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female characters in anime.

Top 10 strongest female characters in anime.

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Anime has a history of hyped male characters. Since we all have already witnessed about male characters development in lots of animes. We can relate with the fact that it sometimes lacks the development in  female characters. They just got tossed to the side to focus on male characters or sometimes seen just to admire the male protagonist. Her own story and development never shines in front of the main characters. We need anime having some of the best and strongest female characters in anime. List of top 10 strongest female characters is below.

However, There are some female characters who doesn’t need a protagonist to shine. Their characters are written well enough to shine regardless. In spite of the flaws , they don’t need any male character to make them seem relevant.

 Here is a list of top 10 strongest female characters and written well enough that you will love to watch on screen.

10. Yaoyorozu Momo from My hero academia.

Yaoyorozu is frequently cited as the “most intelligent” character in My Hero Academia, having S class intelligence. She has intelligence and on top of that her Quirk, Creation, is one of the most versatile in the series . It  allows her to create any material from her body fat, as long as she knows its chemical makeup. Her personality does bother sometimes like lack of confidence. But the overall characters is great. She is already one of the strongest female characters and If the writers works better on her personality development she’d be the most badass characters of the series. she is votes to be in the top 10 strongest female characters list.

9. Android 18 from Dragon Ball z

Firstly,  If you consider raw strength and fighting ability ANDROID 18 (Dragon Ball Super) is definitely among the strongest female anime characters of all time. Although, we have vados the female angel as the strongest but as a character who has entertained us with some kick-ass fighting scenes I’ll go with Android 18. She is undeniably the strongest female character who handed most of those guy’s their ass. She came out victorious after fighting against Vegeta for instance. After that, she also took on both trunks and Goten together.

8. Saber from Fate/Zero 

She is Hailed as the King of Knights and the wielder of Excalibur, Saber is one of the main characters in the Fate series. She is considered as the “most outstanding” characters with excellent ratings. Saber is considered the strongest because of her determination, braveness and dignity. 

Her strength has often been acknowledging to be at par with some of the other strongest servants out there. Beyond her prowess, she has the mind of a warrior too. Her armor is comprised of magicand whenever she weilds the Excalibur the victory is her’s. Amen!!. She’s one badass knight yet a kind soul who has a soft side for people she cares about.

7. Violet evergarden from violet evergarden

. I think Violet Evergarden is the Best anime SERIES I’ve ever watched so far, hands down. Violet is beautiful, mentally and physically strong yet emotionally numb. Due to her being emotionless she has merely seen as nothing but a human tool who faught for the war due to her extraordinary capabilities in killing. She kills people as without having any second thoughts. 

    6.  Nobara Kugisaki from jujutsu kaisen

Nobara Kugisaki is a character from the famous series Jujutsu kaisen. Although, Jujutsu kaisen has some more on the list of female characters . We don’t see lots of crazy powerful, independent female characters everyday. Nobara’s character is undeniably the strong willed, and capable as a fighter. 

She may have a different fighting style but her attitude and approach is what makes her strong.  She is brash and self confident woman who lives life on her own terms. She has given her own proper screen time and personality development moments in anime . Nobara’s character is not like other anime girls who have been given backseats and reduced to romance. 


5. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

Fairy tail has done stellar job in writing female characters that you forget about the male protagonist all together while watching.Erza fights are always a treat to the eyes . She I believe satisfies almost all of your criteria. Erza Scarlet hailed as the queen of fairies, the most badass woman in Fairy Tail guild, is one of the S-class mages of Fairy tail and has also served as the guild master for a short while.

She is super strong, intelligent and smart, knows her act and .She has this ability to swap out various weapons and armor at will that give her various powers. She is scary enough to terrify quite a few strong members in her guild but is also known for her kindness. She is always found in the top 10 strongest female characters list .


4. Maki Zenin from Jujutsu kaisen

Maki Zenin is also an amazingly written female characters from jujutsu kaisen. She has earned lots of people’s respect . However she doesn’t have the abilities of a regular jujutsu sorcerer. She can’t see cursed spirits still she has chosen this path anyway. Maki has her superhuman strength , can use multiple weapons , dedication is enough to make up for her lack of powers. 

Her fights has some of the best scenes and moments . Watching her fight is artistic and has an aesthetic to it.

3. Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart from Attack on titan

Annie Leonhart is also an amazingly written, strongest and badass female characters from attack on titan. She holds exceptional combat skills , endurance abilities, and great intellect. Moreover, She is fiercely capable in her human form that she has almost dominated every scout member easily. Though, No one stands a chance against her martial arts prowess except Mikasa might . However, We never came to know who’d have won if they both had fought. In addition to all that She has intelligence to outmaneuver and to make herself elusive from Levi Akerman. She was one of the most severely deadly opponents.

2. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on titan

Once Mikasa Ackerman said, ” I am strong. Real strong, none of you come close.”

Mikasa Ackerman is the main female protagonist of the famous anime/ manga  “Attack on titan” written by hajime isayama.

Mikasa is stoic, level headed ,emotionally withdrawn, and deadly. She is not just a pretty face, but one of the smartest and most proficient recon corps members, also she’s badass. She is insanely skilled and the fact of killing titans with ease is already terrifying. Her difficult upbringing has left her look as unkind and cold to other people. she’s rarely seen to lose her cool . She’s a strong sense of right and wrong and may remain stoic and level-headed in the most dire scenarios. She is always found in the top 10 strongest female characters list.

1. Mereoleona vermillion from black clover

She is one of the most strongest female characters in the whole anime “black clover” lseries let alone the female list. 

Although the black clover anime has some of the best written female characters like Noelle, Charmy, Charlotte, Dorothy etc. But mereoleona is the Uncrowned, Undefeated Lioness , one of the most powerful characters on the show, hands down. Her fire magic is so powerful she’s able to boss around even other Magic Knight Captains because no one’s able to stand against her power, let alone her will.

She excels in nearly every aspect of being a fighter, from combat ability to magical control and her actual mana pool.

She’s the first person to show us what a Mana Zone could do, she learned it on her own by going through vigorous training in the forest for years. She easily crushed numerous elves that attempted to challenge her. 

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Top 10 Most Trendy Instagram Filters .

Top 10 Most Trendy Instagram Filters .

Sticky post

I am going to show you list of top 10 most Trendy Instagram Filters everyone using now days. So let’s get after that.

01. H E A T 2.0 from arthur. Csgo

Design by : arthur. Csgo

This is one of the under top 10 most trendy Instagram filter. It will make your face clean and smooth and give a red light on your face and make your photo more pleasingly aesthetic. Try this filter and let me know if you are digging it or not.

Candy from linaraffie

Design by : linaraffie

This is one of the my favourite Instagram story filter. This filter is trendy and popular also . This make your skin smooth, and it also add some colour to your lips and make your cheeks blushy. I know you would like this filter too.

aesthetic instagram filter

Glothing from jasson _ aaron

Design by : jasson _ aaron

This filter give you a different amazing look like it will change your eye colour and add little bit of noise to your picture. And make your picture More aesthetic and cool. this filter also come under in top 10 most trendy Instagram filters.

top trendy instagram filter

Grain Cool from kervinalmarza

Design by : kervinalmarza

This filter give your photo a simple and pleasing look. It will make your photo yellowish and add some grain to your photo which look to good and trendy . This filter would make your cheeks little blushy and also change the colour of your lips.

instagram filter for cool pictures

Kodak portra from designbyayisha

Design by : designbyayisha

This filter is also very popular and trendy. It has a lot of dust flying on the screen type filter give your picture a vintage look.

best instagram filters

Moody tunes from thaifurtado

Design by : thaifurtado

This filter is one of my favourite filter from Instagram story. This filter make your photo brownish and give your photo vintage look. This is brownish and natural filter.

top best instagram filters

Freckles by bdimitrov

Design by : bdimitrov

This is most popular and trendy Instagram filter. One of his most popular ones is the Freckles effect, to add freckles on your face. And if you like freckles and definitely this filter is for you. Try this filter and make your photo pleasing aesthetic.

Instagram filters for aesthetic pictues

Glitter from dingmintt

Design by : dingmintt

This filter make your face smooth and pleasing and photo cool . It will change your colour complexion and make it more beautiful.

top Instagram filter

Summertimes from robertobrendo

Design by : robertobrendo

This filter make your photo reddish colour. And add grain (noise) to your picture. And add blush and this filter change your lips colour too. This is one of the most popular and trendy Instagram filter

aesthetic trendy filters for instagram

.Hello kitty from luhsetraoficial

Design by : luhsetraoficial

This filter is so uwu. I personally love this filter and i would hope you also like this filter . Because this filter is so cute and add a hello kitty sticker to your face and make your pictures cool and amazing.

Most Trendy Instagram Filter .

I hope you would like this blog. Let me know if you like and show your love in comment box . And try this Trendy and popular filter.

