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09 The Premier Resource For Free icons

10 Best Websites for Obtaining Free Icons

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if you are looking for quality icons for web graphic design , then you have come to the right place in this post i will show you the top best amazing 09 The Premier Resource For Free icons available in this list just enjoy and give me some comment which is your favorite site among these 09 The Premier Resource For Free icons .

we have picked for your convenience so that you can easily download without any copy-write infringement . these icon pack will used for web design purpose , web application , info graphic and for the desktop .

All that icons on these sites are free , But still pay attention to there terms of uses , as they can be changed at any time . So without wasting Your time lets discuss these top free websites to 09 The Premier Resource For Free icons


09 The Premier Resource For Free icons

i love this website most because there are about 3,180,500 vector icons available to this website . And important part of this website is you can search and edit these icon to your own convenience. is one the one website where you can easily Download 09 The Premier Resource For Free icons

Flat icon offers user high quality vector graphics . All icons are totally editable and can be used used in both personal and commercial projects . But you need to credit the author . In order to use an icon you must attribute its author .

flat icon have give you the opportunity to become an author who can make icons and distribute to the huge community by making it free . Also if you make icon premium you will get some money by selling your icons to the flatiron platform .

02. The Noun Project


This resource asks for registration before to download icons . But it would be a very quick and simple process to get all the icons . Also you can done these process via facebook, google , and become a free paid member . All the members get access to all the icons which you want . i love this website for there simplicity structure . only one problem with this website is you always give the credit to the icon’s designer each time . Whenever you use the icon set you love it . So Don’t miss this 09 The Premier Resource For Free icons


download free icons

This website is the another icon distribution website . This website is created by Alexander Kahlkopf a senior designer from Germany with over 15 year of professional experience in icon design .

All these sets are created professionally and effectively so without wasting any time do love his work and use in your projects as per your requirements .

I like this icons sets website because these free websites are monstrously big and continuously growing source of simple icons . Most of the websites design and info graphic designer are used these icons in there projects . By this website you can even play with different categories files like png,svg with different sizes are also available .



One of our teams favourable icons sets . This website is doing a great job because feather is a collection of simply beautiful open source icons each icon is designed on a grid and comes in different format to download (Like SAG PNG ) with unexpected stroke.

So if you are going to use it for web design you will need to open icon in illustration first and broke the stocks and use in your project commercially.

05. ICONS8

 Best Websites for Finding Free and Modern Icons

Icon8 is also the one of the best website where you can download free modern icons sets . this website has to be the one my favourite website not for there design tips or design junks . Ilove this website only for there dedication about creating icons sets and there icons product quality .

Suppose if you can to search Book icons in the icon8 sites this would recommend you about thousand of icon sets .

Also icon8 provide you a editing functionality where you put your creativity to the next level like if you want to add color , overlay effects and stroks disturbance and much more modification part (background change texture color ) are there .

In my opinion icon 8 has to be totally phenomenal website to download high quality vector icons and much more .

06. UXWings

09 The Premier Resource For Free icons

Ux wings is also one of the most used website by designer and developer too . This website is designer recommended website if you want well optimised vector , free SVG icons and PNG icons download for creative and commercial projects.

Personally i love this website because this website gives you lot more icon sets to use in your project without any copyright infringement.

ux wing icons are well and carefully crafted by top best designer. if you have any question in your mind regarding ux wings why ux wings is best resource of icons sets to the best reason is that uxwings provide you each and every categories which you want to download .

07.Material Design

09 The best Resource For Free icons

material design also give you the opportunity to download free icons for your project . For your Kind information this website is rolled by google and as we all know that , google is the leading company to make huge products .

Material design icons have different theme , combination , different sizes also these icons pack are line up icons with non identical ranges of downloadable sizes and densities.

Each and every icon is designed by following design style guideline . These icons are free to use even you can modify as per you convenience. these are the websites To Download Free Icons.


Simple open Source icon which carefully crafted for designers & developers . This icon website consists many icons where many developers and deginers used this website for there personal projects . In this site generally you will find about 1600 icon on this website in different categories Like Regular Solid Logos and these icons are very high quality icons .

Also users can downloads these icons from GitHub profile and create any issue if they found too for developers .

Do use this website for downloading premium icons for your personal projects .

09. atomicons

This website is crafted a very beautiful website through which you can you can download around 256 sleek icon pack available set to download for free. Great something if you are looking line icon and bold icon pack this website will gives you a very wide range of icon pack .

Also the one feature i like the most at this website is you can create and change the radius and the width of the icons . Apart from the radius and width of the icon even you can change the color of the icons too.

Licensing: Free vector icons for commercial use or personal use. These are the 09 The Premier Resource For Free icons


This is our go-to resource for quick, simple, and customizable icons. PNG files have a maximum pixel size of 240×240 pixels, although there is usually a large range of basic icons here. Free vector icons are available for business or personal use with attribution.


although all the websites are renowned at there own place . we make a difference is when we have a a collections of free icons websites to download to your personal projects. i hope you love this lists of free websites to download free icons sets . Hope you like the icon sets and also comment your favbourate icon list in the comment section below.

Hope you will find this article helpfull.

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10 Sites for Free Stock Photos (Updated for 2019)

Top Best Free Resources For Free Stock Photos 2022

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Top Best Free Resources For Free Stock Photos

All of the photograph free and freely use from copyright All of these are free from copyright restricted or licensed . You can easy modify ,distribute and perform the work. Also Top Best Free Resources For Free Stock Photos (2022).

hello everyone today i would to talk about the most important and everyone should want to use for there projects and in other stuff. How to download the best free stock photos from the internet. i will cover cover each and every resource which gives you the free stock photos.

Here are the list of my favorite and most popular free stock photos sites of 2022

Everyone knows photography is a very unique and integral part of design . And in this digital era we all love to explore new thing and share the picture on social media but have you notices after uploading these images all the images are subjected to copyright . But there are some of the website where you have a put your images and people will love to download your images as a free stock photos .

Why i am sharing these websites because in todays era where technologies and sites and competitive with other many company distributes these images as a paid server for downloading but i will provide the best and effective list so that you can download easily loality images from these website .

1. Unsplash

Top Best Free Resources For Free Stock Photos
641Top Best Free Resources For Free Stock Photos

My first resource of free photos is Unsplace because unsplace uploads about 10 to 20 new photos to there queue every day . and these photos are absolutely free and easy to download . if you want to download these free stock photos free for your project so you have to visit this site and download the free stocks photos free .You can use in your project without attribution and mark easily . Click here to visit this site

2.The Stocks

how to download free non copyrights photos

The stocks site is also a site where you can easily find your royalty-free photos from multiple resources . & the most important terms of this website is you can easily find your niche and download your photos and use it in your personal project. so without wasting any time go and visit this website where you can find the free stocks royalty photos from this site click here to visit this site.

