(A Short Note on Cumin Candies:          

  This is going to be a collection of topics that I find interesting to discuss upon. Most of us would have had cumin candies. Yes…. I am not talking about cotton candies like every other soul out there, who take immense pleasure in sharing their sweet childhood memories which consists of cotton candies and their thrilling exploits related to it.  But I am talking about CUMIN candies here. Some of you may wonder why out of all the candies, I have chosen Cumin candies to discuss about, right. Well even I don’t know why I chose that at first.

If you have had cumin candies in your life you would definitely know its taste. Cumin seeds have a bitter yet warm taste by nature that refreshes the taste buds. In other words, life is also a cumin candy. Life is sometimes bitter yet it brings a warm feeling inside our soul when we think of the mistakes we had done in the past that was bitter. We learn from our mistakes, and without mistakes no one will be able to learn what success and righteousness tastes like.

            The candy coating only adds to its wonderful taste and provides a taste that is a mixture between sweet and bitter. The colorful rainbow coating is just like the different memories of our life. Each color brings out a unique and different memory. When you take a handful of the small cumin candies you will have a combination of various colors in your palm just like your life, sometimes it brings out the child in you or your longingly treasured childhood memories.

            Life is not always sweet or pleasant. Cumin seeds are coated with colors and sweetness just to atone for its bitterness. Life is also a cumin candy, it has bitter moments and those are buried inside our hearts and what we cherish are the little moment of sweetness and colorful happiness that it affords. But we know that there are bitter memories too, and we happily accept that, because no one can become perfect without facing problems and also no one can win fate. The memories might be bitter, but they define who we are and how much can we withstand against the tsunami called fate. Life is a game of balance between good and bad. Being good brings you so many hardships but in the end it is fruitful.

            Thus, I will write about both the bitter and sweet things that make us more of a human and they may be some random thoughts or one’s own problems. I am no master in writing or discussing issues, but I will try my best to express my thoughts and be as objective as I can be about it. After all I am a human and humans are bound to make mistakes, so pardon me in advance if you find my words inappropriate. And for those who think I make no sense, let me be clear, these are my thoughts based on the perspective of how I see life in general. So no hard feelings. Also everything I write with the hashtag would be under this collection)



            This is the first ever article under the collection Cumin Candies. ‘Life is never easy. We have to take what it gives and try to make the best out of it’. This is what we have been hearing for so many historical years and the same will be orchestrated for the following centuries if we do not step up and voice out our opinion. Not everyone is meant to be with us all throughout our life, so let us stop trying to be in the good books of others and live our life according to our wish. I know life is not easy. But we cannot just sit quietly in a corner and expect it to notice us so it could shower its wonderful blessings upon us. We have to make the world see who we are and we deserve much more than what the world thinks we can have.

Mistakes Don’t Define a Person, Their Character Does:

            We are not saints and we do mistakes sometimes, to be frank many times. We should take the responsibility for what we have done; try to correct our mistakes, with the purpose of not repeating it, and not to please someone. The only person we ought to please is ourselves. The person who is inside you should accept that you are a better person than anybody else around you. This quality cannot be obtained by earning money or living a high-five sophisticated life climbing up the social ladder. The mistake every one of us do is that we expect something from people who don’t give a damn about us, and that is where we go wrong. The society never gives anything to a person, who expects it. In fact it never gives a damn about people’s inner feelings and their actual worth.

            Their notion of thoughts does not sit parallel with the thoughts of righteousness and accountability. All they care about is the superficial wealth of a person, how much is his property worth and all. They fail to notice the real worth of a person that can only be brought out by kind words and supportive nature. You don’t know what wonders can a few kind words make in a person’s life. We don’t know the power of words.

Being Kind Makes You Strong:

            Being kind to someone is not your weakness; in fact it is your greatest strength. If you can be kind to a stranger who knows nothing about you and who you know nothing about, you have the patience to achieve your ultimate goal in life. In this fast moving instant world, everyone wants to match the pace of sophistication, thereby ignoring everything else around them, concentrating only on their own welfare and well being. We would not lose anything if we spend a minute or two to pause and ask someone dear to us how their day was or knowing about their welfare. We would not miss anything in life if we wish someone a good day with a genuine smile on our face. It would help you grow as an individual and make you stand straight amongst the entire hunched crowd. Being kind does not mean that you have to give them money or do any monetary help. You could just always tell them that it is going to get better and everything happens for a reason and stand beside them to give them your moral support, instead of watching them suffer. It would bring a new ray of hope in their heart and would also make you feel good.