Red Berries

When it comes to creating indoor Instagram stories, this is the filter we all need because it brings out the whites in your space and gives it a dazzling feel to make it look more appealing.

Additionally, it makes your skin softer and your nose appear slightly thinner.

Try Red Berries

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how to Make a Heart In Adobe Illustrator - Super Easy

How To Make a Heart In Adobe Illustrator – Super Easy

Sticky post

In this blog i’m finna show you how to make a heart in Adobe illustrator step by step in very easy way with the help of shape tool and direct selection tool and color tool. so let’s get after it.

how to create a heart

Step – 1

First we have to click on file to select a new artboard for our work.

How to make a Heart in Adobe Illustrator.

Step – 2

Then we have to select shape tool and create a rectangle with a radius whatever you want. its a step by step process don’t miss any step otherwise your heart will not look perfect so just follow the given step by step.

how to design a heart super easy way

Step – 3

Change corner radius of one side to its maximum of the selected rectangle with the help of direct selection tool.

how to draw heart icon or illustration

Step -4

Give a colour in rectangle using six digit hex number #F72D4a with the help of color picker.it will give you red color to your rectangle.

how to make heart icon using just a rectangle.

Step – 5

Duplicate the same rectangle and rotate it by 90° and align shapes Togetheror merge it together to make a perfect heart .

 how to create heart step by step
STEP 5.2

Step – 6

After this your heart is ready then add a background and give colour to it. Using six digit hex number #f1f2f2. background is important it will your heart a perfect look .

Step – 7

Heart is ready now. this is how you can make a heart in adobe illustrator step by step by easily using just a rectangle.

how to make a heart in adobe illustrator.

how to make a heart in adobe illustrator Video Tutorial


Although it was a lot of work on producing the content, it was a fun day. hope you learned a lot along the way,I hope that it will continue this way! ?

If you want to follow along my YouTube journey, you can subscribe to my channel. More crazy challenges are coming! ? In the meantime… ?

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how to make a simple smiley face in illustrator

How To Create a Smiley Face Emoji In Adobe Illustrator.

Sticky post

In this blog I’m finna show you how do you make a smiley face in Illustrator or How do you create an emoji? step by step in Adobe illustrator by using shape tool and color tool. So let’s get after it.

 This is  How do you create an emoji step by step.

How To Draw Emoji Video Tutorial

Step – 1

Click on file to select a new layer.

How to make emoji in adobe illustration.

Step – 2

Select the Ellipse Tool, Left-click anywhere on the artboard to create a new ellipse. Then select the width and height for ellipse. For instance i choose width of 343.3333px and height of same as width. This How to create a Smiley Face.

illustrator smiley face.
STEP 2.1
how to make a smiley face in illustrator

Step – 3

In third step you have to select circle to add colour into it. Double-click the Color Picker in the Toolbar on the left, and specify a 6 digit hex colour of #FFCC66. This process will give you selected circle yellow colour. And remove the stroke.

emoji vector illustrator
STEP 3.2
How do you make an emoji in Illustrator?

Step – 4

If you want to save the colour then you have to click on the swatches palette, click the new swatch option to save this colour as a swatch.

adobe emoji font

Step – 5

Now we need a semi circle, so for a semi circle first we need a circle and then select direct selection tool, left click on the top centre anchor point of a circle. Now the semi circle process is done. After this process you are saw a semi circle on your screen. And now add colour #1D1D1B in semicircle.

emoji vector illustrator

Step – 6

Select the Ellipse Tool and draw an ellipse over the top of this new semi-circle, covering approximately half of the semi-circle shape – this is going to be the tongue for our emoji.Add this new ellipse the colour #231f20.

illustrator smiley face

Step -7

Now select both the semi-circle, and the newly created ellipse, and in the Pathfinder Palette, select Divide. Use the Direct Selection Tool, you can now select the spare of the tongue shape and press Delete or Backspace to cut that part.

Step – 8

Next step will be is that tongue is ready now we have to give a colour to tongue so specify a 6 digit hex of #f05368.

How to make your own emoji | Adobe Illustrator

Step – 9

In this step we will make eyes of our emoji. So you have to select pencil tool for eyes. Then make a ” >” this type sign to make eyes . And then remove the colour fill option and add stroke and increase the strock to 12 pt . After that step a yellow uwu smiley emoji is ready .