3. Pixaby

how to download free non copyright photos
free stock images sites

This is the website secondly used most of them for my projects as well as in my time editing. i really love this site because pixabey provide about each and every topic and niche for your project-related photos. You can download these photos free and use in your project and for commercial use too . and one thing about pixabey about 1.7 million free photos are available on the website pixabey. you can find different categories apply and search them and download free of cost. You can use these images, vectors, art, illustrations each and everything you can find to this website so click here to reach to this website.


canva free image stock site
free stocks photos

Another list of free photos and also you can eaily create beautiful designs with drag and drop featur and professional layout available to this website . You should use this website so that you can eaily create your website to this and use there resources to attain there point.


free high resolution free non coyright photos
free high resolution free non copyright photos

Burst is also a free stocks photos site where you can download free stocks for your project . so go watch all these website for free stocks photos .

6. Nagative Spacer

negative spacer free photos buket download

Negative spacer offers variety of free photos every week . the core important part of this website which i personally focused on these images are shared without copyright restriction , Meaning you’re Free to use them without any copyright restriction.

7. Death To Stock

Simply Submit your email and enjoy this new brand new batch free photo website. Also the best part of this website is this website is only send you the picture in your inbox of your mailid. you are not allowed to download these photos from this website directly . either you can purchase or download free but by sending a mail .

8. Picjumbo

picjumbo free royality photos

With this website you can cover find variaty of free stock royality picture to this website . There are numbers of Background images available to this website , high Resolution images , Used freely and for personal and commercial use . So don’t waste you time please go a head and download your fav picture bunches.

9. Rawpixel

Rawpixel claims that it has very intense collection of free stock photos . Best place to use these pictures in your personal projects . they provide many different types of stuffs like : Mockups psd , awsome looking stocks pictures natures collections and much more. I will suggest everyone kindly visit and download these free stock photos .

10. Reshot

top 10 best resources of free stock pictures

Reshot one of the best platform for free stock picture where you can download your favorite collections of pictures . These images have a great and high definition and most importantly its free you can use and even upload your pictures free of cost for the community .

11 free stock photo

Personally i love website not for the images but for handy ui and ux flow . In we have very handy search bar which make user easy to browse through thousand of images on where user can search free images which are free to use . Also will give you the trending option where uploads thousands of images on daily basis . One feature i like most which view tracking and download tracking which will provides you the popular categories of images


If you are a foody photographer and love to search and explore food photos you must have to visit this website . Even this website consists daily new food updates for the website . Even user will download these images freely from this website so don’t wait to



I hope you like the post do comment your valuable feedback . If you have known any other resource which you want to add kindly comment on the comment box .

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Top 10 Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters: Who Are They ?

Tokyo Revengers is a series created by Nick Wilson. It includes an ongoing webcomic, novel, and video game.

I have always been drawn to the delicate balance of reality and fantasy in stories. Tokyo Revengers combines high-tech gadgets with swords, at the same time presenting a science fiction world that’s just as plausible as our own.

I want to take the reader on a journey to see how the characters navigate the world and each other. I want them to feel conflicted and uncertain about their surroundings, as if they too are unsure of who they really are or how they fit into the world.

The story revolves around a group of young people with diverse backgrounds — some from prestigious families, others from poor homes — who grew up in Tokyo’s slums. They are all orphans by birth or circumstance, but they are all united by a desire to make themselves better, no matter the cost.

As they grow up, the characters encounter others who they previously thought of as adversaries, facing them in heated confrontations where both sides are bound by their pasts. But they also meet people who help them progress towards their dreams — or at least begin to understand it more clearly — and these people become their allies.

Here is a list of characters who made this anime worth watching. Top 10 popular  Tokyo Revengers character :- 

Manjiro Sano ( Mikey ) 

Mikey is, of course, the most popular character since, well, he’s Mikey. Mikey is the show’s public face. There are a plethora of causes for this. Mikey is a completely unique character that everybody can enjoy. 

He may appear infantile, but he is capable of killing you in an instant. No one has ever been able to overcome him in anime. His kicks are powerful enough to knock an opponent off their feet. Mikey’s strength is that he can go up against any character in Tokyo Revengers and prevail.

He rarely shows signs of weakness because he considers himself to be Toman’s foundation and support. His presence can help to strengthen the entire gang. He’s taken hits that would have knocked most people out, but he’s able to brush them off and keep fighting.

Ken Ryuguji ( Draken )  

He is without a doubt a beast . His power is said to be second only to Mikey on several occasions. Even, Toman’s Captains are noticeably surprised when they witness his actual power. Shuji Hanma was powerful enough to take kicks from a subdued Mikey in both of their battles, and he pounded the crap out of him. He’s the type of character that fans adore.

Draken’s relationship with Mickey is fascinating to see. Mikey’s childish behavior in front of him. Draken was the one who had to put up with all of his outbursts. Whenever he feels like Mikey is being an ass, he won’t hesitate to punch him. Mikey is a delinquent who is violent and destructive without Draken to channel his dark side.

Naoto Tachibana

Naoto tachibana is the younger brother of hinata. He is currently employed as a detective with Tokyo’s organised crime department.As a detective. Naoto has Excellent deduction skills. As a private eye. Naoto possesses exceptional deductive abilities.

He can quickly link together fragments of data to generate a larger picture.As a grownup. Naoto is a good person who is also determined to change in order to save his sister. He has a no-nonsense demeanour and is frequently unimpressed by other people’s amusement.

Shinshiro sano

Shinichiro is considered as weak to ladies, but dependable in flight. Shinichiro’s reputation earned him the respect of a large number of delinquents both within his gang and from opposing gangs. Although he was a lousy fighter, his loving demeanor and capacity to stand up for others, as well as his humble nature, earned him the respect of many delinquents far more powerful than him. Shinishiro is probably one of the most mentioned characters, despite the fact that he has passed away. He influenced an entire generation of delinquents and served as the role model for many of the series’ characters.

Tetta Kisaki

Tetta kisaki is the main antagonist of the majority of Tokyo revengers. He rose to the top of the toman by manipulating Mickey and organized hinata tachibana’s murder in multiple different futures. Kisaki may not be the strongest in terms of physical combat or his own strength.

Takemichi theorized that kisaki, like Takemichi, could travel through time using the same method as Takemichi by using a hanshake. Kisaki is an ultimately dangerous individual, and his intelligence is a threat to begin with. Given his cunning in putting his plans and schemes into action, all he needs to do is manipulate those in his path.

