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How To Make a whale Illustration

In this article imma to show you how to make a whale illustration In adobe illustrator using shape tool and ellipse tool and a color picker tool. So let’s get after it.

how to make whale illustration


First we take a small rectangle. 

How to make a  whale Illustration


In this step, change only one part radius of the rectangle and colour it using six digit hex number #111243 and remove the stroke.

 whale illustration tutorial

Step 2.2

how make  whale icon


In third step, select pen tool and make straight line using shift button. And stroke it to 3 and also change the colour of the stroke using six digit hex number #017ab5 And cap it (round cap).

 whale tutorial


In this step, Duplicate the same rectangle.

how to make  whale in easy way


In this step, we are going to change the color of rectangle and color it using six digit hex number #120f22.

how to make  whale step by step


Now, again make straight lines and then change the stroke color #017ab5 and cap it (round cap).

 whale illustration in simple way


Now, draw a circle for eye area and colour it using six digit hex number #fffff make circle using shift button.

how to make  whale in adobe illustrator


Make two circles and merge them.

how to make easy dolphin illustration


Now, with the help of pathfinder cut the part from the area. Make a ovate shape. And color it using six digit hex number #d36928 and arrange it in down side.

how to make  whale illustration step by step


 whale illustration tutorial

STEP 10 

Again take two circle merge them and cut the area from the part with the help of pathfinder. make two ovate shape and join them. For tail area. And color it using six digit hex number#d36928.

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adobe illustration  whale

STEP 11 

In this step Duplicate the first ovate and make the top part of tail.

How To Draw A Cartoon  whale

STEP 12 

Now take three circles and arrange it in ascending order.

how to draw a  whale step by step

STEP 13 

In this step, colour the three circles using different six digit hex number. #00508f #00c2f3 #00c2f3.

how to draw a cute  whale


Now make a top head part take a ovate shape and color it #008bbe and make a small circle beside it. 

How to draw a  whale in simple steps
How to Draw a Dolphin Step by Step in illustration


Now add a background using rectangle shape and color it using six digit hex number #00c2f3.

How to Draw a   whale Step by Step


I hope you would like this tutorial (HOW TO MAKE A wHALE ILLUSTRATION.) article if you like let me know in comment section and show some love.

Happy illustration ?.

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