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Everyday is another chance to change your life

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Lifestyle and Travel

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As we all are sitting at home doing nothing, we can spend this time productively. As we all are more active on social media. We can make our pictures more aesthetic. I’m telling you the best photo editing apps for android and ios.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS

1. vsco 

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Best for : Aesthetic-look filters.

VSCO Photo Filters App Free

VSCO is one of the most used editing apps with advanced features . Not only pictures but you can edit your video also

Note :- Remember that lot of people are not aware of that video should be more than 5 min, otherwise your video will not edit if it is shorter than 5 min.

1. Vsco has many filters, and their filters made your photos more aesthetic
You can simply connect your vsco with your Instagram. There is saturation, sharpness, exposure, filters, shadows, highlights, contrast, cropping, tints, grain or noise and more you can turn your Picture in more aesthetically with the help of vsco.

  • Vsco is popular nowdays , this app is used by most of the genz generation. Coz vsco provide you more and more creative. Things which you want for your photos the filters are uncountable there are lots of amazing and cool filters in vsco thats why i would highly recommend you this app for your photos .
  • You can also upload your photos here too and people come and like your ideas and if they like your ideas they can follow you.

2. Picsart 

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Best for: Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker

FREE PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker

Picsart is my second favorite app for editing my pictures. There are lots of filters and amazing things this app gave you to editing your pictures. One thing i like about picsart is that if your picture background is not good you can easily remove you background by using this app. You can add more aesthetics background and also add accessories and more.

This app is most used in modern days lots of Instagram People edit their photos with these app and make their pictures more aesthetic and cool.

  • You can also use this app for making your you tube thumbnails.
  • You can also decorate your pictures and videos and more you want you do anything with the help of this app .

3. Lightroom

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Best for: Photo Editor & Pro Camera

best free Adobe Lightroom - Photo Editor & Pro Camera

Lightroom is basically used by professional to create hd and detailed editing.

  • .Lightroom automatically saves your pictures to the cloud. You can do creative editing, compositing and designing as well as. the ability to save and compare different versions of your edited image, and being able to customize default settings for your import of RAW images.
  • The vast majority of edits that you will do are controlled with powerful yet easy to use sliders. These include adjusting a picture’s exposure, color, focus, optics, geometry and to add effects.
  • Lightroom also has tools for editing precise sections of your photo. This includes Adobe’s great healing brush for painting out imperfections or unwanted objects (such as electric wires) in your picture. Lightroom is a winning combination of accessibility, creativity and quality.


Available on iOS and Android | Free

Best for: Professional photo editor

advance photo editing app

This app is perfect for mobile photography. You can edit your photos in different amazing and cool filters and make your photos more aesthetic.

  • In this app there is also a option of drafts folder so you can go back to your unfinished work and start all over again.
  • There is also a PNG files on the exposure. This app contains lots of amazing features. This app is easy to use and too amazing .you can find a very good tone feature and non- destructive edit stack , a good interface and the most amazing thing about this app is that there is no ads . There are lots of amazing features and tools .The UI of this tool is also good . I would recommend you to use this app to edit your pictures.


Available on iOS and Android | Free

Best for: Artistic filters and compare different art styles

free for photo editing and best quality pictures

This app is also good for editing pictures lots of amazing features and filters . This app is Easy to use and pretty simple . Fast interface and no annoying adds . This app convert your pictures into art and give your pictures very cool colours . Effects are also amazing and filters as well. Nevertheless a good app which you should try.

Hope that it will be helpful to you guys.

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Black Lives Matter,The Largest Movement in U.S. History

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Black Lives Matter

There is no such thing as race. None. There is just a human race — scientifically, anthropologically. Toni Morrison

Homo Sapiens, whom we call our ancestors have appeared on this Earth around 315,000 years ago. The current humans have evolved from them. Humans since then have been migrating places, forming settlements for better opportunities. 

Why do we need such Movements..?

Black Lives Matter always

As the resources are limited and the population is humongous there’s often a hassle, a lot many times which results in riots, conflicts and wars. This causes discrimination based on various factors color, caste, creed, ethnicity, section, etc. 

History has been the witness when such things happen, they do no good to society, instead rupture the beliefs of cooperation and mutual workmanship. 

Today, the eyes of the world are glued to the recent happening in a nation which claims to be a superpower. But feels itself taken in a back seat when such an issue arises. It’s about the George Floyd case and the movement “Black Lives Matter” which was started as a hashtags now become a full fledged movement. Therefore, without any further ado let’s begin. 

What is Geroge Floyd Case? 

america  black lives matters

When a 46-year old African-American named George Floyd was choked to death under the knee of a white police officer in Minneapolis on 25th May.  This gruesome treatment was followed for 8 minutes 46 seconds during which George Floyd recalled his mother and said “I can’t breathe” a number of times. This incident triggered waves of protests not only on the streets but also on various social media platforms. The protests on social media networks saw a  movement Black Lives Matter, a movement for racial justice that started to gain momentum since 2013.

