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Education System in India 2021.

India is a rapidly changing country in which inclusive, high-quality education is of utmost importance for its future prosperity and grace. The country is currently in a youth bulge phase. It has the largest youth population in the world. To…


Black fungus early symptoms and prevention.

Black fungus early symptoms and prevention. Lately, the world is suffering from destruction. Covid has disturbed the piece in people’s lives. From last year to the current year, each and every person has suffered more than ever. Covid – 19…


Top 12 strongest Aot female characters .

Top 12 strongest Aot female characters : In attack on titan anime women are considered as the strongest and the most well written characters. That’s what makes every female character of AOT is beautiful in there own way. Isayama is…


Unemployment in India:A major challenge to deal with.

If heaven really exists: then heaven is the job, hell is unemployment, while life is merely an interview. ~Mokokoma Mokhonoana What is Unemployment? The state when an individual or a group of individuals are actively seeking a job but aren’t…

anime Blog

Top 25 Anime that need more recognition

There are many animes that are underrated and need more recognition. However, there are animes which does not need any recognition. Like there are few titles like hunter x hunter, death note, full metal Alchemist. Yet, we have some hidden…

Jujutsu kaisen coolest female characters list.
anime Blog

Jujutsu kaisen coolest female characters list.

Ever since Jujutsu kaisen has started, it has increased the standards for modern audiences. it has some coolest female characters list . While other animes focus on their male protagonist. In Akutami’s world, the girls and women are complex, sentient…

female characters in anime.

Top 10 strongest female characters in anime.

Anime has a history of hyped male characters. Since we all have already witnessed about male characters development in lots of animes. We can relate with the fact that it sometimes lacks the development in  female characters. They just got…