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How To Fix blurry/blocky Video Recordings in OBS Easily 2022 New Updated

What up guys I hope you are doing well, Today we will cover another topic through which we can Fix blurry/blocky Video Recordings in OBS Easily.

Fix blurry/blocky recordings IN OBS

I am really sure this setting will work 100% in obs because lots of users ask me about this scenario I have phase lots of videos on youtube but I got nothing. But in today’s blog tutorial you will learn step-by-step to Fix blurry/blocky Video Recordings in OBS Easily. I Will guide you step by step.

Step 1 :

In the First step what you have to do just Go to the setting panel of the OBS

Fix blurry/blocky Video Recordings in OBS Easily

Step 2:

Fix blurr Video Recordings in OBS Easily

After clicking on the setting option you have just go to the Video Section and then change your setting with the below setting. This will give you a clear picture moderator.

  1. Base Resolution : 1920 * 1080
  2. Output Resulution : 1920*1080
  3. Downscale Filter : Bicubic (sharpened Scaling sample )
  4. Common FPS Value : 60

Step 3:

After finishing Step no 2nd just a few steps you have to do with your obs. Just go to Output setting and change all the setting with a given setting that is given in the picture. Below is the important property

How to fix blurry video problem in OBS

Rate Control: CBR
Bitrate : 40000kbps

Step 4:

You are come closer to fix your blurriness problem in OBS during recording and streaming in OBS . Last but not least go to main window of OBS .

Right-click on the main window of recording viewer and untick on lock preview and adjust the screen resolution if not adjusted in your obs eg.

Not adjusted Screen
untick on it for a preview
Fix blurry/blocky Video Recordings in OBS Easily

That’s it WALAAAH you just fix your problem of blurring video recording. After doing that trick or applying these settings for fixing the problem of OBS for blurry recoding do comment in the comment box I will defiantly help you out. Also, Leave a comment you have to fix your problem regarding this problem. I will be happy to hear this blog will help you to fix your problem.


Hope you find this tutorial helps you out do comment if you fix your problem or if this article is helpful or not.

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