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How do empathy maps helps to drive better UX for the Users ?

What are empathy maps?

What are empathy maps?

Empathy maps are used to understand what a user is saying thinking of hearing saying or doing about their needs.

Empathy maps acts as the foundation of the UX process and hints on what further steps are needed in UX research to create the full-fledged user-persona.

Why empathy maps are essential?

Empathy maps are created to visualize the user’s behavior and actual needs.
its helps to make better products design-oriented decisions prioritizing the user’s need.

How empathy maps are created?

Set of one on one or group interview with users are conducted to collect the unstructured insights and feelings.

How empathy looks likes and their segments 

Says – 1′ Segments

What so ever a user says goes to the Says segment . it generally highlights the problem set and focuses upon what exactly a user is looking for 

Thinks – 2′ Segments

“Thinks” segments concludes what the user is thinking all the time while performing different action in their journey.

 Does- 3‘ Segments

“Does” segments is used to down the observed user behavior while they were performing a set of different action.

Feels – ‘ Segments

“Feels” segment collect the general human emotins like frustration or delight whichsoever is experience by the interviewee.
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