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Top ? Hottest VS Code Theme To Use in 2020

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top best visual code theme mostly used in 2020

In this List mainly i will provide you the most Top ? Hottest VS Code Theme which are used eagerly in 2020 .These  theme really awesome looking themes which are usually giving the dope look for your code . So don’t miss this article where I put some of the best and top best theme of visual code used in 2020 this post is highly . 

List Of Vs code themes are :

Dracula Official 
This is the first theme from the list of  Top ? Hottest VS Code theme .
First theme which i strongly  recommending you is Dracula this theme really cool and has an awsome interface you really like it . Most of the developer used this theme. and this theme one of the best theme out there and they support mainy editor and terminals 

Link : Homepage:

best vs code theme 2020

One Dark Pro

This is the another theme it also really a best theme for the vs code theme mostly used in 2019 and if you jump from atom . Atom’s iconic one dark theme for visual studio code.and theme has a material vibe which you really like during making your interface quite cool with this theme so go a head and download it and check it out .

Link: Homepage:

Top best theme for vs code

Those who like Simple Theme your editor this would be the best theme for you . What’s New In this Theme . mainly This theme has a quite less combination of colour mode which is really giving a Simple Look for your editor . A simple theme with bright colors and comes in three versions — dark, light, and mirage for all day long comfortable work.
awsome vs code theme
City Lights theme

 This City Lights Color Theme is a part of City Lights; a suite of beautiful matte dark themed goodies for Atom & Visual Studio Code. For more information, 


Also, Watch This Video 

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free websites to download for ree

Top Stunning Free Websites to Download Responsive HTML Templates 2021

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Top Stunning Free Websites to Download

If you are looking for the best professional , Responsive, stunning , eye- catching , free websites for your Next project and meanwhile you are dealing with some budget problems . So don’t worry about it. I will Exclusively give you Top Stunning Free Websites to Download for your next project .

I will put all the list of 2020 modern responsive website in one place . Because In today’s era no one have time to make there own template moreover, every wants to wrap things in no time .

Therefore, to avoid these type of issues i will show you some best and free ways to download and even you can use these templates to commercially without any copyright claim. In this post I will show you all the websites who make freebies for user to use freely . So let’s dive in .

Websites offers Free Beautiful Themes and Templates.

Here is the list where you can download free , commercially Top Stunning Free Websites to Download and even modify these templates.


Free Beautiful  Themes  and Templates.

It is the website who sell there html templates in the online market . If you have any desires to download free html from these sites you can easily download free templates by just going to the and where you can buy these premium html Themes and templates for absolutely free . There are many free html templates available. Hurry up! download these templates and use it in your personal projects.

2. Colorlib

Free Beautiful  Themes  and Templates.

It is the another website where you can download free html templets .These templat’s are my favourite because it provides premium templets as well as freebie templats. If you want to buy free templat’s with numbers of categories then probably you should pick it as an option for sure . . Go ahead and Download freebie templat’s for your project.

3. Mobirise

Lets talk about mobirise which is the another source of html templates, from where you can download thousands of websites templates. One of the most useful website to download html templates . Moreover, this website is better than the above ones because of it’s interface which helps us to navigate to the page easily. Therefore , this website seems a great source of free templates to me , where you can find new and updated html templates everyday for your projects without any restrictions .

4. UpLabs

free html templates  website with source code
free html templates website with source code

This website house so much of creative templates. You can download free html page for your website easily . This is an online html market place where tons of designers share there work on itand provides different resources related with illustration, html templates, icons and many other resources available .


it is an online platform for designer community presenting there work (user-made) . The main goal of this website is whether you are a graphic designer, a vector designer , or an illustration designer , you all can communicate among each other .

The main Goal of dribble as a self promotional and networking platform is for :

  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustation
  • Web designer
  • photography
  • and many creative area covered by dribble

In addition designers also posting there screen shots along with designer also convert these designs into html/css version any one can use and modify as per there requirement. So don’t miss the popular tag on driible for free templets here is the list below :

6. Bootswatch

free themes for websites with source code

Bootswatch provides free theme for Bootstrap . if you want a mobile friendly website so this website is best option for your next project . you have to follow only few stepts and then you can easily download html templates that are free to download .you can also downloads code snippets which is quite and free to use facilities for you project Hereare the list of some bootstrap snippet examples are :

  • Cerulean
  • cosmo
  • cyborg
  • Darkly
  • Fatly

As well as you can find many code blocks for html templates. So go ahead and do visit this site and download your free templates for your next project.

