Self Love – you should start value your true self.

self love
start value your true self.

You can try every trick in the book to be loved but it’ll forever be a will-o’-the-wisp untill the moment you start to love yourself. We people are so busy admiring beauty we see around on Instagram, people’s beautiful faces , their luxurious life , their lifestyle and what not . Deep inside We secretly wish for the same . We see so many perfection in social media. From perfect faces to perfect lives. It’s not that whatever we see is fake or we are talking that social media is lame. The thing is we need to stop comparing our life . We need to stop being judgemental . It make you feel recluse and cause an instant aversion to yourself. We need to start zeroing in on our true self. One will find millions of articles written about how to make oneself beautiful and how to make your body perfect and there are zillions of desires we wish for. Just to be accepted by our society, to be loved by someone ? Right.

True – definition of self love

Being unapologetic and unabashedly yourself is the true definition of love.

By showing exceptionally valorous behaviour in front of people

When you call out people bravely with your valorous behaviour , when they seem to be wrong.

When you shut the society out and do whatever your heart says , yes that’s difficult but the true definition of self love .

When you are told by your friends that you look hideous in a dress but despite of all you wear the same dress and strut walk in a proud way . That’s difficult but a true self love .

To choose your passion irrefutably when your parents told you to be another doctor, IAS and engineer. That’s difficult.

When you start being the person who you actually are not what society wants you to be.

 start cherishing yourself

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The day you come to terms with your own self is the day you will cherish forever. Like forever.

It takes years or sometimes your whole lives to finally come to terms with the fact of accepting your true self , knowing that you are more than the way you look. Once you will accept yourself wholeheartedly . You don’t need anybody to tell you your worth anymore.

Those who are reading my article, just for once give yourself a pep talk on you are no less , give yourself a tight hug , tighter , even tighter . And start seeing positive things around you leaving the negativity behind . It makes people shallow from the deep and gives you nothing but pain . So smile everyday a little wider and show love to people around you. Just like us there are many who are hiding pain behind there fake smiles, who need to talk about something they are embarrassed of. They need your help maybe. The way you did it , they need to know about it. They need inspirations from you. Do it for yourself, do it for others. Just Do it !!!.

Just repeat after me “All of me loves all of me”. Repeat it every morning . Only person who can love you to the moon and back is ‘YOU’.

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