Project Management Cycle : Complete Tutorial In Software project management

The project management life cycle and its complete Tutorial In Software project management has four phases.  these phases are the main root components of the project management cycle. These phases are  Initiation, planning, execution, closure.  And In these easy four steps you might get an idea about it. 

 Page contents:

  •         Initiation
  •        Planning 
  •        Execution
  •        Closure
Project managemnt cycle ,software project management

Diagram of Project management cycle:

Figure 1. (Project management cycle )

Initiation: it is the first step or we can say that first phase of the project feasibility and value are managed .in this phase mainly project initiation which includes the goal of the project, specification, task and there responsibility all lies in the initiation phase.

Project Planning: Once the project first step is done you have to move on the next step which is project planning. So, in this step you have to create a solid plan for guide the team and keep them on the time and on budget. Also, the main motive of the project planning is to create the direction for the team for quality output, handling risk, managing barrier, communicating the benefit to stakeholders.
Project Execution:  Once the above step is done then the most awaited step is coming which is project execution.  in this phase of the project management cycle mainly customer wants to get the project as soon as possible .which is done by this phase. So this would be done by a team leader who makes it possible by keeping or allocating resources to the team and members by focussed on there assigned task.
Closure: Once this is the last step in which plan of the project management cycle fully done in which they deliver the finished project to the customer and releasing all the resources in front of the customer.

Project Management Cycle : Complete Tutorial In Software project management || Article contains breif and easy explaination on the tutorial for the software project management.


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