7. Themesforapp

free bootstrap websites for free html css

Thesforapp is a website where you can download bootstarp themes and landing pages for your website even you can modify & commercially use in your Projects. you have to just sign up and download the free bootstrap html templets .

8. Freehtml5

Top Stunning Free Websites to Download html templet with source code

This website is my favourite list among all the list because this website provides hundreds of free html templets . This website provides multipurpose free of cost templates . You can Commercially used these website in your project so go and visit this website.

  • Gaming Templates
  • Multiporpose fully Functional website
  • Roxy: Free templates
  • Aline and many more.


Top Stunning Free Websites to Download

Grayic is the another website where you can download free templates for websites . Over 5000 peoples are using shades theme or html templates for there projects. You can use shades templates to build and promote your business with Top Stunning Free Websites to Download free list .

You can create your own mobile landing page as well as fully responsive and runs perfectly in your mobo devices .

10. Free-Css

Free Websites to Download with source code

over 3072 Free templets are avalable on this site and you can easily modify these templates . So without wasting any time so and visit this site so you can get the premium templates for your next project .

I really hope you get whatever you were looking for. These above given websites are free of cost and easy to approach.

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alternative for chinese apps in india

finest alternative of Chinese apps for Android and iOS

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This abrupt decision of Indian government , banning 59 Chinese app Alternatives apps has took so many people by surprise . I will recommand finest alternative of Chinese apps for Android |iOS systems. The reason given for the ban is prejudicial to sovereignty, integrity and security of the country. Apps have been found violating the terms of usage, compromising users privacy, and being used as spyware or malware.

People who were using these platforms for earnings like Tiktok ( a platform which helped lots of people to get sponsored ) ,Uc browser , Cam scanner and what not are in a quandary.

People can’t use these apps because no one wants to put their privacies at stake. As these apps have already removed but we can’t let our work got held up. We need not to worry about our works, we live in a fast paced world. If you all are looking forward for an alternative to these apps.

I will only talk about those apps which are really really popular and very useful. It includes apps like Tiktok, Camscanner, Shein, Share it,Uc browser and more. Let’s see the possible apps alternatives.

Finest Alternatives to Popular Chinese Apps

1. Chinese apps Cam scanner Alternative

This is one of a kind app, there is no such app which can reach to its level. So many industries tried to work upto that level, but couldn’t make it. As we can’t put our details privacies at stake , people are looking for some better alternatives to this app.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan app is a great alternative to Camscanner for documents Scanning . It has some amazing features like editing which make it more enhancing.It saves time by cropping the image intelligently itself with less hassel. The best thing about it which makes it more preferring is absence of watermark. You guys should give it a shot . 

2. Chinese apps Tik-Tok | Likee leading Alternative

finest alternatives of Chinese mobile apps.

Tik-Tok gained so much popularity in no time. So many people out there took it as a platform to earn money for gaining fame and popularity using it. But due to privacy concerns people are not using it for videos they need to get over it .


It has now has over 80 Million downloads on Android, up from the roughly 50 Million milestone It had achieved before thehe TikTok ban.

After the ban came into effect, all these users were suddenly left with no content to post or view content off. A lack of options led to alternate short video-making apps becoming popular in the country.

It provides a space where users can share posts related to different topics like comedy, music, poetry, fashion and travel.It has features including different languages and privacy protected.


Triller is a best alternative to the Tik-Tok platform. Just like Tiktok you can choose a song, lip-sync, and create a catchy video to a selection of that song and upload it.

you can edit it and add filters.You can collaborate with other Triller users as well. This allows you to combine your video clips into one creation. You can share your clips with friends and then edit them together and share it on the platform.

It has amazing features of monetisation.Just as with any other social media platform, you can find influencers already showing off products in the videos they create or find influencers whose personalities are a  perfect match for the brand. Not to mention it is widely used by popular artist including chance the rapper, wiz khalifa and many others.

