Android 12 Beta 2 can show the duration of the current call in the status bar

Android 12 is bringing a huge update in UI and UX part . Man . Android 12 beta 2 update makes easier to user to track of current call length . Also android 12 beta 2 is provides best user experices to the user for current call indicator lie in the status bar .

mainly in previous version consist an call duration indicator appear after making an call to a user and call ended but this senario in 12 android case totally changed the status bar all the duration comes at the top of the mobile .

Android 12 is replacing that step and by placing the chip at the status bar that shows call duration . Here “chip” indicates that a shape (comes from material design ). when we click on that & it triggers a call to action transition . which shows number of options like :

Enable features
System , Tweek , Mods and ther options for
Android 12 beta 2 versikn

These are the features which boom android 12 beta 2 . So from my opinion this version is best release from google . Also new material design is totally outstanding which work under the hood for making it’s update possible .

Android 12 has also a very unique feature which automatically appear call transion from top bar of the android . New matarial design makes it possible for making it’s version outstanding and out of the box .

Who Uses These Call Indicator Apps ?

Most of the third party apps will using these apps ( e.g. Skype , Whatsapp , Viber etc ) will also be used for call duration . These are the apps which use this feature ( call duration )

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it is not the phone app that created the chip, but instead a custom Magisk/Xposed module by developer kdrag0n used to try out the new features in Android 12

Android 12 Beta 2 Pros and Cons

  • Pros List :
  • Android 12 has many pros like it will give you the asthetic user interface for user
  • It has a unique tranision effect with fast processing


You can’t try out the new feature just as the current Google Dialer app doesn’t support it.

people also search :

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