Keisuke Baji 

Baji became one of the most popular character since the episode which was recently shown in anime . He soloed 50 guys and would have killed Kisaki even with a fatal wound. He was significantly more powerful and possibly far higher on the list when he was at full strength. Everything he did for his friends was not in vain at last. We got to see the kazutora’s normal avatar.

Baji is one of Toman’s most capable fighters, capable of holding his own against a number of formidable opponents. He can fight his way through 50 foes with a deep stab wound in his back and only an iron rod by his side, thus his endurance is nothing to joke at. Only collapsing after he was diagnosed with anaemia.

Chifuyu Matsuno

For his buddies, he is willing to put his life on the line. When the Tokyo manji gang was founded, he was one of the six founding members. Until the end of his journey, he was the only person who was close to Baji. He also assists Takemichi in a number of ways. Takemichi was given the title of first division leader after Baji died. Because he witnessed Baji entrusting Mikey to Takemichi . Kisaki Tetta assassinated him. Nothing about Chifuyu’s demeanour is unlikable.


The character of Kazutora was brilliantly written. The way Kazutora used to be before the formation of the Toman gang. The one event that forever impacted his life. That one blunder tore him apart mentally.

After he was released from prison, he joined Hanma. He battled Mikey with the intent of killing him. Kazutora’s craziness makes him extremely powerful; he’s eager to take chances, even if it means damaging himself. He was able to knock Mikey out for a short length of time. He stabbed baji from behind, and it was the only reason for his death However, following Baji’s death, we were able to view him in his natural state.

Suji hanma

Moebuis’ interim leader was Suji hanma. Later, he rose to become Valhalla’s leader and began working as Kisaki Tetta’s right-hand man. He was the first person to stop Mikey’s kick during the first fight between Tokyo Manji gang and Valhalla.

As long as he can amuse himself, he is not concerned about the consequences or collateral damage created by his acts. He revels in bloodshed. Draken named him “Zombie” for this reason. His main goal in life is to have a good time, which is why he is always willing to fight.

Takashi Mitsuya

Mitsuya’s fighting abilities are demonstrated as the Second Division Captain. He is a quiet and calm character who first investigates the situation. If at all feasible, he is also highly known among the other gangs for his combat abilities. However, he avoids getting into battles until absolutely necessary.

He is a strong-willed individual who never complains about his condition. Mitsuya, like Draken, respects his leader, Mikey, and has always remained faithful to him regardless of the circumstances. When Takemichi was losing, he was getting more and more angry, and he told him to stay focused.

Tokyo Revengers is a place where people can meet and grow, where you can have your friends and be your friend. It’s a place where you can leave your mark on the world, but not always in the way you dreamed of.

Because as much as our hopes and dreams are important — so is who we are now. We may be orphans now, but we have to learn to find our own destiny.

In this world it’s not enough to survive or thrive.

Here is a list of anime characters you might wanna know about.

Jujutsu kaisen coolest female characters list.

Top 10 strongest female characters in anime.

Top 10 strongest young characters from Boruto people – Most Voted 2021

Top 12 Flexible Stay At Home Jobs For Moms

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Top 12 Flexible Stay At Home Jobs For Moms.

Online jobs demand isn’t going to fade away anytime soon. All you need is to find a work which suits your needs. Whether your goal is to work part-time to build savings or to generate a full-time income while working from home. Work from home jobs have made us seen the world which we never even imagined. Like just with your laptop , sitting on your couch comfortably, you can make money as much as you want.

This opportunity has opened to many women who are efficient home-makers and their careers took a back seat when they entered motherhood or when the domestic needs overcome their career goals. The start of a maternity break for so many women stretched into a break in career itself.

We have written down an ultimate guide on Top 12 Flexible Stay At Home Jobs For Moms. these jobs are the best to do part time which will fit according to your schedule.

Why women financial independence is crucial..?

It doesn’t depend whether you are married , single , Windowed or divorced. A woman financial independence is very crucial . Why .?

To stop feeling dependent:

Before marriage – Dependent on father

After Marriage – Dependent on Husband

In old age – Dependent on your children’s.

This is a sort of life that every girl in India is living right now. Right.? Are you one of them ?

No matter how strong the bond is between you and your husband. No matter how much he loves you. Being independent will boost your self-esteem. You would feel much more confident about yourself. You must not feel yourself like a pushover. Earn enough so that you won’t have to ask for money from someone else.

To gain respect in society

It’s a very sad thing that most of us have seen. That the moms and house wife’s doesn’t get the respect they deserve. The domestic violence and the bad treatment from in laws is a norm that mostly woman’s has experienced. But, the women who is working and earning has a different story. They most likely feel confident enough to face any violence.

Take your own decisions

Once you became financial independent. No one tells you what to do or how to do. Women often feel low. Financially independent woman can fulfill her wishes . You can go for a trip with friends, it boosts your morale.

To be a role-model for your kid’s

A woman who can support the family financially, socially, emotionally and so on is a role model for her children. Kids see for themselves that gender bias is created by society . When a woman is strong, confident and sure of herself it doesn’t mean anything. . If kids see their mothers financially independent, they will understand the value of money and will get inspired to be self-sufficient in life when they grow up.

To meet the rising cost of living:

Upsurge in prices is noticeable since the last few decades.Be it owning a decent home, sending your kids to a good school and living an above average standard of living has become very high. Hence, 2- earners certainly fare better. A financially independent woman can not only contribute to the everyday expenses of the household, but also help to meet the family’s financial goals.

Share the burden of your Other half

Hold down a job to share your husband’s burden. If we talk about the pandemic , many have lost their jobs. Some are experiencing pay cuts. It leads to a stressful time because of it. If you will support him. He might feel less burdened.

What is a Good Stay at Home jobs for Moms ?

A good job for a stay at home mom is not that hard to find. The desire to have a proper career while being available for their children can parlay into landing a flexible job that melds to a working parent’s schedule and allows family to meet the financial needs. The job not only will pay great but also be easy enough to do. 

With the right amount of knowledge and determination towards it , you can make this happen.

1. Part- time Tutor jobs for moms

A part-time tutoring career can be ideal for your hectic mom schedule

A part-time tutoring career can be ideal for your hectic mom schedule. Ever since the lockdown has been imposed. The education system has collapsed. Parents are more worried about the education of their childrens. The COVID-19 dilemma has compelled educational systems all across the world to seek out alternatives to face-to-face instruction. As a result, teachers and students have started using online te kiaching and learning on a massive scale.