3. Chinese apps UC browser Alternative

UC Browser, which is one of the popular mobile browsers. It was among the Chinese apps on which Government had decided to impose the ban


Firefox is the one of the finest alternative of Chinese apps which are undoubtedly using by tech companies because of it’s engaging user interface. The best browser with some amazing features and facilities designed for users on a 4G network. The browser comes with over 10 search engine options and has features to block images for a faster browsing experience. This also has a night mode with the ability to switch between light and the dark themes. But further, this Browser comes up with an ads Blocker to let you block ads when you browsing the Web. It supports multiple tabs. It does not delete your history once you exit the app.

4. Chinese apps Share it Alternative

With the latest crackdown by the Indian government on 59 Chinese apps Share it  is also in the list . It is best used for the phone to phone file transfer in a moment. People were often using it for phone to PC transfer also. Now the best alternative keeping security and privacy as our main priority. 


It works as an open source app in only Android systems. You can share a wide variety of file types ; images, photos, videos, even larger folders without an internet connection. All you need to do is set up a hotspot and use QR code to share content with anyone. It really has improved a great deal by now with amazing features like ad-free, great interface. You can pause and resume your sharing whenever you want. In a matter of time you can share anything with your friends and family.


Snapdrop is an open-source platform and the developers claim that whatever is shared using itthe service only gets transferred between the two devices, and no data is ever shared with any server or cloud. Moreover, the web app does not use any cookies and because there is no signup process, which the best part of it. It is the most simple yet arguably one of the best shareit alternative to transfer files. If you want to transfer files from your phone to your window laptops, both need to be running on the same network connection like wifi networks. These two are the finest alternative of Chinese apps.

5. Chinese apps Viva video Alternative

Banned viva video Alternative. finest alternatives of Chinese mobile apps.

There is no dearth of editing apps to bring a touch of fun to your videos. To make it more appealing to your viewers on social media platforms. VivaVideo is one of the amazing editing apps which is no longer could use by people now. Still people who are looking forward for the Alternatives of this app.I have done. After going through some observations and inquiry i have led to this grand conclusion of these 3 amazing feature rich apps who can cater to both your personal and private aspects.. 

Now, as i said i have done so much inquiry.So lemme tell u why I am recommending you these apps only. Nothing can make you believe more than the apps ratings. Right..?

App Name Rating
Inshot⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8
You cut⭐⭐⭐4.5

lets dicuss some cool features of these apps and there magical power how these apps works . So lets get statted to explore more of these lists.


Inshot app happens to be one of the best all-in-one visual content editing app. It claims to be one of the top-notch video editing which lets you drill down into all shorts of enhanced options allowing from editing to adding music of your choices. Editing in inshot is like shooting fish in a barrel.The Filter category has several filters to choose from. You can also zoom or change the background. Background options include different blur levels, colors, gradients and patterns.


If you knack for editing videos and pictures. Without any major setbacks you can use YouCute app. YouCute can be your automatic pick. Above all it is based on the above Playstore rating also it’s comparitively an obvious approach. YouCut is a great video-editing app with tons of features and an intuitive and accessible interface.


It’s notable for providing a ton of features, comparable to a desktop photo or video editor, in a slick-looking and reasonably-fast app . Believe me , i can’t outline everything which you can do with it. You’ll be impressed by what Quik can do automatically.You can  automatically trim and edit your clips, and the app can even add transitions.If you’re looking for an app that can help you to create awesome videos extremely quickly, then you should give it a try for sure.


6. Chinese apps We-chat Best Alternative

chinesse app wechat alternative.finest alternatives of Chinese mobile apps.

As China dealt a rebuff of 59 chinease apps, WeChat was one of them, available for multiple platforms, including Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows. It was by far the most loved messaging apps in china. But it was causing a great threat to our privacies, which made people feel an aversion for it.

Now if you are looking for a better alternative to it which can cater better for every aspects. I have two apps below , you can choose of your choice.


WhatsApp is one of it’s kind and it’s no doubt that it has the highest number of users among the whole bunch of internet chat service providers. I guess each and every person has it in their phones while reading it .Right..?

All the conversations on Whatsapp are backed up on Whatsapp servers constantly. Including all the features of voice messages, sharing pictures, sharing files,making calls, group chats and group video call.It can beat it on anything whether you’re taking about popularity of app  or it’s security perspective.


It definitely is better than WhatsApp in many ways however not as much popular as it is ,which ultimately boils down to first-mover-advantage. Most of the people are baffled as me that why it’s not popular..?

