How To View Instagram DMs On Chrome For PC | Easy Trick

How To View Instagram DMs On Chrome For PC 

We all know that Instagram is the most popular social media platform and one of the most usable out there . you can use all feature of instagrams on web version But most of the people really being stuck with the DMs Problem. How can we use DMs Feature On web Version So don’t Worry About It I will Show You thee most Easy trick to over come this problem & To use this strick You Really Gonna Send Dms As well As Get all the access of the Instagram in the web version.

On the web version instagram you get all the features on the web version . you can search or follow hashtags ,view the friend Instagram stories or can even post the image also. But the main issue is you can not send the DMs of receive the messages from your friends so to overcome this problem you can follow these steps and access Instagram messages in your web version easily.

Step Are As Follows :
1. Go to the Instagram page on the chrome in your pc  or Click to this website here:

Step 2:
2. After That Right Click On the website and inspect the website 

3. go to the upper menu appear in the picture below and click on the first option and chose your favorite Phone and Login into your instagram account easily and you can send dms and receave the messages as well in a very easily .

Step 4. Select Your Phone 
This is the selection mode of the phone select your favorite phone and run your insta id on it.

Step 5 :
final step just fill your login id and pass here you go you have successfully done your Page and Now you can Send messages to anyone easily and acess your fully optimized features of the instagram like hashtag ,DMs Featues and all other features in Your Chrome Browser Very Easily .

              Done Now You Can Easily Acess Instagram DMs 

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