How it started? 

In July 2013, a man who was accused of killing a 17-year old black teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida was acquitted. This led to agitation among the African-American section of society. Three Black organisers Alicia Garza, Patrice Cullors and Opal Tometi, were discussing this matter on Facebook. Mrs. Garza wrote in a post that “Our Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter,”. The hashtags like (BlackLivesMatter) given by Ms.Cullors. Later, Ms. Tometi joined the it and spread it’s digital wing. The mission of BLM website as it says is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on black communities by the state and vigilantes.

Who is protesting?

black live matters

It is quite significant to notice that the protest has been able to produce amount of change. In such a short time, more than 40 Percent of people are part of it. Black Lives matter has been used around 30 million times from 2013-2018. Moreover,it was also widely used in Eric Garner’s case and many other cases where unjustice was meted out to the African-Americans. White supporting masses and many Republican politicians made counter hashtags opposing Black Lives Matter such as “All lives matter” popular. 

Famous African-Americans who made their mark

Barack Obama

Painting of Barak obama

One of the most recent and significant black leaders of our time is the 44th US president, Barack Obama. He was the fifth African American to be elected as the US Senate and the first black person ever elected as commander-in-chief. he entire Obama clan — including, Michelle, Malia and Sasha — are this country’s greatest representation of #blacklove and deserve to be celebrated.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Powered by faith, inspired by Gandhi and motivated by hope for equal treatment for all, Martin Luther King Jr. He elivered words to a generation (I Have a Dream speech). Moreover it helped people to change the way they thought, which ultimately shifted the world. There is still work needs to done to complete Dr. King’s vision, but there is no doubt about the progress we’ve made was set in motion by black leaders.

Rosa Parks

Often called “The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement,”. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white male passenger on a public bus in Montgomery. Later, people in the city organized a boycott of the city’s buses that lasted for over a year. Therefore his collective protest employed Martin Luther King Jr. as its spokesperson. initiated the beginning of the civil rights movement.

Kobe Bryant

Black Lives Matter,The Largest Movement in

Drafted right out of Lower Merion High School at the age of 17. He won five titles as one of the marquee players in the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. He was a member of the gold medal-winning U.S. men’s basketball teams at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games . In 2015 Bryant wrote the poem “Dear Basketball,” which served as the basis for a short film. The work won an Academy Award for best animated short film. A vocal advocate for the homeless Bryant and his wife, Vanessa started the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation. They aimed to reduce the number of homeless in Los Angeles. Recently ,Bryant, his daughter Gigi, and seven other passengers died in a helicopter crash in late January.

Rudolph Fisher

Fisher was an African-American physician, radiologist, novelist, short story writer, dramatist, musician, and orator. In addition to publishing scientific articles, he was fond of music. He played piano, wrote musical scores and toured with Paul Robeson, playing jazz. He wrote multiple short stories, two novels and contributed his articles to the NAACP. All this before his death at the age of 37.

The list goes on and on, because there are many who have struggled. Therefore, their contribution made this world a better place to live in. At the end I would like to bid adieu with this small excerpt from a legendary and world renowned boxer; 

Muhammad Ali’s interview taken by Parkinson in 1971:

Muhammad Ali's interview taken by Parkinson

I asked my momma that how come everything is white?’ Why is Jesus white with blonde hair and blue eyes? Why is the Lord’s Supper all white men?

Angels are white, Pope, Mary and even the angels., 

I said, ‘Mother, When we die, do we go to heaven?’ 

She said, ‘Naturally we go to heaven’

I said, ‘What happened to all the black angels when they took the pictures?’ 

And the angel food cake was the white cake, and the devil food cake was the chocolate cake. 

I always wondered .. and the president lived in the White House, 

And Mary had a little lamb, his feet as white as snow, and Snow White, and everything was white. 

Santa Claus was white. 

And everything bad was black. 

The little ugly duckling was a black duck. And the black cat was the bad luck. And if I threaten you I’m going to blackmail you. 

I said, ‘Mama, why don’t they call it whitemail, they lie too!’ 

I was always curious, and this is when I knew something was wrong.


The omnipresent and omnipotent doesn’t discriminate among its children. Everyone is equal irrespective of whatever caste, creed, color, race, one follows. Equality should be ensured for all it is sole responsibility of governing bodies. To provide at least a better living and basic amenities. Change in mind always welcomes the sections of society. Only, if such things follow progress will bloom otherwise doomsday isn’t much far away. 

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proctibe and motivated in lockdown

15 Tips for Productivity and Motivation During Lockdown

Sticky post
15 tips for Productivity and Motivation during lockdown

After this pandemic is over,if you don’t come out with a new skill,a better plan for future, more wisdom and a vision for your life. don’t worry i will tell you 15 tips for Productivity and Motivation during lockdown.