The main reason is that most of the people don’t even know the features of Telegram. The only thing they know is that they can download Movies . However , they don’t even bother that it gives the ability to share file upto 1.5 GB. In conclusion it is a feature rich app allowing people to share files, links, pdfs, pictures, movies, and so many features.

Telegram is aimed more towards security conscious users. Most casual users don’t care about the extra features it offer.

7. Chinese apps Shein Club Factory Alternative

 finest alternatives of Chinese mobile apps.

Nowadays people have perceived the trends of online shopping apps. Buying things online has become the new normal. People are no longer relying on brick and mortar shops.

There are several shopping apps flooding in the market. It is obvious also ,like why would anyone go out if entire malls and supermarkets have already been fitted into the screens of our phone . It is the more convincing way of shopping when you are too tired to go out and don’t even have time. 

However, I have rounded up some of the best ever shopping apps to download and save yourself a trip to the store.


Amazon is without any doubt the best online shopping app. It provides users with best offers and discounts online in India which makes it one of the most popular and largest online retail brand. This brand provides a wide range of products like books, beauty, Grocery, toys, clothes, electronics, and a lot more things.

Give aways are something which makes everybody happy and everybody loves the way of giving away freebies. This e-commerce app also provides amazon prime, Amazon fresh, Kindle, Alexa, Amazon digital game store and a lot more other things. Amazon wins Hands Down !!!!!.


As a personal preference especially in the case of clothing, I feel that Myntra is more better. It has amazing collection of stylish and panache collection. When it comes to fashion and accessories for women’s it cater amazing products.

It’s sellers are certified ones that sell only good quality genuine products. Also the occurrence of any faults or complaints in clothes or garments is generally less in Myntra compared to other sites. Their customer service and delivery is amazing. 

8. Chinese apps WPS Office Alternative

alternative of chinese apps in india

It is not banned though, you still need to know that it is also one of the Chinese apps.It is one of the feature rich app for sharing PDFs , spreadsheets , presentation and more. In addition to it I’d recommend you to stay away of it for anything even remotely confidential.. A better replacement for this apps is ,

Microsoft Office

MS Office is more sound compared to WPS office. The functionality might be similar but if we compare in detail MS office has more functionality and is more better.Microsoft also provides regular updates to the softwares bringing new updates and stability improvements.It’s has earned more trust than any other editing software.

9. Chinese apps Virus cleaner Alternative

Best Alternative Indian Apps

Virus cleaner It is an anti-virus app for smartphones. Various security agencies have listed it as a threat to user privacy and smartphone security.

Hence, if you are using any of the Chinese apps, then immediately uninstall the app and look for some alternative for Chinese phone cleaner to clean your smartphone junk. 

Avast Antivirus

It is an antimalware software. Avast definitely deserves to be recommended in the free segment.It is absolutely safe to use and very effective too considering the budget aspect. If you don’t want to spend a single rupee to purchase an anti-malware suit, undoubtedly it is the best one.It is currently in use by loads of users all over the world.

10. Chinese apps Parallel space Alternative

listed best Alternative Indian Apps

Parallel Space was a popular chinease app that permits you to run two instances of an equivalent app on your Android smartphone. For example if you are using 2 SIMs in your phone,and you would like to use two accounts for one app on one device.

It is often used for that purpose. Basically, you’ll clone and run multiple instances of an equivalent app simultaneously. Now the app is blocked by Indian government on account of suspicious data collection activity.Therefore better replacement to this app which can cater to all all the aspects is.

Clone app

It is another best and the finest alternative for Chinese app Parallel Space alternative that you simply can use to clone apps. Firstly, the simplest thing which is best about this app, aside from its primary function, is that it does not show any ads unlike parallel space to spoil your experience. The most importantly i also love that it brings special support for WhatsApp and allows you to use colorful skins.

I hope these given finest alternative of Chinese apps will be able to provide to all the needs including privacy also .


Firstly the most important thing is that these chinese app are voilating our privacy . For instance they excess your content and even these chinese app will controll maximum every certanity and the actions permissions . Thats why we have opportunity to support india and this is the time where we get rid of this problem . In addition, i am also encourage people to uninstall and boycott all the thing which is related or suppy from chineses company or market .