When compared to the alternative of not going to school, online learning has proven to be a valuable tool for continuing to build skills during school closures. So, the As a result, tutors are in higher demand these days. Don’t let this chance get away.

2. Become a Freelance Proofreader

Proofreading could be the ideal stay at home mom job for you if you have a keen eye for detail and can spot problems quickly when reading.Proofreaders who work from home earn an average of $45 per hour. This wage is also determined by the number of clients and the number of hours you are willing to work.

Proofreading is one of the finest work at home jobs for moms because it offers a lot of freedom and doesn’t require any prior experience or a degree. You’ll also be exposed to competitive compensation and the option of owning your own business. From all the 12 flexible home jobs for moms it has the been the most suitable one .

3. Make a living as a virtual bookkeeper.

As a virtual bookkeeper with little to no experience, you can charge $60 per hour and gradually increase your rate to up to $100 per hour as you gain more clients, experience, and skills.

Finance and accounting will always be in high demand, and businesses require a wide range of these services. This could be a perfect work from home jobs for moms. 

4. Begin an Amazon FBA Seller Business

If you want to get started as an online seller in the world of e-commerce, you must have probably heard about Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) business model.

It is a set-up where you buy products on sale or at a lower price from regular retail stores, ship them to Amazon, and resell them at a higher price .  This is also referred to as a retail arbitrage operation.

Before you get too excited about your big wealth machine, there are a few important details to chisel out regarding what you’re selling, where you’re going to receive your product, and where you’re going to market it.

5. Start a Blog

I truly think that blogging is by far the most flexible and why don’t go with the best stay at home mom job that generates significant an income stream but rather work across your schedule from home or where ever?

As a stay-at-home mom, There are many moms who  opted to create money from blogging. Many people believe that earning a decent living takes a long time, but this is not always the case. After only a few months of blogging,  witnessed earning was more than $2,000 per month.

Blogging , is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It may take some time and consistency to see the fruits of your labour. But it’s all worth it in the end!

6. Become a Transcriptionist

Transcription work can provide a good living and, more importantly in this day and specially for moms , it can be done from home.

Transcriptionists convert video or audio files into text. Certain fundamental skills are most required if you want to work as a transcriptionist. One of these is a strong command of the language you intend to transcribe.

It can also be lucrative. According to Payscale, the average transcriptionist salary in the United Kingdom is ÂŁ19,909 per year.

7. Make a Living as a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is extremely adaptable and is regarded as one of the most lucrative and legitimate stay-at-home mom jobs that pay well. In fact, You don’t need a formal degree to be a freelance writer, but if you’re just starting out, you can educate yourself in some way so that you can produce quality work.

There are many companies hiring transcribers these days, and they all have different rates. It all depends on the level of experience.

Being a mom , you could turn this stay-at-home job into a rewarding career with numerous advantages.

8. A virtual assistant job for moms

A virtual assistant is a freelancer who works remotely to provide online support. He or she provides services to individuals or organisations but does not visit their clients’ offices. The job of a virtual assistant is to work from home. Many online businesses and entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants to assist them with various business tasks.

As a general assistant, you will be responsible for:

  • Your boss’s and clients’ emails
  • Inquiries by phone
  • Making appointments and purchasing tickets.
  • Following up with the client.
  • Calendar administration.
  • Management of databases and files

9. Teach English Online

Teaching English as a second language online is a popular and growing field these days. The pay for online teachers is determined by the company for which you work. Companies that provide online teaching services typically offer a base salary plus bonuses.

Teaching English online has grown in popularity and demand over the last few years, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. With the rest of the world catching on to the online ESL teaching craze, it seems like new online schools and teaching platforms crop up every other week, with the majority of them having one thing in common – they all teach English online. It is one of the top 12 flexible home jobs for moms.

Here is a list of 12 best paid online teaching job.

10. Social Media Specialist

A Social Media Specialist should be familiar with the target demographic for each social media platform, as well as how to create persuasive material that is tailored to the channel’s normal interactions.

A Social Media Specialist could be in charge of strategy, community management, creative directing, customer support, copywriting, and data analysis, among other things.

So, if you want to be a stay-at-home mom who also works as a social media manager, one easy approach to gain clients is to go to small, local businesses in your neighborhood.

Here is the full details about what a social media specialist could do .

11. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer’s job is to turn written content into a visual representation. Graphic designers are well compensated. Almost every other business nowadays needs and hires a graphic artist to advertise their brand. You must be familiar with design applications and technology such as Photoshop, Adobe, Corel Draw, and others to be considered for this position.

You’ll be expected to submit original and out-of-the-box ideas for posters, site design, logos, layouts, pictures, graphics, or visuals. Your major goal is to produce and develop something that will not only inspire individuals, but will also aid in the targeting of the target demographic. If you think you have a creative nook and can put thoughts into visuals, this could be the right job for you.

12. Data entry agent

To update data from outside sources into the company’s server, a data entry agent is required. Unlike prior occupations, this one does not necessitate any specific technological abilities. Microsoft Office skills are required. You can easily qualify for this position if you have basic typing and communication abilities, as well as a high school diploma in English.

You will be responsible for keeping the company’s data current and ensuring that it is easily available to all employees. Either you’ll have to transcribe information from phone calls and recordings, or you’ll have to transfer paper data into the software. Although data entry workers who work from home earn less than those who work in an office.

Conclusion :

As you can see, there are a variety of full- and part-time employment that can lead to a career for stay-at-home moms. The amount of money you earn is entirely dependent on how much time and work you are willing to devote.

Hopefully, this comprehensive list of Top 12 Flexible Stay At Home Jobs For Moms will serve as a valuable resource and reassure you that working from home is a viable option.

Please share this article if you found it useful and know someone who would benefit from it. Perhaps you know someone who might be interested in learning how to generate money as a stay-at-home mom. 12 flexible home jobs for moms will guide you to find the most suited one .

The 12 best paid online teaching jobs in 2021.

Sticky post

Do you need a simple teaching job ? Where you don’t need to study before teaching..? Where you can work from home . Also, In return you get to earn a steady amount of money. Want.? How about teaching English online ? If you can speak English.You need to stick to this blog till the end. Teaching English online has ample of benefits. In this blog we are going to introduce you to the platforms which provide the best paid online teaching jobs in 2021.

Benefits of Online Teaching Jobs. 

Finding a job which allows you to be at your comfortable place. The one where you can securely do your work. As the pandemic has totally changed the world for good. Whether it is the process of getting a job or the education system. Taking Online classes is a new norm of today’s world. But it has its own perks like :

 You have reasons to work from home.

