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How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Performance
How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Performance
How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Performance

we all know that struggling with slow computer is so really pain full ? But don’t worry guys in this blog i will cover all the queries regarding why your pc slow and give you the best and one click way to speed it up . i will show you how to speed up your window 10 performance with scleaner

i know slow computer can make the simplest task like a real hassle to all of us . There are many ways to speed up your pc performance .

01. Why Is my Computer is slow ?

There are many ways that may be slow down your computer performance . I will mention the list below so that you can identify why your pc is slow down .

Here are the some of the things that slow down your computer performance :

  • Too many backgrounds programs files
  • Too many startup programs
  • Fragmented hard drive
  • viruses
  • Obsolete Links & shortcuts
  • icon & thumbnail cache
  • Temorary files Memory Dumps
  • Chkdsk Files Fragments
  • Window error reporting files
  • Window Log files Window event logs
  • Recycle bin files
  • Old prefetch files
  • Taskbar jump lists
  • Browser Cache
  • Running out of disk Drive space

Even much more scenarios occurs . So if your computer is running slow read on ways to fix each of these issues . i will give one click solution for your slow computer .

02. ? How to make your computer faster

i have used many pc cleaner software’s but todays i will give you the lightest pc cleaner software ever so that you can make your pc run faster and smoother . Even you can run Your games so smoothly .

Personally i have used this software about 4 month and i observe that this software really work faster and smoother without consuming so much memory of your hard drive .

There are planty of software available in the market but i will give you the best software ever which is not get too much memory of your hard disk . without wasting your time lets jump to the ONE CLICK SOLUTION – SCleaner

  • Just go to this link Click Here
  • Download the software (scleaner – light weight & simple system cleaner )
  • Just Press and and clean .

here are the some of screen shot where you can see some simplest full featured software .

A simple & lightweight one click system cleaner

Download Here

scleaner - Downloader


Hope this method will help you to resolve our problem . if any query do comment in the comment box .

Hope this will Help you enjoy !!

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