We all know that during this period of lock down situation face so many problem why due to china virus or in addition these app will also steal our data .so in my point of view you should avoid these app . meanwhile we have to do something great for our country

Microsoft Edge (Chromium Browser)
Microsoft lens (CamScanner replacement)
•Tunnel Bear VPN (Best VPN Service)
Kaspersky Antivirus
•JioSwitch (Multiplatform file transfer)
•Applocks system are built-in Nowadays in every handset and no need of separate app.
•News: Hindustan Times, Yahoo News, MSN News.

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5 amazing ways to earn Money online as a side option .

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Now a days people are looking forward to become self -reliant and self dependent . One day for sure we all will be able to do everything with our own . We would be having a job , money and everything we wish for. But in the meantime while we are graduating or struggling to reach there. We need to find some efficient ways to earn. Right? I will Tell You 5 amazing ways enough to earn online. ?

5 amazing ways enough to earn online

Once in our lifetime we all go through some peculiar phase of our life where all of our problems boils down to one thing – lack of money. To cope up with circumstances you search stuffs like making money online or having a little side business online. One encounters with infinite options of investing money on schemes . Maybe you are in no position to take risk and too afraid to invest money . It’s pretty obvious to think that it might backfire on you . You can’t afford to take flaks on yourself if things go wrong. Am i right.?

Why do you think like that.?? I mean why this negativity ?

Perhaps you must have seen people applying and getting trapped. And you think that it might happen with you too . It’s unfortunate to say that this fear is obvious . No wonder there are so many websites who are aiding and abetting people in these hokums. There’s is a song of Ariana in which she says that – 

Whoever said money can’t solve your problems Must not have had enough money to solve ’em


Although money surely can not solve all problems, there is however more truth to this statement than less fortunate people can or are willing to admit. Well basically here I’m gonna talk about small bursts of capital , not millions of dollars like Adriana makes probably .So at least we can solve our little problems. You need to pick a plan you can stick to . Even when our savings budget collapse.(some people use this trick to survive extra Expenses. Even i used to do it. It doesn’t work always. Trust me!

So Buckle up ! It’s about to get real here !!

The information I’m going to divulge is not a barrier to any age limit . Whether you are a person at amazing position in your office or you are doing your graduation / school or a happy retired person. You can opt whatever you like and start working on it. 

These 5 amazing ways are enough to earn online as a side option .

It depends on how much time you invest. The more time you invest, the more profit you will come to appreciate. Desire and passion is bigger than the skill. The world is full of people with the right skill but no desire at all. If you have the desire do it, you will always learn. In this exclusively list i will tell about 5 amazing ways enough to earn online and in a very easy manner. .

#1 . Blogging

Blogging is an online platform where you can write articles related to our daily lifestyle . It is much more than the vast majority of people realize. I personally believe that blogging is one of the best lifestyle businesses in the world because it is cheap to start, fun, creative,less time consuming and highly scaleable. It is more than possible to make a living based on your blog’s earnings. It just need some time , patience and your brilliant ideas , anda sprinkling of luck to do it.

From where do you start..?

WordPress website is undoubtedly one of the best platform for Blogging. There are number of people and companies earning handsome money from WordPress.

All you need to do is :

Find a great content. Content is a like a king of your blogger castle. Pick a topic or a particular niche. Focusing on a particular niche can make your way towards success smooth. Try not to mix too many categories . So better opt a topic about which you really want to write about it usually. The longer you’re at it, the easier it becomes. Each and every person have something particular in there mind about which they know too much.

For example-

  • If you are a student who is interested in science stuffs you can start your blogs on topics like diseases and health awareness.
  • Or you are into fashion and trends you can start writing blogs on it.
  • That A Great Thing If you know about software, gaming and into computer programming. You can start writing on how to build projects.

All you need to ensure about is the topic you are going to choose. It should be catchy , Nicely written and informative. Avoid these things while starting a blog-

Stop thinking that English is mandatory.

If you’re waiting to be “perfect” than You are wasting your time. If you are getting depressed or hopeless that your vocabulary is not strong enough by comparing your blog with experienced bloggers and think you won’t be able to make it. You are wrong !!! All you need to know that no one born perfect we all experience things by making mistakes and risking towards these small steps. Just start simple and eventually you will grow by time .

Blogging Platforms Lists :

I know there are 1000+ of blogging websites but i will tell you top used platform forms. where bloggers will write and find there point nitch .

i know there are other platform too but these platform really help you to make your blog setup quite easy and effective . You can easily setup your blog in a few minutes . Let move into our next topic which is the another money making tree .