During this time , we need to ensure social distancing. It is only possible if we stay at home. A comfortable and a secure environment would be great to have. It won’t cause any risk to you or your family. 

Let you explore digital learning.

We have numerous technologies to alleviate the burden of work. The only way to have continuity in education. With these gadgets, work has been pretty easy lately.

Flexibility to choose your own schedule.

Stay wherever you are and conduct online classes whenever you want. Jobs according to your flexibility are a lifesaver. Like, balancing life can be really hard sometimes but not with this job.  

There is less pressure. 

In traditional classrooms, teachers face a lot of problems in various things. Take it in handling numerous students at a time or making them understand perfectly.

What are the best companies for teaching English online in 2021?

There are companies who offers a wide range of tutor options. Accreditation and pricing, incentives and many perks . whether it is teaching by video conferencing and audio chat and or even advanced whiteboard technology. Online tutoring services provided by them are great for students of all ages, from elementary school through college.

If you’re simply looking for a company to match you with a student .we have number of amazing websites wher you can apply and become a tutor .

To Become a English Online or Other subjects Tutor :

These websites are going to provide the paid online teaching jobs in 2021. Some offer only english and language tutoring jobs . while, some websites provide any subject offers. All you need is the complete requirements and qualifications which are required by them. Remember this , getting a paid online teaching jobs in 2021 is the easiest job offer one can find . As the schools are only able to provide classes virtually due to pandemic. The tutors demands for students has reached high. So apply everywhere you get the chance to apply and seize the opportunities coming in your way.

1. GoGoKid

This company is based in Beijing, connects Chinese students with native-English speakers from all around the world through their virtual classes.

It is currently on a mission to revolutionize language learning through the use of cutting-edge technology.  

As a GoGoKid tutor, you’ll have to teach 25-minute, one-on-one online English lessons with young Chinese students. It also provides you with its professionally developed curriculum so you want encounter any problem while teaching .  

Required qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any stream
  • Min. one year of teaching experience
  • Native English speaking proficiency
  • Clear criminal background check

2. iTutorGroup

iTutorGroup is also based in Shanghai and offers personalized learning experiences to students and business professionals in a variety of subject areas. This online platform provide students to have access to the high quality teaching consultants, 24-7, anytime and anywhere.

You’ll interact with students one-on-one in a virtual learning environment. You’ll teach English to both kids and adults, as well as teach business English. 

iTutorGroup offers professional development to tutors to help you improve as a teacher. Moreover , if you want to learn a new language you can learn to speak Chinese for free with complimentary Chinese tutoring.  

Required qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree any stream
  • Min. one year of teaching experience
  • Native English speaking proficiency

3. Skooli


It is one of the top online tutoring platform based in Canada.

The platform looks for people who are passionate about teaching and want to help students learn English among other subjects. They select the best tutors from thousands of qualified educators.

Even if you’re a former or retired teacher, or even a working teacher looking to supplement your income, online English tutoring could be great for you. Besides English you can also teach whatever subject in which you are an expert.

Required qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Major : English or a Related field

4. VIPKid

VIPKid envisions a global classroom where all children feel connected to their education. Since 2014, we’ve grown to almost 1,000,000 students on our platform. As a VIPKid’s student community continues to grow, so does our demand for teachers.

5. QKids

Based in Xiamen and delivers a narrative game-based learning platform to over 600,000 Chinese students and counting. This dynamic learning curriculum is making learning English both fun and effective!  

It connects over 1 million international young learners between 4 – 12 years old with tutors ,online teachers, educators, stay at home parents, college students, and all those who have a passion for teaching.

You will get to teach alongside adorable cartoon characters through animated storytelling and interactive games. Therefore , there’s no need to plan lessons. Since, all lesson plans are already provided through the app. 

You can also take advantage of attendance and performance bonuses to boost your teaching income.

Required qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Native English speaking proficiency
  • Eligibility to legally work in the U.S. or Canada
  • Teaching license
  • Some teaching experience preferred

6. DaDa

It is based in Shanghai . DaDa is a professional online education institution. It recruits English teachers with high standards. They Rely on new technology and offer one-on-one English learning instruction provided by exclusive English teachers for children aged from 4 to 16.

Tutors can pick their own schedule, and build a flexible teaching timetable that fits you. It also offers teachers extra perks like bonuses and referral rewards.

Required qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Min. one year of teaching experience
  • English teaching qualifications like TEFL, TESOL etc.
  • British or American Accent

7. Magic Ears

Magic Ears is an innovative online English learning platform for students ages 4-12. They have a mission to provide the best online career opportunity for teachers. User-friendly platform which makes teaching fun and fruitful. Besides , They have a supportive community culture. Therefore , It allows you to work as part of a warm and happy family.

Required qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Speak English at a high level
  3. TEFL certification preferred

8. BlaBla EdTech

The best paid online teaching jobs in 2021

It is based in Shanghai, China. It’s a unique virtual learning platform. It propel teachers (native English speakers) to create engaging video content for users to learn at their own pace online. Hence ,The mission is to foster a more convenient, fun, and effective teaching. And to provide a better educational experience for both teachers and learners.

Required qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Minimum one year of teaching experience
  3. Speak English at a high level

9. Whales English

The best paid online teaching jobs in 2021

It is an online school based in Beijing, China. It caters to language learners from the ages of 3 to 18. Their mission is to provide high-quality education for children from all socio-economic backgrounds to minimize the gap between the privileged and underprivileged.  

Required qualifications :

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Teaching Certificate: A TESOL/TEFL/CELTA
  • Teaching Experience: minimum 1 year experience teaching children
  • Native speaker from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand

10. Stewart English

It is an online tutoring platform where native tutors are hired by them . They teach English, French or German on this platform. 

Required qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. One year of teaching experience

11. Smarthinking

The best paid online teaching jobs in 2021

 Smarthinking from Pearson offers a variety of subjects, from PreK-12 to higher education, and available with 24/7 tutoring. Tutors are educators and professionals with an overall average of nine years’ experience in their subjects. In addition to training and certification by Smarthinking, about 90% of tutors with this program have earned master’s degrees or Ph.D.s in their fields.

12. Varsity Tutors

The best paid online teaching jobs in 2021

It offers tutoring in more than 2,500 subjects from more than 40,000 available tutors. In addition to lessons of kindergarten through grad school. Also, offer test prep and certifications for professional skills. Their Instant Tutoring program lets students connect to someone online in as little as 15 seconds for things like quick homework questions and exam prep. 

The above elaborated list is a way to find The best paid online teaching jobs in 2021.

