Jujutsu kaisen coolest female characters list.

Jujutsu kaisen coolest female characters list.
Jujutsu kaisen coolest female characters list.
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Ever since Jujutsu kaisen has started, it has increased the standards for modern audiences. it has some coolest female characters list . While other animes focus on their male protagonist. In Akutami’s world, the girls and women are complex, sentient individuals who live full lives apart from boys and men. Moreover, It’s a beautiful, liberating portrayal of female characters, and something I wish more shonen manga-ka could learn from. Not sexualizing female characters for fan services, for instance.

Kaisen is a damn near perfect shounen anime and its women are a big part of that. The fact is, It’s not that anime has shown every character the strongest or powerful. It has given some week characters too but they have dedication. Most importantly, they don’t need power as an excuse to shine, they have incredibly written backstories which also inspiring to watch. That’s what makes Jujutsu kaisen female characters the coolest ever.

Let’s see just how incredible Akutami is when it comes to portraying female characters. Rather than focusing on the main protagonist, he has written each and every character damn perfectly.

Jujutsu kaisen coolest female characters lists are :-

Nobara Kugisaki’s.

If I’m not mistaken, Nobara Kugisaki, one of the manga’s three primary protagonists is surely one of the coolest.Outspoken, confident, and powerful in her own right, Kugisaki raises the standard for female protagonists. In addition to that , She’s strong enough to fire nails like bullets with only a hammer.


Again ,She is intelligent enough to outwit her opponents with a clear and concise strategy. Despite being her a grade 3 sorcerer, she has gained respects of lots of people. Furthermore, Nobara Kugisaki’s message of unapologetically being yourself regardless of the standards of those around you is one that anyone can take to heart.

Maki Zen’in

Her remarkable physical strength allows her to challenge foes far larger than herself. As for me , she will forever go down as one of the coolest female character. Since, she lacked cursed power which eventually lead her a rougher future. Unfortunately, the family disowned her as they refuse to accept any kind of weakness. However, Maki’s took it as a challenge and vow to be the head of Zenin family. It’s not only her superhuman abilities but also her direct striking personality.

jujutsu kaisen does have some amazing character designs. it’s so refreshing to see designs like that in shounen! turns out it is possible to have cool and powerful non hypersexualised anime girls after all. That’s why Jujutsu kaisen has an amazing coolest female characters list.

Kasumi miwa.

Miwa is a character shown as a week character in the series. Despite of that , she has a fierce dedication to succeed in her missions. Miwa is a perfect example of a week girl who has shown to be defeated against maki without a sweat. She tries really hard in her own way. Along with her strong drive to fight for herself and succedd, she also shoulder the burden of her poor family.

Kasumi wields a katana as her main weapon in battle. She fought with Yuji for a very short moment. Also her fight with maki particularly was not that great. But she can do better in future if trains well. She still is the coolest female characters of Jujutsu kaisen.

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Mai Zenin.

Mai is absolutely great, she just wanted a normal life but was dragged into what she hated by the one person she trusted. Despite that she found the strength to become stronger and fight for herself. However she isn’t as incredibly strong minded as Maki because she is too sensitive.

Mai is great, and she is very admirable as a human being. She’s sensitive, but she’s also strong and she has repartee. Her character is not enough appreciated . Since most of people think she’s annoying as fuck, if I knew her irl I would stay 50 feet away at all times. But she’s such aa great character though, ugh MAI SUPREMACY.

Momo nishimiya.

Momo has a technique which allows her to levitate. By swinging her broom , as she rides it she can launch supposedly powerful attacks towards her opponents.

She is the biggest scouter in the series and pretty useful in what she does. Momo is pretty strong as she was able to compete with nobara. She made it difficult for Nobara to reach her with any attacks. She is also one of the coolest female characters written by gege akutami.

Hopefully as the anime fandom grows, and we get more diverse writers, female protagonist will pop up more! There are alot of coolest female characters in Jujutsu kaisen with their powers not fully discovered yet. Hence, the list might seem short. Although, as for manga chapter, some female characters revealed but still not enough to witness their abilities completely. But in anime these are Jujutsu kaisen coolest female characters list.

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