How to create 3d Smiley faces in Illustrator?
STEP 9.2
how to make a simple smiley face in illustrator

Step -10

After that we have added a background to it. Select a shape tool and choose rectangle shape and use it as a background and then add a color #f1f3f6. Then export it. This is how do you make a smiley face in Illustrator or How do you create an emoji?

how to make an emoji in illustrator

Result :-

So the final result would be How to create a Smiley Face.

how to make an emoji in illustrator

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Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto

Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto people – Most Voted 2021

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Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto

Boruto has one of the most iconic anime casts which is making the anime popular. Manga was already quite famous from the start. As for now a lot of people are digging anime because of their favourite characters development is in detail. The anime has made manga pretty interesting . But in this hole post i will tell you Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto .

Boruto had lots of haters from the beginning. To be honest people were comparing it with Naruto. However, in recent few years the manga was ranking at top constantly. Anime fans are starting to grow more. From the last few years the amazingly written characters have fascinated most of the viewers. The writer has given each and every character fascinating personalities and strength. People are literally finding moots on twitter. 

No one knows what will happen after the time skip but as for the time being here is the list of characters from the series who are gonna shine even after the time skip. 

This list contains top 10 powerfull young characters from Boruto people Most Voted for. Here is the list i will mention below do comment and write your opinion for each .

10. Himawari uzumaki

Himawari has always been the adorable cutie and fans favourite since the boruto movie came. Her character as a child impressed everyone. She is calm , ultimately adorable, selfless, kind hearted, friendly and quite instinctive. 

When She was provoked enough she activated her byakugan at an early age . she is included in the list of Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto.

Himawari has shown intimidating and violent side similar to her paternal grandmother Kushina uzumaki when angry enough to knock out kurama and make boruto run away. She has been seen in action during a few episodes in anime. She’ll be stronger as she has inherited both her parents abilities and chakra.

9. Kagura Karatachi

Kagura is very advanced in kenjutsu, as even in the Academy his performance was feared by others. In the Academy, his prowess was shown to be especially high, swiftly defeated all his opponents in matches. As such, Chōjūrō wants Kagura to eventually succeed him as Mizukage, a position reserved only for the strongest shinobi of the village. This is the 8 charecter out from the Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto .

Apparently he has a subconscious bloodlust side to him, as once worked up too much in combat, he goes on a blind rampage. Upon meeting boruto during a field trip, boruto convinced him to leave the guilt behind and helped him to regain faith in himself. 

8.Inojin yamanaka

Inojin seems rather blunt and speaks his mind often. He can be rude and indifferent to the people and can’t hold his tongue just like his father sai. In anime inojin appearance was quite interesting to watch. His bold attitude and blunt behaviour was fun to watch.

 Fans look forward towards this attitude. He has inherited both his mother’s and father’s abilities greatly. He can use mind- oriented techniques of his yamanaka clan and has been taught the art oriented techniques of his father. He is able to use so many techniques effectively.

7. Shinki

Shinki is the adopted son of the gaara. Shinki has the same abilities as gaara has. Shinki has literally an enhanced version of Gaara’s. Gaara  has taught him to control his power since he was unable to control it. He trains with kankuro also and adapted his puppet styles to his own fighting too. 

He was first jealous of boruto but eventually they both got along. The personality and strength he has is what made his character more fascinating. As characters are not getting enough story development by the writers but for future storyline these are the strong characters are needed to make the series interesting.

6. Sumire Kakei

Sumire’s character was introduced in the very beginning of the anime. She has gone through arduous training as a child her abilities as a kunoichi is above genin level. Her character development was well written in boruto anime.

The bond between Nue and her is what people love to see. Her personality is rather meek and quite girl. She trusts boruto alot and in future we might get to know her character as an important aspect for the anime since she has Nue and related to the dimensions of other world.

5. Shikadai Nara

Shikadai is also one of the top fan favourite character from the boruto. Nara clan never disappoints the fans  wheather it’s Naruto or boruto, this clan has always been in the spotlight. Shikadai took after his father, shikamaru , in several ways. He always has this relaxed , unenthusiastic personality.

Shikadai is capable of manipulating his shadow in various ways. He is also proficient in Wind Release, as he is able to use his mother’s signature Sickle Weasel Technique. Like both his parents, Shikadai is a natural strategist and tactician, constantly taking a methodical and analytical approach to battle to stay steps ahead of the opponent. In future shikadai character would be much interesting to watch.

4. Sarada Uchiha

Sarada was an absolute fan favourite from the very getgo. Some have issues with her glasses as she is an uchiha. But most of them admire Sarada for her maturity, she has always been the one to her shinibi will , the way she show patience during fights. Her strategies and plans leads to victory. In upcoming anime Sarada is going to rock in so many scenes. 

