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Top 10 Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters: Who Are They ?

Tokyo Revengers is a series created by Nick Wilson. It includes an ongoing webcomic, novel, and video game.

I have always been drawn to the delicate balance of reality and fantasy in stories. Tokyo Revengers combines high-tech gadgets with swords, at the same time presenting a science fiction world that’s just as plausible as our own.

I want to take the reader on a journey to see how the characters navigate the world and each other. I want them to feel conflicted and uncertain about their surroundings, as if they too are unsure of who they really are or how they fit into the world.

The story revolves around a group of young people with diverse backgrounds — some from prestigious families, others from poor homes — who grew up in Tokyo’s slums. They are all orphans by birth or circumstance, but they are all united by a desire to make themselves better, no matter the cost.

As they grow up, the characters encounter others who they previously thought of as adversaries, facing them in heated confrontations where both sides are bound by their pasts. But they also meet people who help them progress towards their dreams — or at least begin to understand it more clearly — and these people become their allies.

Here is a list of characters who made this anime worth watching. Top 10 popular  Tokyo Revengers character :- 

Manjiro Sano ( Mikey ) 

Mikey is, of course, the most popular character since, well, he’s Mikey. Mikey is the show’s public face. There are a plethora of causes for this. Mikey is a completely unique character that everybody can enjoy. 

He may appear infantile, but he is capable of killing you in an instant. No one has ever been able to overcome him in anime. His kicks are powerful enough to knock an opponent off their feet. Mikey’s strength is that he can go up against any character in Tokyo Revengers and prevail.

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He rarely shows signs of weakness because he considers himself to be Toman’s foundation and support. His presence can help to strengthen the entire gang. He’s taken hits that would have knocked most people out, but he’s able to brush them off and keep fighting.

Ken Ryuguji ( Draken )  

He is without a doubt a beast . His power is said to be second only to Mikey on several occasions. Even, Toman’s Captains are noticeably surprised when they witness his actual power. Shuji Hanma was powerful enough to take kicks from a subdued Mikey in both of their battles, and he pounded the crap out of him. He’s the type of character that fans adore.

Draken’s relationship with Mickey is fascinating to see. Mikey’s childish behavior in front of him. Draken was the one who had to put up with all of his outbursts. Whenever he feels like Mikey is being an ass, he won’t hesitate to punch him. Mikey is a delinquent who is violent and destructive without Draken to channel his dark side.

Naoto Tachibana

Naoto tachibana is the younger brother of hinata. He is currently employed as a detective with Tokyo’s organised crime department.As a detective. Naoto has Excellent deduction skills. As a private eye. Naoto possesses exceptional deductive abilities.

He can quickly link together fragments of data to generate a larger picture.As a grownup. Naoto is a good person who is also determined to change in order to save his sister. He has a no-nonsense demeanour and is frequently unimpressed by other people’s amusement.

Shinshiro sano

Shinichiro is considered as weak to ladies, but dependable in flight. Shinichiro’s reputation earned him the respect of a large number of delinquents both within his gang and from opposing gangs. Although he was a lousy fighter, his loving demeanor and capacity to stand up for others, as well as his humble nature, earned him the respect of many delinquents far more powerful than him. Shinishiro is probably one of the most mentioned characters, despite the fact that he has passed away. He influenced an entire generation of delinquents and served as the role model for many of the series’ characters.

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Tetta Kisaki

Tetta kisaki is the main antagonist of the majority of Tokyo revengers. He rose to the top of the toman by manipulating Mickey and organized hinata tachibana’s murder in multiple different futures. Kisaki may not be the strongest in terms of physical combat or his own strength.

Takemichi theorized that kisaki, like Takemichi, could travel through time using the same method as Takemichi by using a hanshake. Kisaki is an ultimately dangerous individual, and his intelligence is a threat to begin with. Given his cunning in putting his plans and schemes into action, all he needs to do is manipulate those in his path.

Keisuke Baji 

Baji became one of the most popular character since the episode which was recently shown in anime . He soloed 50 guys and would have killed Kisaki even with a fatal wound. He was significantly more powerful and possibly far higher on the list when he was at full strength. Everything he did for his friends was not in vain at last. We got to see the kazutora’s normal avatar.

Baji is one of Toman’s most capable fighters, capable of holding his own against a number of formidable opponents. He can fight his way through 50 foes with a deep stab wound in his back and only an iron rod by his side, thus his endurance is nothing to joke at. Only collapsing after he was diagnosed with anaemia.

Chifuyu Matsuno

For his buddies, he is willing to put his life on the line. When the Tokyo manji gang was founded, he was one of the six founding members. Until the end of his journey, he was the only person who was close to Baji. He also assists Takemichi in a number of ways. Takemichi was given the title of first division leader after Baji died. Because he witnessed Baji entrusting Mikey to Takemichi . Kisaki Tetta assassinated him. Nothing about Chifuyu’s demeanour is unlikable.


The character of Kazutora was brilliantly written. The way Kazutora used to be before the formation of the Toman gang. The one event that forever impacted his life. That one blunder tore him apart mentally.

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After he was released from prison, he joined Hanma. He battled Mikey with the intent of killing him. Kazutora’s craziness makes him extremely powerful; he’s eager to take chances, even if it means damaging himself. He was able to knock Mikey out for a short length of time. He stabbed baji from behind, and it was the only reason for his death However, following Baji’s death, we were able to view him in his natural state.

Suji hanma

Moebuis’ interim leader was Suji hanma. Later, he rose to become Valhalla’s leader and began working as Kisaki Tetta’s right-hand man. He was the first person to stop Mikey’s kick during the first fight between Tokyo Manji gang and Valhalla.

As long as he can amuse himself, he is not concerned about the consequences or collateral damage created by his acts. He revels in bloodshed. Draken named him “Zombie” for this reason. His main goal in life is to have a good time, which is why he is always willing to fight.

Takashi Mitsuya

Mitsuya’s fighting abilities are demonstrated as the Second Division Captain. He is a quiet and calm character who first investigates the situation. If at all feasible, he is also highly known among the other gangs for his combat abilities. However, he avoids getting into battles until absolutely necessary.

He is a strong-willed individual who never complains about his condition. Mitsuya, like Draken, respects his leader, Mikey, and has always remained faithful to him regardless of the circumstances. When Takemichi was losing, he was getting more and more angry, and he told him to stay focused.

Tokyo Revengers is a place where people can meet and grow, where you can have your friends and be your friend. It’s a place where you can leave your mark on the world, but not always in the way you dreamed of.

Because as much as our hopes and dreams are important — so is who we are now. We may be orphans now, but we have to learn to find our own destiny.

In this world it’s not enough to survive or thrive.

Here is a list of anime characters you might wanna know about.