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Top ways to make money online as a student in 2021. –

best tools to grow your business

Best Social Media tools to Help You Create Epic Social Media Content.

Small businesses are constantly on the lookout for faster, easier and more cost-efficient ways to create new content. By the look of high quality content it is easy to sniff out the expensive gadgets.However, those with deep pockets can use their mobile phone cameras and apps as a tool.

These incredible apps are now amazingly effective and powerful to help you capture and create social media content from scratch. Smartphones are now like all-in-one production to create great quality content and it requires great Social media tools to Help You Create Epic Social Media Content. But how do you decide which tools are the best ones for you?

In this post, we’ll share best social media Tools that’ll help you create incredible social media content using just your smartphone.

01. These apps will be helpful for any social media take it :

  • Instagram stories, reels or posts .
  • Pinterest story pins or pins.
  • YouTube video editing and for shots content
  • Snapchat stories editing.
  • Write Blog and make templates for it.
  • YouTube videos and Thumbnail ideas.

Ready to jump in?

Tools for making instagram/ YouTube/ Pinterest buisness content.

Over one Billion people use instagram app, it takes years to get followers in millions. You don’t build a business you build people and then people build the buisness. Firstly, we need to target audience towards our page and for that we need good content.

As, you can understand how it can be really hard to set yourself apart from the herd. Instagram growth is no joke. It is all about creating beautiful content of value, being consistent in what you publish and when, and encouraging conversations and engagement with your followers. To do that, you need to post some attractive content!

On Pinterest we strive for viewers. To compete with millions seem like an uphill battle. Using these tools , you can make your content visibly aesthetic. On Pinterest your content quality must be enough to help you gain monthly viewers. I personally have seen spike in viewers .

01. Best Social Media Tools to Help You Create Epic Social Media Content :

Here we have some amazing apps to add in our bucket list.


Snapseed overall reviews are 4.5.

It is a Google product, so you already know it’s going to be good. This powerful photo editing tool is one of the best options for both Android and iOS. Moreover, this is an extremely powerful photo editing app that is free for download in the app store.

It has amazing features like real-time sliders, which makes the app super easy to use for basic editing i.e exposure, brightness, contrast etc. It’s biggest strength has to be its selective adjustment feature which lets you apply different edits to individual parts of the photo, enabling you to edit the photo to perfection.


VSCO has 4.0 ratings.

It is a simple photo editing app that Instagrammers love. It is one of the most popular photo editing apps out there, and with its clean and user-friendly interface, it’s not difficult to see why. The various adjustment tools of the app are super easy to use and help to take your photos to the next level. It has amazing, innovative presets/filters that can transform your pictures instantly. I personally love the T1 filter which adds a faded effect to photos.


Best Social media tools for making Pinterest Content.

Canva really offers a variety of content types. From pre-sized social media image and header templates to marketing materials, documents, presentations, invitations and ads, you’ll find almost everything you need.You can add your design which include text, icons, photos or illustrations. These need to be combined in a way that is pleasingly aesthetic and visually appealing.

Adobe Lightroom CC – FREE

Adobe has always set the photo editing bar high, and they didn’t fail to do it again when they launched the mobile version of Lightroom.As more and more major influencers and photographers launch and sell Lightroom presets (like a filter, but you can adjust various elements of the settings rather than just toggling the intensity of the filter as a whole), regular Instagram users can now achieve the same aesthetic as their favorite accounts on their own feed with this photo editing app.

Color Story

Color Story has the greatest library of them all, with 300+ filters, 100+ effects and 20+ tools! .Not only can you choose from the massive amount of filters, but also make your regular adjustments such as curves, clarity, contrast, brightness and more.allowing you to create an eye-catching aesthetic.


Instagram uses an aspect ratio of 1:1 for all its photos. This can be difficult if cropping your photo into a square is not an option . It might cause problem if we want to keep our photo horizontal or vertical. Squareready comes to the rescue, as it provides a fuss-free way of posting entire photos to Instagram without having to crop it.


Afterlight is a crowd favorite due to its HUGE library of filters. Because of it’s many advanced effects and capabilities with a simple and straight-forward design, powerful adjustment tools . This has to be one of the best photo editing apps for phone photography. I love the cropping presets of the app that let you crop your photos easily into a circle, square, heart etc.

For example, you can separate RGB channels and create glitchy abstract effects, you can superimpose two pictures, and you can add a vintage touch or a film effect using natural textures .


Another tool to help you create pin images is Pablo, from Buffer. It’s a really easy way to make Pinterest images. They offer free images and fonts to choose from and sizing is a cinch – just click on the Pinterest icon and your image automatically resizes to the correct social media image size.

Pablo is a “Long-exposure photo and video app that creates visual works of art through light painting”. What I found most exciting about the App is that you can see your light paintings come to life with the live light painting video feature!pablo-light-painting-gif

Focus Live

Best Social media tools for making contents.

It is a Video version of popular Focos app.The free app adds a bunch of useful video editing tools, too Speed ramping and video reverse capability for creating custom-made videos. .

Focos Live generates a bokeh effect for videos, while the iPhone’s Portrait Mode works only with still photos. You can’t find the second mobile app prvides the same function.


While capturing moments we totally ignore the unwanted objects from our photo. This app allows you to remove it just following some easy steps.

Remove anything which bothers you wires, unwanted people, garbage, vehicles,trashcans, pets etc. Do everything mentioned here and more, in mere seconds without any special equipment.

iMotion – iOS Users

iMotion is an intuitive and powerful time-lapse and stop-motion app for iOS. Take pictures, edit your movie and export 1080p & 720p HD videos to your device or directly to Youtube. This app is most suitable for those content where we make videos. Reels on instagram, Pinterest videos, and most importantly for YouTube videos.


Some are fond of candid pictures while some are obsessed with selfies. This app is specially designed for retouching ‘selfies’. Also, it’s also just as well suited when retouching any other kind of photo.

AirBrush is a full featured photo editing app capable of handling any major retouches you might need on your selfie in order to look awesome. To sum up Straight off the app interface you’ll take photos while applying retouch filters automatically, though you might want to also edit them later on as well, which is also possible.


Lensa is the ideal, free photo editing software. Not only, it will you alter your portrait into your ideal aesthetic but also let you explore a creative side of portrait-making. This app has many filters for your selfie obsession, for removing any unnecessary objects, to blur background and top notch editing. This app will not let you down. I have seen this app recommend in so many blogs as a tool to grow your online business.

Perfect 365

Since, our makeup and camera doesn’t hide our puffed under-eye due to sleep deprivation. Now, here perfect 365, comes to rescue.This is the best FREE virtual makeup app, period. It’s like having a glam squad in your pocket. Moreover, it is basically a photo makeup refinement application. It lets you enhance facial images, touch-up, and make-up.