Sarada has inherited sakura’s monstrous strength along with sharingan. She is one of the most powerful female character in boruto anime. 

3. Mitsuki 

Mitsuki has a very calm , cheerful and matter-of-fact demeanour.  While not confrontational, he freely speaks his mind in any situation, and does things at his own pace. He had the strongest character development out of everyone in boruto. He is way more laid back  and it feels like he actually learned a lot from being around his son, boruto.

 Mitsuki’s strength is no joke hence Orochimaru himself confirmed that mitsuki is stronger than him.He has Sage Mode which he is unable to control , he has healing abilities , flexibility and he can regenerate. 

2. Kawaki

Kawaki is on the top fan favourite list. Kawaki is good looking, cold still soft and calm. This behaviour is what people are loving the most. 

Even though kawaki displays a defensive and menacing personality but his personality is certainly worthy of being a fun character. Kawaki doesn’t show emotions but he has a soft corner inside him . Specially for Naruto what he feels and the way he admire Naruto makes him the perfect character. Kawaki had a really terrible childhood and now with Naruto he is learning to open up  and warms up to those who are important to him . His character development is appreciated by most of the fans.

 1 . Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto is the one of the most well written character in the series. Anime is reallBoruto is smart, mature , knowledgeable and suffice to say he is able to perform at johnin level sometimes. 

As Kakashi also said that he has inherited his father’s unpredictability and grandfather’s intelligence. He is strong , has vast chakra reserves and is able to perform great battle strategies. 

 He has trained with so many great ninjas, Kakashi, Naruto, hinata, and sasuke has also accepted him as his student so he is gonna be great. all done these list will defiantly give you the idea of Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto most voted for

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Sticky post

As we all are sitting at home doing nothing, we can spend this time productively. As we all are more active on social media. We can make our pictures more aesthetic. I’m telling you the best photo editing apps for android and ios.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS

1. vsco 

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Best for : Aesthetic-look filters.

VSCO Photo Filters App Free

VSCO is one of the most used editing apps with advanced features . Not only pictures but you can edit your video also

Note :- Remember that lot of people are not aware of that video should be more than 5 min, otherwise your video will not edit if it is shorter than 5 min.

1. Vsco has many filters, and their filters made your photos more aesthetic
You can simply connect your vsco with your Instagram. There is saturation, sharpness, exposure, filters, shadows, highlights, contrast, cropping, tints, grain or noise and more you can turn your Picture in more aesthetically with the help of vsco.

  • Vsco is popular nowdays , this app is used by most of the genz generation. Coz vsco provide you more and more creative. Things which you want for your photos the filters are uncountable there are lots of amazing and cool filters in vsco thats why i would highly recommend you this app for your photos .
  • You can also upload your photos here too and people come and like your ideas and if they like your ideas they can follow you.

2. Picsart 

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Best for: Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker

FREE PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker

Picsart is my second favorite app for editing my pictures. There are lots of filters and amazing things this app gave you to editing your pictures. One thing i like about picsart is that if your picture background is not good you can easily remove you background by using this app. You can add more aesthetics background and also add accessories and more.

This app is most used in modern days lots of Instagram People edit their photos with these app and make their pictures more aesthetic and cool.

  • You can also use this app for making your you tube thumbnails.
  • You can also decorate your pictures and videos and more you want you do anything with the help of this app .

3. Lightroom

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Best for: Photo Editor & Pro Camera

best free Adobe Lightroom - Photo Editor & Pro Camera

Lightroom is basically used by professional to create hd and detailed editing.

  • .Lightroom automatically saves your pictures to the cloud. You can do creative editing, compositing and designing as well as. the ability to save and compare different versions of your edited image, and being able to customize default settings for your import of RAW images.
  • The vast majority of edits that you will do are controlled with powerful yet easy to use sliders. These include adjusting a picture’s exposure, color, focus, optics, geometry and to add effects.
  • Lightroom also has tools for editing precise sections of your photo. This includes Adobe’s great healing brush for painting out imperfections or unwanted objects (such as electric wires) in your picture. Lightroom is a winning combination of accessibility, creativity and quality.


Available on iOS and Android | Free

Best for: Professional photo editor

advance photo editing app

This app is perfect for mobile photography. You can edit your photos in different amazing and cool filters and make your photos more aesthetic.

