2020 battle between advanced reel and tiktok features.

reel and tiktok features
2020 battle between advanced reel and tiktok
2020 battle between advanced reel and tiktok

Today’s world is a digital world. A world which has sunk its feet so deep  that imagining our lives bereft of these sources would ponder me to look for a word in a dictionary which I would say is impossible. in this post i will tell you 2020 battle between advanced reel and tiktok.

Our lives are governed by a small 6 inch instrument device. Our heart races, gets tremors when a notification pops and the light dazzles from that small pin pointed source of this device. So, what does a device possess that does wonders and surprises us? It’s those apps(applications in general),those very apps which connect us with the world, those very apps, let us know what’s going in and out around the world, and again those very apps which allow you to hoot and shout over a match going in any part of the globe from your area of work. 

There are so many apps in the world of n different kinds that simply make our lives easier and more comfortable.These apps have also helped many to rise from rags to riches and do whatever they want to accomplish in their lives. 

Why tik-tok got replaced.? 

Tik tok is one such app owned by the Chinese company “Byte Dance”. An app which helps you make short videos of either 15 seconds or a minute. Where on one hand it provides entertainment to around 120 million+ Indian users who have installed it on their devices, it has also helped lots of people to showcase their talents and have helped them rise. 

But clouds of gloom rose upon this app and the users using it. The Government of India banned Tik tok and 58 other apps on 29th June 2020, with the notion that these apps were responsible for not maintaining the data integrity and sharing the data of its users. Seeing it as a breach of trust, the government said that these apps will be removed from various app stores and would be nonfunctional. The other major apps were UC Browser, Shein, Shareit and countable others. 

The impact of Tik tok ban outshined the other apps, for India being one of the most populous Tik tok users of the world. The users who have got name and fame also saw their hopes demolished as their platform was discarded by the government. 

Reel rescuing the lost tik-tok trend.

When this fire was rising, the fire brigade Instagram Reels came to the rescue. It’s a new platform that Instagram has come up with.Instagram Reels has been launched in India recently and is now functioning in four countries namely Brazil, France, Germany and India. So, to pave the same way for its users as Tik tok had, without any ado, let’s figure out a comparison between Tik tok and Instagram Reels. 

Comparison between Tik tok and Instagram Reels:-


As already mentioned Tik tok is banned in India only. It is available to the rest of the globe. Whereas, Instagram Reels is available to only four nations namely Brazil, India, Germany and France. 


The user interface or UI is nearly the same in both these apps. Tik tok allowed to make videos in two time formats that is 15 seconds or a minute. Whereas, Instagram Reels on the other hand allows to make videos in a shorter time dimension of only 15 seconds. For Instagram reels to come up with other time dimensions we can just wait and watch. 

There are lots of AR effects, slow motion effects, transitions in Reels as were earlier present in Tik tok. In addition to this, the Instagram Reels is loaded with a huge set of library with in-built music and songs to make short videos. 

Reels also contain soundtracks and one can  add any lyrics of the music that helps to make better lip-sync videos. It also contains a 3 second added timer before recording a video as similar to Tik tok. 

So, basically Reels has done a lot so that it can lift up the spirits of people. Who still seem to be relied on Tik tok for the same. 

Missing features:

As a newcomer Reels has tried its best to compensate for the loss of Tik tok, but it can’t fully comply at least now to the needs of its users. 

Some of the features include Duet mode, which was available on Tik tok but is not in Reels. People now can only record solo videos on Reels till any Duet mode comes. It also doesn’t have a React feature. 

The presence of search page in Tik tok helped users to record videos according to the trends and ongoing issues.  This feature is absent in Reels. 

Hashtags also played an important role in Tik tok. Whereas, on the other hand Reels support hashtags which are the culmination of Instagram posts and don’t provide much variety. 

Absence of no following tab in Reels to follow our favorite creators and learn from them is missing.

Some distinctions like wide angle lens, background templates etc will also make a Reel recording. Seem diminutive as compared to the old regal Tik tok video. 

Also Tik tok was available in languages other than Hindi like Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam etc. Whereas , Reels is available in Hindi only has unable to pleased many users

Privacy: From where it all began:

As Instagram Reels is owned by Facebook which is a trusted application as nothing much related to breach of data has come up. It won’t be responsible for distribution of data of users to the other organisations thereby maintaining data integrity. 

Whereas,Tik tok along with 58 other apps were banned. Because of very reason they could not stand up to their commitments for maintaining data security and integrity

Conclusion :

Instagram Reels is basically a basic feature of Instagram. It has come up to give the same platform to users as Tik tok offered . It is in it’s initial phase a lot of work has to be done to make it self sufficient. I would also urge users to be cognizant and cautious while using such apps.

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