Remember this :-

    You never had a “time” problem.

    You have an “excuse” problem.

All you need to think about is we have already wasted month’s doing nothing but only doom scrolling through Twitter and Instagram or maybe binge watching seasons on Netflix. i will tell you 15 tips for Productivity and Motivation during lock down during this pandemic situation .

We need to utilize our time precisely.

It’s always better late than never. We haven’t missed the boat yet. You could start from now itself. If you feel so inclined do so many things in this ideal situation instead of getting inundate with social media posts.

Here are some options you could sink your teeth in during quarantine. Let’s jump on the bandwagon.

Productive things to be done in quarantine List.

In the list of 15 tips for Productivity and Motivation during lockdown i will tell you all the premium tips for you so that you can be productive all the time.

Prioritise your priorities

15 tips for Productivity and Motivation during lockdown

This is the First Tip out of 15 tips for being Productivie and Motivated during lock down . Many list also Come along with it .

The moment your brain start pondering of doing something, a truckload of desires and tasks ideas come flying at you from every direction screaming like ” I WANNA DO THAT , I LIKE TO DO THIS”.

Make a To-do list

15 tips for Productivity and Motivation during lockdown
todo list

You need not to feel overwhelmed with all the stress and lack of ability to take a decision to prioritize your task. You should write it down whatever you have always wished to do but couldn’t get enough time to do it. Start thinking by asking to yourself that “What will I regret not starting today? Take time and write it down in your pre installed notes app or you could install trello app.

If you’re not able to think of anything to start meanwhile this lockdown, Therefore i would like to give some tips and will talk about so many things in my list below, you could opt for :


15 way to productibe during lockdown

You might be aiming towards brushing up your skills during quarantine but meanwhile you should start to zero in on your health as much as possible. Not only for this coronavirus pandemic, but for your lifelong. Meditation can be a source of positivity and clarity. I tried it for 5-minutes daily nonetheless, it still manages to refresh me and carry all the negativity and irritation away. Most importantly, you will start noticing that your lapse of concentration will  freshhh like a daisy and it seriously makes mind relaxed and less chaotic.

Exercise to maintain your health

During this pandemic ,we all are forced to stay indoors, maintaining social distancing amaong people. I might keep away the covid- 19 infection, but meanwhile it is  also prompting some physcological problems and we often seem befuddled . It is therefore, important to be engaged in activities to get over such incohorent state of mind.

Yoga practices or excercising at home or indulgence in any suitable alternative method will keep your mind calm and mind sharp. Therefore, start doing it regularly at least for half an hour. You’ll surely feel regretful for not starting it earlier.

Binge – Reading

way to productive during lockdown

There are people who love to live in books more than in real life. They love to sit crossing legs with a book and a cup of tea/coffee in their hand. Reading a book helps you to forget what is happening around you. Moreover, it enhance our literary intake. Even if you are not into reading nonetheless, you should start reading for atleast 10-15 minutes a day. You can install wattpad app it has so many genre. It includes horror, romance, fiction, poetry, adventures, vampires based, adult and what not.

Learn a language

Did you ever felt inclination towards any language..? Like you heard a Spanish in “Money heist” and fell in love with it all over again..?  Or perhaps french..? Or German seems intriguing …? 

I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. I did learn some basics like i can order food if I’ll ever get chance or basics things like introducing myself. It felt so good, trust me .I’m not suggesting you to become fluent in French by the time the lockdown finishes. I downloaded Spanish courses from Udemy and Duolingo app too. Learning a language is fun believe me!

Ignite the spark again.

Used to draw before entering in MBBS/Engineering college ? you have lost the spark.? Or maybe any other  particular skills like writing, sketching, photography, playing, anything.  Now you have enough time to ignite the spark again. Passion of something means you do it with your heart. And Never give up on things your heart loves to do. Do it  everyday to enhance it. You can opt this as your quarantine friend.

Put on the Master Chef Hat

If you suffer from anxiety or low moods, cooking could help improve your mental well-being. Some people say whenever they feel down or stressed therefore they cook whatever they feel like, Meanwhile all your stress ease and restlessness, and it enhance mindfulness. Moreover, it gives you a satisfaction seeing the end product which naturally enhance happiness.Try it once, I bet you won’t regret it.

Coin money 

There is no dearth of online ways to earn money, once you have time and patience to put in. It’s not difficult once you get the hang of it. This plenty of time should be invested, where it will pay the best investment. Here, i’ve given amazing ways to earn online . Take this pandemic as an opportunity and take great pain to do well .

Care for Future prospects

Amid this pandemic, we have got copius amount of time to think for your future. This extra time could be found quite effective to score good in exams or for any other entrances. So use it wisely and judiciously, because time is money, we have got a lottery here. Right..? 