  • In this app there is also a option of drafts folder so you can go back to your unfinished work and start all over again.
  • There is also a PNG files on the exposure. This app contains lots of amazing features. This app is easy to use and too amazing .you can find a very good tone feature and non- destructive edit stack , a good interface and the most amazing thing about this app is that there is no ads . There are lots of amazing features and tools .The UI of this tool is also good . I would recommend you to use this app to edit your pictures.


Available on iOS and Android | Free

Best for: Artistic filters and compare different art styles

free for photo editing and best quality pictures

This app is also good for editing pictures lots of amazing features and filters . This app is Easy to use and pretty simple . Fast interface and no annoying adds . This app convert your pictures into art and give your pictures very cool colours . Effects are also amazing and filters as well. Nevertheless a good app which you should try.

Hope that it will be helpful to you guys.

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Covid-19 Vaccine in the Midst of circulation. Covaxin or Covishield?

Sticky post
Covid-19 Vaccine in the Midst of circulation. Covaxin or Covishield?


            After almost a year of constant fear and suffering, the economically downtrodden world is slowly gaining back its power, from the clutches of the world-feared corona virus, with the help of the vaccines. On this day, exactly a year ago, there was an unexplainable fear in the hearts of people, and it was the first time in many years, that a virus this strong had attacked the mankind mercilessly. It did not differentiate between rich and poor or fair and dark. It took what it needed from whoever it got its vicious grasp on. So, when the scientists worked so hard and found a solution to the pandemic virus, it came as a huge relief to the people all over the world. (Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin Covishield)

Covid-19 Vaccine in the Midst of circulation. Covaxin or Covishield?

The Huge Relief:

Since early 2020, the Covid-19 vaccine had been under expedition, but it was only in December 2020, that the first ever vaccine got approved and came into use after various phase trials, both with humans and animals. Pfizer’s Covid vaccine is the first vaccine to get a thumbs up sign from the World Health Organization and it first came into use in UK, as there were many victims. For once, the world did not let the discrimination, that had been termiting the brains of people for over millions of years and scientists form various countries came together to find a solution to end the miseries of people as well as lockdowns.  

Successful Outcome:

            All the countries are engaged in the process of finding a quick solution to the world feared pandemic. Most of them have come out successful, while the others are in the development phase. As of February 2021, seven different vaccines have been granted permission from the WHO and they have started their work as an emergency operation through COVAX, all over the world, the first priority being the vulnerable population. The vaccines that have given successful results are,

  • Pfizer Vaccine
  • Covaxin
  • Covishield
  • Moderna Inc Vaccine

These are the vaccines that have been agreed and approved by the WHO, while more than 200 additional vaccine candidates are under development, of which more than 60 are in clinical development.

Indian Vaccines:

            Our country has also taken part in the vaccine development and we have succeeded in developing two vaccines that have been approved and in circulation. Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin is India’s first indigenous vaccine developed in collaboration with the ICMR – NIV. The other one being Covishield developed by Serum institute in tie up with AstraZeneca and the Oxford University. These two vaccines have been proved effective to fight the Covid-19 and are used in many other countries too.

Covaxin and its effects:

            The vaccine has been in use currently inside the country and in some other countries like Mongolia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bahrain, Oman Maldives and Mauritius. In all these countries it is reported that there are no major side effects sited in the people after getting vaccinated. A study also states that it is much effective even against the new found strain of Covid-19. This vaccine is highly effective and has shown high levels of antibody response in mid-stage trial. The company says, it had shown 81% efficacy in preventing symptomatic Covid-19.

Side-effects of Covaxin:

            The people, after getting the first dose of Covaxin are found to have been reported with injection site pain, injected site swelling, redness, itching and weakness. They also suffer stiffness in the upper arm, body ache, head ache, fever, malaise, rashes, nausea and vomiting. Apart form these, the Bharat Biotech said that there is a ‘remote chance’ that Covaxin could cause severe allergic reactions. Such are, difficulty in breathing, swelling of face or throat, a fast heartbeat, rashes all over the body or dizziness.

Covishield and its Effects:

            This vaccine is developed using a weakened version of a chimpanzee common cold virus that encodes instructions for making proteins from novel coronavirus to generate an immune response and prevent infection. Two doses were originally thought to give a complete positive result, but later the scientists revealed that the oxford vaccine has an overall efficacy of 70 % but could be around 90% effective when administered as a half dose followed by a full second dose. The vaccine seems to be more than 80 effective at preventing illness among the elderly, at-risk individuals after a single dose according to the preliminary research.