One of the best makeup tools on the Appstore and it comes with 20 powerful beauty tools for eyes, cheeks, skin and lips.


Best Social media tools to Help You Create Content.

PicsArt is your go-to, all-in-one photo and video editor .It includes all the tools you need to give your content a personal flair and make it stand out.

The application also offers a simple interface for quick edits and quick sharing across multiple social networks.

Clips – iOS Users

Clips app for iPhone users only.

This is a video editing app for iPhone and iPad. It is a deceptively rich and complex video-editing app for iOS. With it you can quickly and cooly add video, photos, subtitles, effects, title cards, and music.You can also add Live Titles, in which the app inserts your narration in the video as on-screen text, alongside other add-ons like emoji, stickers, and music.


Prequel app for video editing.

The photo editing app is available for both iOS and Android. “PREQUEL” is intended for all those who want to put the finishing touches to their Insta Story.

You can insert Huji filters and other retro edits in your videos. I personally like Huji filter since the


Foodie for instagram Stories.

It appears to be just another Instagram accessory, available for free on the iOS and Android platforms. This camera app is the essential companion for the modern sociable. It help you to discover a fun and fast way to spice up the perfect memory of a perfect meal.You start by taking photos in the app or by importing photos from your saved image. You can apply as many filters as you desire.


InShot app is also for videos and photos edits.

It is an editing app for videos and photos. With InShot, you can easily add music, text and emoji, make videos with cool effects and transitions. This Editor is a photo and video editing app especially designed to improve the final result for any video you want to upload to your Instagram.

It also lets you improve pictures quality, mute background noise, give white or any colour background. It lets you save images and videos in high quality.


splice is one of the best Social Media tools to Help You Create Epic Social media content.

It’s a highly rated app for mobile video editing, and is now available for both iOS and Android devices. With it, you can import video saved on your device and enhance it with a variety of effects and tools: It’s worth noting that this app is entirely free to download and use.The app is easy to use and lets users edit HD pictures and videos into a professional quality video that’s great for sharing online.


Hope you found this blog useful. I would love to know about tools you guys are using. I have been using few of them for my Pinterest and Instagram posts. Some of them are jackpots as they are free of cost. With such amazing features, every app has an amazing benefit . You just need to be creative enough to use them.

This is a list for Best Social Media tools to Help You Create Epic Social Media Content.

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Top 10 Most Trendy Instagram Filters .

Top 10 Most Trendy Instagram Filters .

Sticky post

I am going to show you list of top 10 most Trendy Instagram Filters everyone using now days. So let’s get after that.

01. H E A T 2.0 from arthur. Csgo

Design by : arthur. Csgo

This is one of the under top 10 most trendy Instagram filter. It will make your face clean and smooth and give a red light on your face and make your photo more pleasingly aesthetic. Try this filter and let me know if you are digging it or not.

Candy from linaraffie

Design by : linaraffie

This is one of the my favourite Instagram story filter. This filter is trendy and popular also . This make your skin smooth, and it also add some colour to your lips and make your cheeks blushy. I know you would like this filter too.

aesthetic instagram filter

Glothing from jasson _ aaron

Design by : jasson _ aaron

This filter give you a different amazing look like it will change your eye colour and add little bit of noise to your picture. And make your picture More aesthetic and cool. this filter also come under in top 10 most trendy Instagram filters.

top trendy instagram filter

Grain Cool from kervinalmarza

Design by : kervinalmarza

This filter give your photo a simple and pleasing look. It will make your photo yellowish and add some grain to your photo which look to good and trendy . This filter would make your cheeks little blushy and also change the colour of your lips.

instagram filter for cool pictures

Kodak portra from designbyayisha

Design by : designbyayisha

This filter is also very popular and trendy. It has a lot of dust flying on the screen type filter give your picture a vintage look.

best instagram filters

Moody tunes from thaifurtado

Design by : thaifurtado

This filter is one of my favourite filter from Instagram story. This filter make your photo brownish and give your photo vintage look. This is brownish and natural filter.

top best instagram filters

Freckles by bdimitrov

Design by : bdimitrov

This is most popular and trendy Instagram filter. One of his most popular ones is the Freckles effect, to add freckles on your face. And if you like freckles and definitely this filter is for you. Try this filter and make your photo pleasing aesthetic.

Instagram filters for aesthetic pictues

Glitter from dingmintt

Design by : dingmintt

This filter make your face smooth and pleasing and photo cool . It will change your colour complexion and make it more beautiful.

top Instagram filter

Summertimes from robertobrendo

Design by : robertobrendo

This filter make your photo reddish colour. And add grain (noise) to your picture. And add blush and this filter change your lips colour too. This is one of the most popular and trendy Instagram filter

aesthetic trendy filters for instagram

.Hello kitty from luhsetraoficial

Design by : luhsetraoficial

This filter is so uwu. I personally love this filter and i would hope you also like this filter . Because this filter is so cute and add a hello kitty sticker to your face and make your pictures cool and amazing.

Most Trendy Instagram Filter .

I hope you would like this blog. Let me know if you like and show your love in comment box . And try this Trendy and popular filter.

Red Berries

When it comes to creating indoor Instagram stories, this is the filter we all need because it brings out the whites in your space and gives it a dazzling feel to make it look more appealing.

Additionally, it makes your skin softer and your nose appear slightly thinner.

Try Red Berries

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Top 5 ? Ninja Tips To optimize windows 10 performance

Ninja Tips To optimize windows 10



Steps to Ninja Tips To optimize windows 10 


Hello geeks want to speed up your windows performance and speed and get rapid performance by your computer so this blog is suitable for you guys and i promise to you guys you will definitely gonna find in this blog i will show Ninja Tips To optimize windows 10 speed up your window 10 for free without using any software.
so without wasting any time lets begin the tutorial.

In step number 1 you need to go to your task manager the easiest way to get to the task manager is clicking on any empty space on the taskbar and choose the task manager from the options.

Ninja Tips To optimize windows 10

after that go to the startup programs and where you will see all the background process which are running in the background and these programs start automatically whenever you start you computer .due to problem your system getting slow down so to get rid of this problem you have to end up the no used software in your computer.

If you install antivirus software so please disable if you are not using that much because that the bigger reason make your computer get slower.
Step 2: Delete Unnecessary files From Computer
Ninja Tips To optimize windows 10
For that press window + R and type%temp%  and hit enter all the folders and files are open in the temp file area just select all the files by Pressing CTRL + A  and hit  ENTER That’s it you have done a great job. 
Step 3: Delete Temp files from your computer
For that press window + R and typetemp  and hit enter all the folders and files are open in the  file area just select all the files by Pressing CTRL + A  and hit  ENTER That’s it you have done a great job. 


