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Fundamental of Software Project Management | Software Project Management |

Fundamentally a software project become so many of other activities associated with the software project management  Usually there is successive fundamental software project process that brings a new System.

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 Diagram for the fundamentals Process 

Process of getting Project , software project management,Feasibility study , plan,exection
FIG , 1
 Feasibility Study:   Feasibility study is mainly the study which is done by the engineers to examine the condition which is correct to implement for a particular project. In IT Field Feasibility study play a very important role in the implementation of technologies. 
There are five Points come under the feasibility study so that the engineer can implement the project in a precise manner 

Components are :

  • Technical components
  • Economical Components
  • Legal Components
  • Operational Components
  • Schedule 
Technical Component: in the technical components it checks whether the correct technology exists to support a project or not.

Economical Components: In the economical components only deal with cost and benefits about the project.

Legal Components: In the Legal Components section they look at the barriers for the project and the other privacy issue or safety concern also include in these components.

Operational Components: In these components mainly deal with the maintenance after begin built.

Schedule: Engineer look at the arrangement of event or dates in order to launch that project. 

Planning: if the project is feasible the project planning can start. For the Larger project we would create an outline plan for the whole project.

Project Execution:
After finishing the planning step we would move on the next topic which is project excution and this is the last step of this process the execution of the project often contain design and implementation and sub phasis and so on.

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