Covishield Side-effects:

            Serum institute of India (SII) has stated that there are very common side effects that might affect more than 1 in 10 people. That are tenderness, pain, warmth, redness, itching, swelling, feeling unwell, fatigue, headache nausea and joint or muscle pain. However, reliable sources have stated that they have faced fatigue, feverishness, severe body ache in varying individuals according to their age. The older the person, the more severe the pain, accompanied by joint pain. SII also stated that people might have flu-like symptoms, sore throat, runny nose and chills.

Covaxin or Covishield, What do You Need?

            Covaxin is an inactivated vaccine based on a tried and tested platform of dead viruses. The most important thing in this is the dead virus that is incapable of causing any infection once injected to people, but still instructs the immune system to fight against the infection.

            Whereas Covishield is based on the viral vector platform. A chimpanzee adenovirus is the vector that has been modified to carry the spike protein to human cells. While the injected cold virus is harmless, it serves as an instruction manual for the body on how to fight similar viruses.

            Both vaccines don’t require sub-zero storage, no reconstitution required. Pre-clinical studies demonstrated strong immunogenicity of Covaxin and protective efficacy in animal challenge studies whereas Covishield shows the success rate of 62 percent.


            Covaxin has received a restricted use authorization in clinical trial mode, Covishield is approved for restricted use in emergency situations that may prevent Covid-19 in people who are 18 and older. Both vaccines don’t have a market use authorization yet.

How Many are Vaccinated?

            As of March 15, 2021, 5,867,948 are fully vaccinated, while 27,079,484 have taken their first dose. 1.98% of the population have taken the first dose while 0.43% have taken the full dosage, resulting in gaining a strong immunity power to fight against the infection. We still have a long way to go, what with all the hurly-burly happening in some states, we are threatened to take a dose quickly as there is a chance the pandemic might return in full force, taking away the remaining confidence with it.


            The main purpose of the vaccine is to increase the immunity of the human body to fight against the infection and other foreign matters related to that. What we are forgetting here is that we would not have been affected this badly, if we had taken care of the improper food consumption that has been commented and portrayed as the changing social life style, opening the flood gate for all the unnecessary things. Still there is time for us reserve and reverse our food habits and try to build a stronger immune system with the help of proper food. Let us not regret forgetting our culture and tradition, and avoid diving deep into the black ocean full of modernity whales that are eager to confiscate our healthy life.

                                                            -Devimanju Mohan.

Source: Some necessary information have been taken from the WHO website and some from reliable sources. A sincere thanks to Mr. Surendar for sharing his experience with us.

Tamil Nadu State Assembly Election 2021

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The sixteenth legislative assembly election of the state Tamil Nadu, India is to be held on April 06 2021. There are 234 constituencies in the state and the election is going to be conducted on the same day in all the constituencies. This election is taking place after the major washout caused by the pandemic and the government has taken extra measures to assure the safety of the people and all the officials who are to work in order to conduct a peaceful and successful election. The term of the fifteenth legislative assembly will end on 24 May 2021.

 The Ruling Party:

            AIADMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) is the ruling party and it is a part of the NDA. The chief minister who was selected by the party after winning the election was Ms. J. Jayalalitha, but after her tragic death of her on 05 Dec 2016, Mr. Edappadi K. Palanisamy was chosen as the chief minister and later as the head of the party. This party is trying all it can to retain its position and trust in both the people’s heart and the constitution.  

The Opposition Party:

            DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) is the opposition party that has been trying to gain importance and also the ruling chair after the death of the former chief minister of the ruling party, but all of it had been fruitless. They are trying to win the trust of the people of TN by pin pointing the mistakes of the ruling party and bringing out the scandalous affairs that includes the members of that party.   

Election Commission:

            All the parties had started their campaigning from December and still they are in the final race of a delusional tortoise to win the hearts of the people with many promises and a few unseen and undetected gifts trying to blindfold the eyes of the innocent people in the process and succeeding to a certain limit. The ruling and the opposition parties are in for a huge battle considering the back up they are gaining from the national parties. They are trying to outrun each other and kicking off the blooming parties in the process, that have entered the age old race in the hope of bringing something new to the state which has been deprived of a new change as these two parties have won consecutively.

Election Commission:

            The electoral commission’s chief electoral officer Satyabrata Sahoo has released the electoral rolls in Tamil Nadu and there are 6.26 crore electors in the state who are eligible to vote. Women voters at 3.18 crore outnumber men whose figure stands at 3.08 crore and 7,246 are third gender electors. During the revision 8, 97, 694 new electors were enrolled of whom 4.8 lakh are men and 4.16 are women. Forty-seven overseas electors have been enrolled and 4,62,597 PwD electors have been flagged so far.

