How To Fix MySQL Shutdown Unexpectedly Error

When we download XAMPP sometimes we all face a problem that MYSQL shuts down unexpectedly error and it creates obstacles when we make a database on PHPmyadmin. This prevents us from making our local host website. In this blog, I’ll show you how to prevent this problem step by step, so it will be easier for you. Let’s learn MySQL Shutdown Unexpectedly Error.

You Might Be Getting This Problem


Cut the xampp application and open the disk where your main xampp file is located. it’s better if it’s in local disk c because it’s easy to locate.


After Opening xampp you’ll see MySQL. Click on MySQL and then you’ll see backup. Click on backup and copy all the files from backup


After copying all the files from the backup paste all the files into the folder named DATA and something like ‘Destination has files with the same name ‘ will pop up make sure to click on replace the files in the destination.

Now cut xampp and start it again it will start working πŸ™‚

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