The Emphatic Soul:

            In this mechanic world, compassion is something that is rarely seen in people these days. Empathy is often considered as showing someone pity. But being emphatic means that you are able to understand the pain the person is going through (be it mental or physical) even though you have not suffered from it. Let us be genuine here, nobody cares a heck about the other person’s feeling at all. All we want to do is to show that we care about others to the virtual world which is not even real. We record videos and click pictures of the victimized people and share it on our social media handles to gain tons of likes and comments, but not even a single soul would feel the actual need to empathize with the person undergoing the pain. Are we all leading a mentally healthy life? Or are we just showcasing ourselves to be well-mannered, compassionate dummies, who only act on our human tendencies to get futile likes that are worth nothing.

The Depth of Human Emotions:

            When you understand the pain a person is going through, you not only understand their suffering, you place yourselves in their shoes and you struggle to find a solution and to be any form of comfort to them. In this process, you discover the depth of your own emotions and realize that you are capable of providing comfort to the wounded souls even when you have not received the same comfort from others, because you do not want them to go through what you went through. The depth of a human emotion is that when you truly manifest it, then it provides the desired result. A beautiful fact about being kind and being human is that you would not want anyone else to go through the sorrow you felt, even if they were the very ones to hurt you in the first place. Here I am not asking you to blindly accept what the world throws at you to hurt or be numb about it. You should stand up for yourself first, only then you can stand for others.

Real Life Is Far From Social Media:

In today’s world, everyone desires to be a better person by posting their likes and dislikes on the social media, trying to attract as much futile attention as they can just to satisfy their childish whims. But it is not going to bring anything to you. It would only make you feel lonelier and distance you further from the physical world more than you already are. The world does not give a damn about your likes and dislikes. Being immersed in the technical gadgets and unlimited network, we have forgotten the feeling of real happiness. Real happiness does not lie in showcasing your wealth or posting your pictures online. It comes from within. The mechanism of the modern brains has completely forgotten what it means to have real feelings. In the long run, if we continue to behave like this, we might even forget to smile or laugh and just carry on with our mundane tasks like a robot. There is a reason why we call ourselves human. So let us not sit around wasting our time in phones and gadgets and live our life to the fullest.

Mental Stability:

            Mental stability is a very sensible topic to deal with. I believe nobody is a master when it comes to reading the mind be it your own or others. Being mentally stable is more important that being financially stable. If you can control your mind to be calm and understanding at all times then you can command the world. A person who can control and stabilize his mind can do anything in this world. The feel you get when you know that you have someone to watch your back and you have someone to share your emotions without being judged and you have someone to pick up the broken pieces and mend you back to shape, is surreal.

You would be ready to conquer the world, because you know they are right beside you to guide you through it and be your moral support. Even if you have no one to stand with you, you are your very own person who is very much capable of solving your problems on your own. It is ok to have no one with you at times, but it is not ok to think low of yourself or worse not crying in a corner. According to me standing up for yourself with your head held high is a way of being mentally stable. The universe attracts the vibe you pass on and brings back the same vibe to you. So try to understand others and in return you will be understood.

Embrace the Nature:

            Nature has everything that you need. If you want to find yourself, then the best way is to start a trip that connects nature with you, because in nature you will find the true and best form of yourself. If you feel like you are missing yourself, or if it is difficult for you to find yourself in this troubled world, I would suggest you to go to places that are rich in nature, because those places provide you a comfort which only a mother can provide her children, and in that comfort you would find what you are searching. Going to trips alone is self-awakening and nature gives you a positive energy that cannot be compared to any gadgets or virtual reality. If planting a sapling and nurturing gives you immense satisfaction, then think about the benefits you would get if you embrace the whole of nature and go on trips to place that are naturally rich and glowing. Nature does not take anything from us; it only gives us the best of things. It is us that had ruined everything in the form of civilization. I am not stating growth is wrong, let us grow with the nature and be one with it.


            I have discussed with you some of the key points that help an individual to lead a happy and contented life. I believe I have been honest with you all and have given you a piece of my mind to think and grow as a person. I hope it helps you to live your life to the fullest, because all of us have got only one life to live and let us not spend it carelessly only to regret it later. SPREAD POSITIVITY…

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