaka

Inojin seems rather blunt and speaks his mind often. He can be rude and indifferent to the people and can’t hold his tongue just like his father sai. In anime inojin appearance was quite interesting to watch. His bold attitude and blunt behaviour was fun to watch.

 Fans look forward towards this attitude. He has inherited both his mother’s and father’s abilities greatly. He can use mind- oriented techniques of his yamanaka clan and has been taught the art oriented techniques of his father. He is able to use so many techniques effectively.

7. Shinki

Shinki is the adopted son of the gaara. Shinki has the same abilities as gaara has. Shinki has literally an enhanced version of Gaara’s. Gaara  has taught him to control his power since he was unable to control it. He trains with kankuro also and adapted his puppet styles to his own fighting too. 

He was first jealous of boruto but eventually they both got along. The personality and strength he has is what made his character more fascinating. As characters are not getting enough story development by the writers but for future storyline these are the strong characters are needed to make the series interesting.

6. Sumire Kakei

Sumire’s character was introduced in the very beginning of the anime. She has gone through arduous training as a child her abilities as a kunoichi is above genin level. Her character development was well written in boruto anime.

The bond between Nue and her is what people love to see. Her personality is rather meek and quite girl. She trusts boruto alot and in future we might get to know her character as an important aspect for the anime since she has Nue and related to the dimensions of other world.

5. Shikadai Nara

Shikadai is also one of the top fan favourite character from the boruto. Nara clan never disappoints the fans  wheather it’s Naruto or boruto, this clan has always been in the spotlight. Shikadai took after his father, shikamaru , in several ways. He always has this relaxed , unenthusiastic personality.

Shikadai is capable of manipulating his shadow in various ways. He is also proficient in Wind Release, as he is able to use his mother’s signature Sickle Weasel Technique. Like both his parents, Shikadai is a natural strategist and tactician, constantly taking a methodical and analytical approach to battle to stay steps ahead of the opponent. In future shikadai character would be much interesting to watch.

4. Sarada Uchiha

Sarada was an absolute fan favourite from the very getgo. Some have issues with her glasses as she is an uchiha. But most of them admire Sarada for her maturity, she has always been the one to her shinibi will , the way she show patience during fights. Her strategies and plans leads to victory. In upcoming anime Sarada is going to rock in so many scenes. 

Sarada has inherited sakura’s monstrous strength along with sharingan. She is one of the most powerful female character in boruto anime. 

3. Mitsuki 

Mitsuki has a very calm , cheerful and matter-of-fact demeanour.  While not confrontational, he freely speaks his mind in any situation, and does things at his own pace. He had the strongest character development out of everyone in boruto. He is way more laid back  and it feels like he actually learned a lot from being around his son, boruto.

 Mitsuki’s strength is no joke hence Orochimaru himself confirmed that mitsuki is stronger than him.He has Sage Mode which he is unable to control , he has healing abilities , flexibility and he can regenerate. 

2. Kawaki

Kawaki is on the top fan favourite list. Kawaki is good looking, cold still soft and calm. This behaviour is what people are loving the most. 

Even though kawaki displays a defensive and menacing personality but his personality is certainly worthy of being a fun character. Kawaki doesn’t show emotions but he has a soft corner inside him . Specially for Naruto what he feels and the way he admire Naruto makes him the perfect character. Kawaki had a really terrible childhood and now with Naruto he is learning to open up  and warms up to those who are important to him . His character development is appreciated by most of the fans.

 1 . Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto is the one of the most well written character in the series. Anime is reallBoruto is smart, mature , knowledgeable and suffice to say he is able to perform at johnin level sometimes. 

As Kakashi also said that he has inherited his father’s unpredictability and grandfather’s intelligence. He is strong , has vast chakra reserves and is able to perform great battle strategies. 

 He has trained with so many great ninjas, Kakashi, Naruto, hinata, and sasuke has also accepted him as his student so he is gonna be great. all done these list will defiantly give you the idea of Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto most voted for

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