Step 5: Delete Prefetch Area of your computer
increase window 10 performance
For that press window + R and type  prefetchand hit enter all the folders and files are open in the prefetch file area just select all the files by Pressing CTRL + A  and hit  ENTER That’s it you have done a great job. 


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Top Best 5 Fonts Of 2020

Top Best 5 Fonts Of 2020 Used By Professional Graphic Designers

Sticky post
top 5 fonts of 2020 | top best fonts of 2020
Top Best Fonts of 2020 | Designer Choice
Hi readers ?
 I hope you all are good so in today’s blog  I will Top Best 5 Fonts Of 2020 Used By Professional  which is absolutely awesome fonts to use in UI UX and other places to demonstrate all your work at all. mainly these fonts have there own personality of visual typography so without wasting your time I will Suggest top 2020 fonts in the blog that most of the designers are used when building out concepts some play nicer on mobile, some nicer as big bold title on websites. 
  • List of  Top Best 5 Fonts Of 2020 Used By Professional

Montserrat :

First font Which is my favorite whose name Montserrat Every designer play with this fonts this Great font will mostly be used by many upcoming designs and you will be amazed to hear that  Montserrat Project began with the idea to rescue what is in Montserrat and set it free under a libre license, the SIL Open Font License. and it’s free and open-source so you can easily download these fonts from the below link which I have given in the below section. I will show you an example of how fonts look like after choosing these fonts.

Montserrat Example

top 5 best fonts
So i will give the link so that you can easily download this fonts. 
Link to download this font : Click me

Merriweather :

This is the first font among other Top Best 5 Fonts Of 2020 Used By Professional Now this is the Second font which i will provide you so that you will go through this font . the second font whose name is merriweather . this font is also in queue list of our top 5 best fonts of 2020 . it totally a great going font in 2020 so go and get your hands dirty with this fonts and play with this font . this font will provides you the best interface so that your design and  other stuff which you are doing with this font really giving you a nice look . so dont’nt get your hands dirty with old fonts . you are living in the era where numbers of best fonts are available so that you can use that fonts and make your design better and awsome. 

Merriweather Example

I hope you all are good so in today's blog  I will Top Best 5 Fonts Of 2020 Used By Professional  which is absolutely awesome fonts to use in UI UX and other places to demonstrate all your work at all. mainly these fonts have there own personality of visual typography so without wasting your time
So i will give the link so that you can easily download this font. Link to download this font: Click me.

Playfair Display:

This is another font that lies in the queue. this font is also lying under the top 5 fonts of 2020 so readers go and play with his fonts in your design.I will sure you will like it this font. Play fair font will give you an energetic affect your design.
Note: Playfair is a transitional design. In the European Enlightenment in the late 18th century, broad nib quills were replaced by pointed steel pens as the popular writing tool of the day.

Top Best 5 Fonts Of 2020 Used  By Professional

So here i will provide you the Link so that you can easily download this font .
Download Link here : Click Me

Roboto :

Again the list contains another awesome font. who’s name is Roboto. one of the best font and top best choices of fonts according to the professional designer. Roboto is the font through which you can make your design best as possible. there are a number of sans serif fonts out there but Roboto structure uniqueness makes his font so professional so we not getting talk so much about this font lets move into the download part and use it in your design . and one thing before downloading this font. Which is absolutely free so don’t worry about and open source. I will give the link of this font to download this font so go and click on the download link and play with this font.
Top Best 5 Fonts Of 2020 Used  By Professional
So here i will provide you the Link so that you can easily download this Roboto.

Download Link here : Click Me

Nexa :

Nexa is one of the top best fonts in the quoue list so download this beautiful theme and make your post attractive . also i will provide you the link to download.
top 5 best fonts of 2020
Top 5 Symtoms You Must Know About Coronavirus

Top 5 Symtoms You Must Know About Coronavirus diseases 2020

Sticky post
Symtoms of corona virus | sysmtoms of corona virus
Symtoms of corona virus | sysmtoms of corona virus 

About Corona Virus – 2020 ?

In this Informative article i will tell you the Top 5 Symtoms You Must Know About Coronavirus . Coronavirus is a disease who’s name is (COVID-19)  and it’s most dangerous disease as compare to others because it wisely spread all over the country and so quickly. And you May amazed to listen to this it spread just by shaking Hands With other or in touch with the infected coronavirus people. And we also say that this disease is caused by a new virus. In this Post I will tell you about 5 symptoms you must know about corona virus.
This disease caused respiratory illness (Like the flue ) . and if you talk about Symptoms there are a number of list of this disease so that you can predict that person have coronavirus or not. so lets see the symptoms list of corona virus (COVID -19 ) .

Symtoms Of Coronavirus Disease 

Symtoms Of Coronavirus Disease | CORONA VIRUS SYMPTOMS

  • Keep in Mind Those People who have corona Maybe sick with the virus about 1 to 14 before totally involving or we can say that developing symptoms.
  • It has said that old age peoples are more in threat but the actual thing is it affects those having a bad immune system. 
  • As we grow old immunity starts to decrease.

List Of Symtoms Of Corona Virus 

  • Those patent who have corona may experience :
  • Difficulty in breathing 
  • Headache
  • Sneezing
  • Tiredness
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Some times it show no symptoms at all . 

I hope you will understand the Top 5 Symptoms You Must Know About Corona virus  further we talk about the prevention of the corona virus diseases .


Prevention of Coronavirus Disease

1. Wash Your Hands Often
2. Stay at HOME
3. Don’t touch your eyes, mouth, and nose without washing hands.
4. Avoid social gatherings like a meeting, parties.
5.Maintain distance, avoid hugging your kids or loved ones and handshakes.
6. Avoid traveling because it surely gives u peace but what is at stake is more pivotal.
7. Use sanitizers and masks.
8. Eat healthy food avoid eating junk for a while.
Wash Hands: Washing hands can kill viruses which have come because of touching things you shouldn’t touch or, ay cause you corona. so wash your hands often.
Stay at home: Stay at home and avoid meetings, Parties, and gatherings.
Don’t touch:- Don’t touch without washing your hands especially the T- section of your face . Because these viruses can easily enter your body using them.
Avoid traveling:- If you are traveling by flight you should be more concerned about your health cause people to travel in foreign countries by flights.  
Use sanitizers:- use alcoholic sanitizers to sterilize your hands and your phone.

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