#2 . Udemy

5 amazing ways enough to earn online

There is a reason i didn’t mention YouTube.

Because there are some people who only dabble in making YouTube videos but you are worth more money than YouTube is providing you.Specially Indian YouTubers don’t get worthy amount of money than other countries do.So here is the my list second from 5 amazing ways enough to earn online

Udemy provides courses in all profiles. It has qualified quality content. It provides more than 100,000 +  high quality demand courses. Even with great schemes like 30 days money back challenge. These straight forward schemes make it more trusted platform to people and popular. 

How can you make money through it..?

So all you need to do is make quality content video’s and sell it on Udemy platform.It won’t take much time , won’t take whole day to make a small video. Even udemy appreciate small video of less than 10 to 15 minutes. You can work on it without any hindrance of your daily schedule.

For example: 

All you need is to pick a niche,  like u love to draw in your free time. Alll you need to do is while drawing you can explain and record it nicel and upload it . It should be easy to understand and of good quality . That’s it.

Note – Just go through the policy that udemy has written on his website. It has some terms and conditions.

#3 . YouTube

you tube earn money as a part time

 YouTube is the biggest earning platform for people who are really passionate about it and can make great content . It is literally used by millions of people from this entire world. You could take inspirations from 10 years kid to the eldest person who is earning millions . 

How to start  making YouTube videos..?

All that matters is the beginning. 

Seriously if you have skills of cooking, sing, fashion ,dance and draw . Then it gets a bit easy for such peoples. But as i always say what matters the most is  passion , desire and patience. If you are going to say that you don’t have any skills you can’t do it. Then you are wrong.All you have to do is ask yourself what you like do to . 

For example-

1 . There are people who make inspirational videos ,how to be successful , suggest which books one should read. 

2. You can make videos of unboxing of products. There are people who are earning enough Money doing it.

3. Many girls make contents related to make up and fashion sense. 

4.If you travel a lot than you can start vlogging channel. 

Look there isn’t any shortage of content all you need to do is just find something unique . 

Note- Just always remember that whatever you do always read about policies. YouTube also has this policy that until and unless you earn 1k subscribe and 4000hrs watchtime. So make something Great to break it. let talk anothermethod from 5 amazing ways enough to earn online.

#4 . Illustration\Designs

earn money from fiver

If you are interested in earning Steady Money as a graphic designer and through illustration . Don’ t be afraid to pick a niche and do the best and most illustrations for a small handful of topics. Cover every scenario you can in that niche. If you are already an expert on a topic, fantastic. If not, become one by taking initiative . As a beginner and Amateur designer .

There are no dearth of websites where one can sell your designs.

Must say Fiverr is the best place so far for a freelancer to earn money online

  • Fiver
  • Themeforest
  • Flaticon
  • Envato
  • Freepik

And much more sites are available .where you can sell your designs , Icons, User Interface , and Much More . Go Ahead Don’t Waste Time go and sell your designs .

#5 . Affiliate Marketing

earn money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performanc- based marketing model . Most people are unfamiliar with this term and not quite sure how it actually works. But You can’t even imagine that this way you can earn pretty much more as compare to the upper ones . It gives you opportunity to expand out into new markets, give your brand a much stronger online presence and can take your business to heights. I’m gonna keep this term Simple for you and easily understandable . There are few steps to earn from affiliate follow these steps and earn more money from affiliate .

Step 1 : Go to any shopping website and search for the term ” join the program of Affiliate marketing” Here I’m showing the example of amazon. But There are many Website who run the affiliate program you can visit to any website .

2 : In the make Money section go to the affiliate section. Then Just sign up and become a affliate member. just a simple baby step .

3: Now Go to the associate section and search the keyword which you like from the amazon page. Now just copy the product heading and paste it into the product search section and you will get the link .

4 : Now share the link with your friends and family or even you share it to any social media platform where people can buy that product and in return you will get the commission from that product .

amazing ways enough to earn online

I hope you have opted the above ways to earn money, whichever seems easy and more understandable. These given ways are the top most earning platforms. Still if it’s not satisfying to your needs and you are experiencing trouble using them. I assure you that there are copius amount of ways to earn all you need is patience and desire. I’ll be soon uploading other ways of earnings through online. Stay tuned.

Please comment If you have any query regarding this blog bye bye . Have a good day / Night 🙂

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