How To Rank 1 On Google | Pro Tips 2020

how to rank on google easily
Rank on google easily

if you people want to rank #1  on google then use my tips How To Rank 1 On Google . In which I have to provide you to help get you to rank #1 just by following these step and you will realize that your page ranking  will automatically upgrade so don’t waste your time stay read this article and  update your seo rank 1 Skils . 

Step 1 : Optimize your meta tags to get more click.

In this step mainly you have to focus on meta tags if your meta tags are more optimized than your post ranking will automatically increases . So you have to beupdated with your meta tags and also focus more concisely on meta description
By taking so much examples to understand the logical and algorithmic flow of google which is played by meta tags .
1.Use those words which are so envoking curiosity to the persion who want to get the answer to there question . 
2. Use word like How to, how to make  , these are the words which are generally used for  attarcting the people who want get there question answers.


Step 2 : Create a Sitemap So Google can crawl your site.

In step second we will focus on sitemap structure there are many online tools available to generate lits flow of sitemaps you can use it in your blog . by creating sitemap google bots easily access your list of post in a simple manner and the main reasion to create the site map is to crawl your site easily . 
Example :
1.For those who are using WordPress pro tip would be Yoast tool does this for free .
2.For those who will use blogger for there post use Visit


Step 3 : Use Internal links into your Contents.

Use internal links to connect your other posts and this is the most important factor to rank website page or blogpost so you have to inter link multiple pages to each other so that it will make content juce through which user will flow into your pages through your relevent article . So don’t forget to make internal links for your content if your content is not linked together it woud’nt rank as well  

Step 4 : Test your Seo changes to see what google likes.

To test your changes you have to focus on your flow of pages in the google ranked by waiting or you can also refer to google or other seo tools which will guide you how many changes will occures in the google pages ranked 
Example .
Use the tools like clikflow to check your ranking changes or many others tools are available .




Step 5 : Update your content every year.

So here it little bit confusing but yes it right you have to upddate your content every year . beacause we all know that google or lets sey user prespective if you have outdated content user will only looks trending and updated content and technology so . by the google algorithm sequeces you have to Update your content every year . google does’nt want to rank outdated content .
Example :
When am saying update your content every year it means creating new posts or updating the old post so that user will geathered . 

Step 6 : Last But Not Least Share your content on the social web.


Share your content on the social web social shares bring more visibility and more backlinks so to share your post it will automatically increase your page ranking automatically by foollowing these tips so don’t waste your time its time to do something.

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