Get a good sleep

Tryna bank says “the most important item in your make-up bag is a good-night sleep”. Likewise it applies on mens too. You really need to get yourself checked, If sleep continues to elude you. When you drift off, it helps our body in healing and repairing our heart and blood vessels. Ongoing sleep deficiency prompts several increased risks of heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, strokes and what not. So better get a good sleep to start a better morning , for better days, and for yourself.

Write in a journal

Writing your thoughts, gives your brain peace.The moment you pen down your pain or problems, you’ll realise that they doesn’t seem as daunting as they seem in your head. But, once you got to keep it out of your system, it feels genuinely nice. Don’t just see the pain, catch  the lesson coming out from that. Lemme give you some tips to write.

You must write about these things – 

  • Jot down about the best thing that happened to you.
  • What makes you feel anxious or depressed about something.
  • Mistakes you done or lessons you get from them.
  • Most importantly, write about your goal daily, will keep you motivated towards it.

Declutter your room

Certainly it seems boring , but you need to think about this cleaning stuff. If you’ve lost that favourite t-shirt of yours and unable to find your stuffs around you. Then you need to get started. this is the another tip from the list of 15 tips for Productivity and Motivation during lockdown.

Talk to your loved ones

You can scroll your Instagram , Twitter account for hours without thinking at once, but when it comes to the fact about calling your parents or your family, you dodge it saying that you are busy. Therefore, most of the families don’t get along with each other. Lack of communication creates a gap in between and cause feeling of being recluse, and lost. You have plenty of time, to create a unbreakable bond with your family and friends. Call them right now.

Decking up for no reason

Sometimes, it feels good to don your favourite outfit and putting up make up for no reason. It seems a little bit odd but trust me whenever you feel down you should try it. Putting on your favourite clothes and clicking pictures can help you a bit.

Watch moonlight and sky

Before going to bed, watching moonlight and pretty sky alone on terrace is one of my favourite things to do. Peak out of your window or balcony, and stay there for a while, i bet you’ll thank me later. 

I hope this helps you in finding a way to be productive at home. We’ll get through this soon. We all are in this together. If we all pitch in , we can fight it together. Stay strong everyday.


To keep the toxicity away from our life during this pandemic,we could follow these steps and make our quarantine worth productive. All these 15 tips for Productivity and Motivation during lockdown are sufficient for you to be productive during this lockdown.

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self love

Self Love – you should start value your true self.

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start value your true self.

You can try every trick in the book to be loved but it’ll forever be a will-o’-the-wisp untill the moment you start to love yourself. We people are so busy admiring beauty we see around on Instagram, people’s beautiful faces , their luxurious life , their lifestyle and what not . Deep inside We secretly wish for the same . We see so many perfection in social media. From perfect faces to perfect lives. It’s not that whatever we see is fake or we are talking that social media is lame. The thing is we need to stop comparing our life . We need to stop being judgemental . It make you feel recluse and cause an instant aversion to yourself. We need to start zeroing in on our true self. One will find millions of articles written about how to make oneself beautiful and how to make your body perfect and there are zillions of desires we wish for. Just to be accepted by our society, to be loved by someone ? Right.

True – definition of self love

Being unapologetic and unabashedly yourself is the true definition of love.

By showing exceptionally valorous behaviour in front of people

When you call out people bravely with your valorous behaviour , when they seem to be wrong.

When you shut the society out and do whatever your heart says , yes that’s difficult but the true definition of self love .

When you are told by your friends that you look hideous in a dress but despite of all you wear the same dress and strut walk in a proud way . That’s difficult but a true self love .

To choose your passion irrefutably when your parents told you to be another doctor, IAS and engineer. That’s difficult.

When you start being the person who you actually are not what society wants you to be.

 start cherishing yourself

Read This : Technology The only hope to fight this corona crisis.

The day you come to terms with your own self is the day you will cherish forever. Like forever.

It takes years or sometimes your whole lives to finally come to terms with the fact of accepting your true self , knowing that you are more than the way you look. Once you will accept yourself wholeheartedly . You don’t need anybody to tell you your worth anymore.

Those who are reading my article, just for once give yourself a pep talk on you are no less , give yourself a tight hug , tighter , even tighter . And start seeing positive things around you leaving the negativity behind . It makes people shallow from the deep and gives you nothing but pain . So smile everyday a little wider and show love to people around you. Just like us there are many who are hiding pain behind there fake smiles, who need to talk about something they are embarrassed of. They need your help maybe. The way you did it , they need to know about it. They need inspirations from you. Do it for yourself, do it for others. Just Do it !!!.

Just repeat after me “All of me loves all of me”. Repeat it every morning . Only person who can love you to the moon and back is ‘YOU’.

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