Main Components of Disaster Management in India

What is disaster management? What are main categories of disaster managment
Main components of disaster management in India

01. What is Disaster Management

What is a disaster? If you were asked this question, what would you do or say. Before starting we Mainly discuss the Main components of disaster management in India . Some extremely intelligent pals will definitely try to seek answers from Page and Brin’s googleable search machine. Some will say that a disaster is something that causes widespread human, material, economic or environmental loss that exceeds the ability of the affected community to cope on its own. But all these will provide yet another common definition that has placed itself under the table definition. More main component of disaster management below . Disaster is not something that a simple definition could explain. There are various disasters that change the life of many living and non-living beings on this planet. Not all are known to everyone.


Main components of disaster management

 2.1 Different types of disaster management

Geophysical Earthquakes, Landslides, Tsunamis and Volcanic Activity
Hydrological Avalanches and Floods
MeteorologicalCyclones and Storms/Wave Surges
ClimatologicalExtreme Temperatures, Drought and Wildfires
BiologicalDisease Epidemics and Insect/Animal Plagues

 2.2 Measures taken on right time for Disasters

The disasters that people know about are flood, famine, drought, tsunami, wildfire, flu, hurricane, nuclear explosion, volcano eruption and at times of extreme unluck food and water scarcity. Do you think these are the only disasters? I agree that all these disasters cause great damage to the semblance of things that live on earth. But they can be corrected if the right measures are taken on time. There are many more hidden things that are happening from the time of even great men like Gandhi and Tagore, that we people have failed to notice.

These things happened at a very lower rate at those times when compared to today, because it was compassion and humanity filled society. I am not saying that we people don’t have humanity or compassion. I am just worried that we are slowly losing it, like water slowly dripping down from a tiny hole in a huge tank, and with time and the digitized contemporaneity vacuum has taken most of the space where once the water was. We are all trying to be pretentious to the problems we face every day that we fail to notice the other crimes happening in the society.

 03. Effect Of Disaster on farmers

 components of disaster management

Another potential disaster in India . We all sail in an isolated grand ship in the ocean of the internet that we don’t see or care for a small ship that is drowning, unable to withstand the pressure the world puts upon it.  Not everyone has a grand ship, meaning many small ships are drowning due to pressure and what not. Today’s Indians have become so brilliant that they find the probability of handling the pressure so tough that handling their problems.

Once upon a time, India was a land of lush full greeneries and optimistic young minds. But all we have now is cracked loams and poor old farmers struggling for justice. We still have some green lands and high-tech farmers but they look like a small fish in a pond when compared to all the sharks in the ocean. Food is an essential need for everyone, without food nobody can survive in this mortal ball of superiority. Not everybody will sacrifice our rights of living for the others in this selfish world.

“We have to bring children into a new relationship that connects them to culture and agriculture”, says Alice Waters. But are we doing that? Do the modern-day TECH-loving children know where the food at least comes from? Definitely not. Even most adults in India do not know the importance of agriculture. Many farms are now high five tech parks and stylish apartments. Without proper land where do we do farming? We do have lands but they are contaminated enough that they may not provide any healthy food even to our great grand kids.

 3.1 Agriculture’s Disaster

agriculture disaster (disaster managment)

Agriculture’s disaster is the most haunting one. If this situation continues for ten more years, we will have nothing but bricks and stones to eat. Even now due to the decreased rate in the number of lands farmed and cultivated, we are having a major rise in the price of food products. Not every can afford, which results in the drowning of the small boats in this digitally small world. One might have all the love in the world for money, fame, wealth and so many other abstract things, but without healthy food nobody will live a long enough life to enjoy all these things. The young and energetic minds of India must take some potential steps to bring agriculture back on its foot.

 3.2 Women of great India

Coming to the next disaster, women of great India are abused, women all over the world are subjected to this but we as usual have bet the others in this case. Ancient women of India were worshipped as goddesses. They were treated as the pride of one’s family and they were given so much importance that they were baubled up with so many heavy gold and silver ornaments that prevented them from taking even one step from the households. Of course, they were treated as objects of pleasure, but they were not degraded as much as they are degraded now.

They were chained to their husbands’ or their fathers’ vicious claws that they were not even allowed to raise their heads, let alone dream. But they came out of those rotten claws slowly and started to dream. Modern society has offered everything for their dream and is helping them to grab their fruit of success too. But safety has become a question nowadays. It is like the world saying to women, go girl dream on, but we don’t hold any responsibility towards your safety. Some sick bastards out there think so ill of not only women but also small and innocent girl children too.

 3.4 women equality in India

 Many social activists say that women have got what they always wanted, and they call it equality. To some extent, it is true, but equality means treating both the genders as equals and giving them equal respect and opportunity. Women are getting ample opportunities nowadays, but one cannot consider treating women as objects of pleasure and developing the sickest of fantasies against their dignity as giving respect to them.

As the brightest and youngest generation of citizens of India we owe women their rightful respect and safety. Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love. “There cannot be true democracy until women’s voices are heard”, says Hilary Clinton. So, let’s respect women and at least try to hear their agonized voices at their most vulnerable time.

women disaster


The new digitally uplifted world is immersing itself more into the gadgets that have replaced the past times and many valuable habits of the youth. One of those gadgets that rule the minds of the current and the future generation is mobile phones with which they play games and do some hilarious illegal stuff. Kids nowadays play only with their mobiles and Xboxes that they have nearly forgotten what is the meaning of outdoor games and how it would feel to run and exercise on the ground. Youth of the nation spend most of their time with their phones and tabs thinking that they can bring some change in the society by sharing some posts and posting some comments.

But what they don’t understand is that real change happens when we gather together and fight for what we want. We have to voice out our dislike or distrust continuously and constantly to bring some potential change that might be the change that changes the world. Gadgets are for humans only to use them at their leisure or to seek help from them when they can’t find a solution. Even then they are developed by humans, so we have the ability to solve anything by ourselves. We cannot solely detach ourselves from the gadgets but we can’t depend on them either.

Some people spend so much time gaming that they end up mentally ill in an asylum rather than being the change that they have always wanted to be. They play all these arbitrary games and kill the evil and rescue the innocence from being destroyed. They concentrate so much on winning these games that they have forgotten about the real battle that has to be fought to bring the new change that people have so long yearned for.

Conclusion ?

disaster management conclusion

Everyone has the responsibility to build a better future for themselves and for their future generation, and everyone has to change to bring a change together. In this humongous population every one may think about one thing, but every human has his/her own perspective and there is something special and unique in every mind and let us use it as our weapon to change our country. All the points above mention about Main components of disaster management in India don’t miss that comment below your opinion about it .

Every single soul is born to bring a change that the society has yearned for.