In this blog I’m finna show you how do you make a smiley face in Illustrator or How do you create an emoji? step by step in Adobe illustrator by using shape tool and color tool. So let’s get after it.

 This is  How do you create an emoji step by step.

How To Draw Emoji Video Tutorial

Step – 1

Click on file to select a new layer.

How to make emoji in adobe illustration.

Step – 2

Select the Ellipse Tool, Left-click anywhere on the artboard to create a new ellipse. Then select the width and height for ellipse. For instance i choose width of 343.3333px and height of same as width. This How to create a Smiley Face.

illustrator smiley face.
STEP 2.1
how to make a smiley face in illustrator

Step – 3

In third step you have to select circle to add colour into it. Double-click the Color Picker in the Toolbar on the left, and specify a 6 digit hex colour of #FFCC66. This process will give you selected circle yellow colour. And remove the stroke.

emoji vector illustrator
STEP 3.2
How do you make an emoji in Illustrator?

Step – 4

If you want to save the colour then you have to click on the swatches palette, click the new swatch option to save this colour as a swatch.

adobe emoji font

Step – 5

Now we need a semi circle, so for a semi circle first we need a circle and then select direct selection tool, left click on the top centre anchor point of a circle. Now the semi circle process is done. After this process you are saw a semi circle on your screen. And now add colour #1D1D1B in semicircle.

emoji vector illustrator

Step – 6

Select the Ellipse Tool and draw an ellipse over the top of this new semi-circle, covering approximately half of the semi-circle shape – this is going to be the tongue for our emoji.Add this new ellipse the colour #231f20.

illustrator smiley face

Step -7

Now select both the semi-circle, and the newly created ellipse, and in the Pathfinder Palette, select Divide. Use the Direct Selection Tool, you can now select the spare of the tongue shape and press Delete or Backspace to cut that part.

Step – 8

Next step will be is that tongue is ready now we have to give a colour to tongue so specify a 6 digit hex of #f05368.

How to make your own emoji | Adobe Illustrator

Step – 9

In this step we will make eyes of our emoji. So you have to select pencil tool for eyes. Then make a ” >” this type sign to make eyes . And then remove the colour fill option and add stroke and increase the strock to 12 pt . After that step a yellow uwu smiley emoji is ready .

How to create 3d Smiley faces in Illustrator?
STEP 9.2
how to make a simple smiley face in illustrator

Step -10

After that we have added a background to it. Select a shape tool and choose rectangle shape and use it as a background and then add a color #f1f3f6. Then export it. This is how do you make a smiley face in Illustrator or How do you create an emoji?

how to make an emoji in illustrator

Result :-

So the final result would be How to create a Smiley Face.

how to make an emoji in illustrator

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