            The election commission has also assigned a special force to stop people from getting money for their votes and strict measures are taken against those who trespasss the rules laid by the commission.

Other Parties:

            There are only two major and predominant parties in Tamil Nadu that are leading the race for power and authority. But there are several other parties who have steeped inside the race to do some welfare to the people. They always go unnoticed because of the flashing lights of the two major parties that flaunt their flags everywhere they go. There are several religious and cast based parties who work only for the welfare of a part of the society, then there are really striving parties who were formed and work for selfless reasons. They all go unnoticed in the long run of five years and get side tracked by many financial and political problems. Such other parties are,

  • Communist party of India.
  • Manithaneya Makkal Katchi.
  • Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.
  • Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi.
  • Tamil Mannila Congress.
  • Puthiya Tamizhagam.
  • Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kzhagam.
  • Makkal Needhi Maiam.
  • Puthiya Needhi Katchi.
  • All India Samathuva Makkal Katchi
  • India Jananayaga Katchi, etc…

Opinion Poll:

            A Tamil news channel named Tanti Tv conducted a survey recently and they had gathered the response of the general public in accordance to the election that is going to take place next month and they had an opinion poll. In their report they stated that DMK proposing Mr. M.K. Stalin as the chief minister candidate has the lead by seven percent than the ruling party proposing Mr. E.K. Palanisamy as the chief minister candidate. In their survey the AIADMK had got only 41% whereas the DMK had got 47% and the rest to the others. These figures are taken one month prior to the election. As per the tradition the people of Tamil Nadu have the habit of choosing after their last-minute instinct and the experts have also stated the same, saying that the election result will be based on the people’s last-minute decision.

A New Change:

            The people of the prestigious and religious state have endured the democracy of the two hot headed clashing Dravidian parties for more than half a century. Today everything is changing and people are getting adapted to a newer life and a much newer policy of trying something new in their now well growing technical life. Thus they might also expect a new change in the leadership too. That decision may come as a torch being flashed in a dark narrow and abandoned lane, in their too crowded brain and they may take a decision that might finally bring a multi-talented head to the heavy chair that has been burdened with weak-spined termites.


            The parties that are competing in the election have joined hands with other parties to strengthen their political power and perhaps to gain more self-alliances than considering any benefit for the people, who were struggling, are struggling and will always struggle. The ruling party has joined hands with BJP (Bharatiya Janatha party) and several other parties and they are providing major support to the competing party. The opposition party has joined hands with the Indian National congress and certain other religious parties to strengthen its loosening hold on the prestigious chair.

            A new and aspiring party named Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM), which was founded by the multi-faceted actor Padmashri. Mr. Kamal Haasan has joined hands with AISMK and IJK to appear as a much more potent team to compete in the upcoming election. The beauty is, this party is naïve, but it has managed to gain popularity in a short span of time and appears as a strong party, proposing Mr. Kamal Haasan as the chief minister candidate.

A Sneak Peek into People’s Minds:

            It is true that the ruling party has done so many welfares in the past five years and helped so many poor and innocent people to improve their lives and they did upgrade to the next level all because of the schemes announced by the ruling party. But the undeniable fact is that they have done mistakes too. The major question is that were they be able to create an ever-lasting image in the minds of people to urge them to give another chance to them or the mistakes that they have done would be twisted and schemed by the opposing parties for their own benefits?

            The opposition party is trying all it can to wash out the fame of its biggest opposition and has also succeeded in doing it to a certain extent. The dissatisfaction of people towards the ruling party has also made them to think twice before providing a hattrick chance for them to prove themselves once again.

            Another interesting fact is that a new party named MNM has also succeeded in turning people’s rusted head towards its direction with the help of the torch lighted face of the party leader. Mr. Kamal Haasan with his twisted words and witty intellect has managed to grab the attention of the people of Tamil Nadu and the party is slithering its way towards success in the muddy lane of politics.


            Predictions are going on and surveys are being conducted, but no one knows what happens tomorrow and what is in the minds of people who are ready to cast their powerful votes in favour of either of the above-mentioned parties. The tension will only be relieved in the judgement day which is on 02 May 2021, a day to be marked in history for the new judgement served by the people, for the people, and to the people or a day to be marking a shining victory for the flourishing parties, it is all in the people’s hands to write their own fate for the next five years. Let us wait to witness yet another political assurance.

-Devimanju Mohan.

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